It often seems to me that over the years, the Mets' hitters struggle at home.  Not researched, just a feeling.  How much research can one do in a 10 minute post, anyway?

Perhaps it is an aura of media negativity that stalks this franchise.  Guys seem to hit better once they leave, too. 

NY pressure, perhaps?  Does not seem to be the case for the Mets' Bronx pinstriped counterparts.

This year, the home and away splits for the Mets are stark:

56 games, 70 HRs, 236 runs (4.14 RPG), .235/.304/.401

53 games, 90 HRs, 276 runs (5.20 RPG), .263/.330/.480

I offer no theories on such drastic splits - what do you think, dear reader? Do we have a home field disadvantage?

For instance, Travis d'Arnaud just hit his FIRST Citifield homer of 2017 - he has NINE road homers.  Is it a stress vibe hanging over Citifield that hurts hometown  hitters?

His catching rival, Kevin Plawecki, also hates Citifield, hitting just .166 there and a much more acceptable .238 on the road during his major league career.  Citi Pressure?


Peter Hyatt said...

This is a tough question.

It is made even tougher that it is not just this player or that player, but a team statistic.

It tells us that "something is wrong" but exactly what that is, is something worthy of discussion.

I am interested in theories and open to suggestions.


Thomas Brennan said...

I think it is media pressure and almost always feeling like they are in a do-or-die mode playing at home. Pressure chokes.

Mack Ade said...

I think it's the milk shakes

Reese Kaplan said...

Now do the same thing with pitching -- home vs. away :)

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese, I may do that, and take a deeper dive on this. After all, summer dives are refreshing!

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