Tom Brennan - A DOM SMITH PLATOON IN 2018?

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Tom Brennan - A DOM SMITH PLATOON IN 2018?

This article is short, and you are most likely reading it with your early morning coffee (SLURP) unless Mack switches this article into a later time slot.

First, it was nice to see Dominic Smith get a hit Friday night, and almost get another.  And see his brother-from-another-mother Amed Rosario have a truly terrific game.

Smitty certainly looks to be the 2018 first base heir apparent.

What about this lefty hitter's ability to hit lefties, though?

2017 in Vegas - Smitty by the Numbers:

AGAINST RIGHTIES: 360 at bats, and an "OH YEAH!" .353/.404/.547

AGAINST LEFTIES: 97 at bats, an "OH, WELL" .247/.321/.412

In 2018, he could be allowed to hit against all lefties and righties and develop as he develops, regardless of what would likely be growing pains against superior MLB lefties.  

Or he could (as Michael Conforto was) be platooned, in Dom's case with Wilmer Flores, who 

a) can play first base and 

b) loves to beat up on lefties.

Or...he could platoon with Pounding Pete Alonso - unlikely, because the Mets rarely rush a guy like Pete that fast, who to date has had only 379 minor league at bats so far.  

But he LOVES hitting lefties:

AGAINST LEFTIES: 81 at bats, .383/.462/.716!!  Hotter than a cup of coffee.  Lefties quake and tremble in the Florida State League when they face Pete...they experience Alonso mourning.

AGAINST RIGHTIES: 189 at bats, just .243/.314/.450.  Alonso numbers vs. righties are similar to Smith's AAA numbers when facing hurlers of the lefty kind.

Do I think this platoon will happen in April 2018?  Heck no - it most likely will be Smith and Wilmer, if Flores is still a Met.

But by August 2018, when hopefully Alonzo will have 500 more at bats under his belt, mostly at higher levels like AAA?  Pete's bat will be ready for big league carnage.  So...

Why the heck not?  Let him come up and destroy major league lefties at that point.   What a platoon that would be.

With me, it's a rushin' conspiracy, because I like rushin' dangerous hitters like Conforto (and hopefully now Smith and soon enough Alonzo) to the big leagues.

Now, you...yes, you...go rushin' for another cup of coffee, will ya?  


Eddie Corona said...

I think don needs to play most of the time... I mean a tough lefty like sale Clayton or bumgardener sure spell him... but get him in at about 145-155 games...
and if the mets really want him to succeed get him a chef ... the boy needs to eat the right stuff...

Gary Seagren said...

I feel much better now....Rosario's out of the lineup as he must need a rest after those grueling 11 games thanks Terry.

Thomas Brennan said...

Back from the beach, where many are not as hefty as Mr Smith. Hopefully Alonzo is great and gives ownership a real first base dilemma in the years to come

Thomas Brennan said...

Rosario needs his rest. Lou Gehrig needed his too. One never got any.

Gary Seagren said...

Thomas he looks like Prince Fielder the sequel now lets hope he hit's like him.

Ernest Dove said...

I love Peter Alonso power but there's no way he and Dom Smith are on the same 25man roster. Cant have two guys on it who can only play first base.
So unless MLB brings the old DH over to the NL the Mets will likely trade Alonso at his peak value to an American league team so he can be a DH there.

Thomas Brennan said...

You are right, Ernest, the two are very likely to co-exist on the same 25 man roster, unless it is towards the end of 2018 when Alonzo gets called up.

I think he's going to do a Conforto and be ready for the bigs quickly.

Anonymous said...

Ok so the Mets can have a cheap 1st base platoon!
That wont cost them more than league min for 3 years?
Can Sandy and company spend on a 3rd baseman, and a real CF?
I sure hope so, I want Moustakus and Cain

I would also like to get one of those new major league BPs!
One where we have a 7th inning guy an 8th inning guy and a Familia

Let er rip boys
I'm Steve and I'm outta here

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