Peter Hyatt - The World According to Terry Collins: 2018 Mets

In the World According to Terry Collins, (co written by ghost writer, Sandy Alderson) the New York Mets are more than 15 games out of First Place entering the second week of August and are "just not going to roll over."  

                             What does that even mean?

Does it mean that the infield pop ups will, in fact, be run out when most of the players not named Granderson don't bother to run them out now?

Does it mean that an old slow vet can give himself the "steal third base signal" in crucial spots, just because he feels like?  

Does it continue to mean rhetoric about holding players accountable while players continue to roll their eyes?  

In the world according to the Terry Collins, (and Alderson) it is 

now  time to look to the future. 

                         How is this done?

Question:  How does Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson help build up the Mets for 2018, as the 2017 season is lost?


By playing 36 year old Curtis Granderson in Right Field. 

By playing 34 year old Jose Reyes at second base while he returns to his season long struggle to bat his weight.   

By playing free agents to be at third and first...

By keeping 24 year old Brandon Nimmo on the bench so that we cannot learn if .340 in Vegas can translate to MLB.   At least he lets Nimmo take BP from Matt Harvey, who might share a few supermodel dating tips with Nimmo in between pitches. 

By keeping 26 year old Kevin Plaweki in Vegas hitting .330 instead of 

By giving playing time to lame duck toxic Asdrubal Cabrera over any number of younger players in Vegas who might compete for utility position player next year. 

By pretending 22 year old Dom Smith did not win Player of the Month in AAA.  

By ignoring Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling's incessant pleas to begin to have Michael Conforto's power be developed in the 3rd spot, protecting Yoenis Cespedes, rather than at lead off.  

Waiting until September 1st is to squander not only a number of games, but an important psychological advantage given to younger players that suggests value and meaning in a game where confidence is critical.  By having them play in August, even though the team is far out of contention, has a distinct different impact than the usual protocol of September call ups.  

It was dismal,  discouraging and insulting to see Terry Collins ignore Brandon Nimmo in the west coast trip where family and friends traveled to see him.  

It is a snapshot of Terry Collins' need to surround himself with his favorite vets as insight into the weakness of one who attempts to "not lose the locker room."

Those who must make effort to "not lose", have already lost.  


Reese Kaplan said...

During the next hour you will see my open letter to the Wilpons and the Mets shareholders about what their current baseball management team has allowed to happen to their ballclub.

Viper said...

This is a stupid organization from the owners, to the GM, to the manager. Terrible.

First Sandy "The Genius" says the Mets are willing to pick up money in order to get better prospects in trades.

Then he trades Reed, Duda, Bruce without picking up any money while getting fringe prospects.

He then trades 2 of our prospects for a reliever with control problems who gives up hrs. Don't we have that inhouse in Montero already? with more than 70M coming off the books, they want to get cheaper.

Can't wait for Collins "The Imbecile in the dugout" to continue to play his veterans and once 2018 season comes, the sames questions will remain. What kind of player are Lagares, Flores, Nimmo, Cecchini? What about Smith?

This team isn't going anywhere as long as Sandy is the GM and Collins is the manager. I want to say as long as the Wilpons own it but I am holding out for hope that 2 out of 3 works.

Mack Ade said...

Peter -

Kevin Kernan of the NY Post thinks you were spot on here.

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