Sometimes, one seeks meaning in life, and only finds meaningless, such as when following the Mets.
The supine Mets are like a wood deck in your back yard that got shellacked once again.  Two coats.  Laid on thick.
The Dodgers men manhandled the Mets boys. Took them to the woodshed, to stick with wood analogies.

Home field advantage went to LAD, who must have felt the welcoming Dodger vibe in the ballpark's rotunda. "Here's to you, Mr. Robinson..." I could swear I heard Simon and Garfunkel singing.

The pitchers are on pace to surrender 235 homers, which has to be an all-time team worst.  The ERA is nearly 5.00, very close to a Mets all time worst as well.

Help is on the way?  Nah.  Rob Gsellman got destroyed in his AA rehab outing this weekend, but relax, Mets fans, he got his pitch count up and walked off uninjured, and that is all that matters these days.

Dominic Smith was rested in Vegas on Sunday, when he could have been playing in Queens.  Not here yet because weekday flights are cheaper?

Why does Jose Reyes still play? Because otherwise, the team steals leader in mid August would have 4 SBs.  But Curtis' ratio of 4 out of 6 is a highlight, no doubt.

We acquired lots of relief arms for the minors recently. What good will it do, though, if the starters stay half this crappy is in 2018?  Beats me.

At least Daniel Murphy will be a year older, so he might only hit .320 next year.  I feel relieved, don't you?  Justing Turner, though, will help the Dodgers have a 50 game lead over the Mets this time next year, tho', so don't feel too relieved, OK?

Lucas Duda has been on base 17 times in his first 10 Tampa games, with 3 HRs.  Ask him why, after administering sodium pentathol, and he will probably tell you he is relieved he is gone.  Away from the voodoo vibe in Queens, I guess.

Just when you need a big lefty bat not named Smith, Tim Tebow goes into a slump.  But it is mostly because Tim just played against the Yanks' farm club; for the Mets at any level, playing a Yanks team normally represents an insurmountable task.  The Mets are Avis, the Yankees are Hertz.  One tries harder, the other wins.

Brandon Nimmo walked as a pinch hitter Sunday, doubling the game's offensive output for the Patsies...er...Metsies.  He picked the bench splinters out of his butt while standing at first base.  He wasn't there long enough, as the Mets again went quickly and meekly.  When he gets up again in a week, he can try to remove more splinters.

Yanks fans hope for 60 homer Yanks hitters.  Mets hope their "MVP" Yoenis Cespedes can double his current RBI output and end up with 60...which would work out to $45,000 per RBI this year.  Priceless.

I wonder what the Mets' Mild Card # is, since their Wild Card chances are nil?  They do play mildly, don't you think?  In fact, feel mildly nauseous right now.

TJ Rivera has the same initials as Tommy John.  Are you then surprised what his current injury is?  He is getting his name legally changed to RBI Rivera as we speak.  Maybe that will work.

Anyone want one of our waived veterans cheap? Really... we'll do cheap.  Just take one, like an abandoned puppy from a shelter.  Don't consider the puppy's age or anything else, when they leave the Mets, the tails start wagging happily again and they play much better.  Just ask Lucas D, the shelter's former St Bernard.  Drooling and happy in Florida.

Matt Reynolds is hot in Vegas.  Can he please be called back up so he can get cold again?

It was nice to see Amed Rosario tied for 2nd in team triples after his first 3 games, don't you think?

The Mets would turn to Vegas for more help, but Vegas is oh, about 30 games under .500.  The Vegans hope the Mets will send players down.  Because they need more help than the Mets do.
Beat the Mets, beat the Mets, step right up and beat the Mets.  Bring your kiddies, bring your wife, guaranteed you'll watch a team with no life...

I am signing off for today to do something meaningful.  
Have a great and meaningful day. 
But, before you go, a lighter note: 21 year old switch hitting Kingsport Mets 3rd baseman Rigoberto Terrazas is hitting .377/.428/.547 after 40 games.  How meaningful that is we'll find out in the next few years, but he deserves real credit, since he is doing all that hitting without the benefit of being able to face Kingsport pitchers, who are allowing 5.8 runs per game.
And Tyler Bashlor, whom no one adds to their top 30 Mets prospects list for some puzzling and baffling reason, has fanned 22 in his last 11 innings over 11 outings, and has thrown 6 scoreless, dominant innings in AA since his promotion, fanning 10.  He's on my Top 20 list, for what it is worth. Maybe I just like the initials TB for some reason....


Thomas Brennan said...

An APB has been put out in the 5 boroughs of NYC - Dominic Smith is missing. If you see a chunky dude with a well oiled glove and big bat wandering the streets, please contact authorities immediately. Do not contact the Mets front office or he'll stay missing. #BringDomHome

Hobie said...

Dom will not be here until one of Bruce, Granderson, Cabrera, Reyes or Walker is moved (or Sept 1, whichever comes first).

Thomas Brennan said...

Hobie, sad to say you are correct. I still want Bruce to stay unless some team knocks us over with a deal in the coming weeks. Any or all of the others can go.

Thomas Brennan said...

One player doing meaningful stuff, in the minors, is Adonis Uceta.

He's thrown 3.2 scoreless since he was promoted to St Lucie, with 7 Ks, and he has now not allowed an earned run in 25 outings over nearly 3 months. He is 4-1, 1.16, 0.88 WHIP on the season. Over his last 25 outings, though, 0.00, 33 IP, 15 H, 9 BB, 40 K. Zow Whee!

Reese Kaplan said...

Re Adonis Uceta -- bear in mind he is 23 in A-ball, so he's older than most of the competition.

The rest of the league already knows what Cabrera, Granderson and Bruce can do, so the excuse they need to play doesn't hold water.

Neil Walker is a separate case. Since he's been out most of the year other clubs need to see he's healthy enough to help them.

Eddie Corona said...

all you have said is sadly true... and yet there are 7 more team worse than us... I am in the minority but even when we are bad we are not bad enough... In a bad year... lose them all... there is nothing gain to finish the 10th worse team... Shoot I only want to win 4 more games cause well screw the Yanks...

Thomas Brennan said...

Eddie, my brother said the same thing, lose, baby, lose, and get a top 5 draft pick. Lose a lot, get the first pick!

Reese, vets other than Walker (and Bruce, the homer guy) should sit. Some team could use Walker in late August (at which point, due to his crazy contract, he'd still be owed $3MM)

Gary Seagren said...

What are the odds we'll play just well enough to end up with the 11th pick.

Eddie Corona said...

Tom sounds like Your brother, yourself and I and bucket of Beers and wings can solve all the Mets troubles...

Thomas Brennan said...

Eddie, my brother is an intense, no-nonsense dude when it comes to the Mets - I really have a feeling the club would be better off with him at the helm - except the Wilpons would fire him for being far too aggressive :)

Reese Kaplan said...

The Wilpons would fire anyone with a pulse. It's why they've employed the cadaver twins in the front office and with the lineup pencil for 7 years.

Mack Ade said...

where are we now?

6th pick?

Thomas Brennan said...

We are 7th slot right now, but just one full game out of 5th slot in the draft, 4.5 games ahead of the Red, and about 8 full games ahead of the Giants, Phils, and White Sox.

Let's win THAT reverse wild card

Peter Hyatt said...

please don't give up hope.

We can get to the better draft pick if we just really believe in ourselves and really just believe in our team skipper and get Salas out there, and just believe that we can do it.

Thomas Brennan said...

Salas AND Smoker

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