TRADE - OF - Jay Bruce


OF Jay Bruce has been traded to Cleveland... for RP Ryder Ryan.

Yes, another relief pitcher.

Currently 3-4, 4.79 in A-ball  - 33-appearances, 41.1-IP, 49-K


Hobie said...

So now Dominic can get promoted. Everybody happy?

Hobie said...

Indians blog (Burning River) on Cleve MiLB Relievers:

Ryan might be the most interesting story or reliever on this list. The Indians drafted him out of high school in 2014 in the 40th round as a pitcher, but he didn’t sign. He went to North Carolina and played third base and outfield, but didn’t hit much. He was touching the mid-90s as a high school pitcher and wound up not pitching much in college. The Indians had continued interest despite throwing one inning in college and he signed after being drafted in 2016.

Ryan throws a fastball and mostly a slider and at the moment, experience and subsequently command are his biggest drawbacks. Unlike most draftees, Ryan might not have the mileage on that arm like others which could help him. He has a lot of room to grow and has the ability to miss bats. The Indians proved they’re intrigued by his arm, so file his name away as one to remember.

bob gregory said...

Ho hum...

Even the trade deadline is a disappointment this year

Reese Kaplan said...

In 152 Mets games Bruce hit 37 HRs and drove in 94, but the best Trader Sandy can get is a 4.79 ERA reliever in A ball? Wow, just wow! Wouldn't he have been better off holding out for a QO or negotiating an extension?

bob gregory said...
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Zozo said...

I wonder what they would have gotten from the Skanks, they say they were offering more prospects but wanted us to pick up some of the tab. If those prospect were ho hum then this was the better deal but if they choked because of the money they are plain old stupid?

Hopefully they reinvest $4 million in bringing Bruce back or a top CFer.

Now they better bring up Dom Smith...

Also Van Slyke was released tonight, I hope we make a run at him. He can back up in OF and 1st base.

Charles said...

I think the Mets have tried and succeeded with these deals to recoup money spent on the international market this year.

I found it odd that they suddenly began spending more than normal in that area. Sure they'd spend in the past, but this year they spent all of their pool alottment and also needed to trade for more bonus slots to make sure they could continue to sign other players.

They gave one player over 2 mill and another 1.5 mill. The first one being the most they've ever spent on one international prospect.

So, perhaps Wilpon gave orders to save money above all else at the deadline, to refill their wallets after the abnormal spending in this year's international signing period. Once the season was lost, Wilpon jumped at the chance to get some money back.

Or, knowing that they have a lot of money coming off the books next year, they saw this as a chance to add even more money to next seasons payroll by taking the cash saved in these trades and spending it on the team in the offseason.

I don't know. I'm grasping. This Bruce trade didn't make sense in that the return seemed more about the money than the prospect. Especially in that the prospect received is less then the one they could've gotten when Bruce rejected the qualifying offer.

Thomas Brennan said...

Charles, I am sure you care right. In the end, Bruce was a salary dump. Since he will be replaced by a minimum wage player, his removal saves nearly $4 million for the owners. Apparently Bruce wanted to go to a contender, so when he signs a new contract this off season, he will remember the Mets' desire to accommodate him.

Gary Seagren said...

I bet Grandy starts tonight and not Nimmo.

Thomas Brennan said...

Gary, if playing Granderson a few more games gets him ready for a quick trade, I am all for it. lagares soon back, if Grandy stays, the outfield picture is still too crowded, Move Grandy so we can Tebow a few Sept starts in Queens too LOL.

Mack Ade said...

My morning report today was filled up so I will save my thoughts on the Bruce trade for then.

The Yanks did agree to the two prospects the Mets wanted for Bruce, but the Mets would have to pay for around half the bucks still owed Bruce.

This was a salary dump plain and simple.

I expect Lagares to be activated today, not Smith.

Anonymous said...

It's a stupid yes stupid not silly trade! Why didn't they atleast go after Greg Allen a CF from Clev?? I hope and pray I see Lorenzo Cain in CF next April

Robb said...

it was a salary dump. that fine. this team doesnt need to win more games this year. I get it, trading with the yankees is like having to live with your ex and then you watch as shes doing great. so i get not wanting to do it, but a team with good owners would say fuck the money its already in our books.

As for this kid we got back, kenley jensen of the dodgers was a catcher who wasnt going to hit enough the dodger made into a hard throwing dominant reliever. At least this kid throws hard.

Also they need to clean up the 25 man and 40 man rosters.

Dear terry you dont have to play granderson.

bob gregory said...

Why should any fan care about trading away any more players considering the returns so far.

Why should fans care one bit about saving the organization money?
And getting back more future nobodies??

This is a new low

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