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Brooks Baseball on Michael Conforto

          Michael Conforto has seen 4,660 pitches that have been tracked by the PITCHf/x system between 2015 and 2018.

           In 2018, compared to how other hitters perform with similar pitches:
           Against Fastballs (375 seen), he has had an aggressive approach at the plate (-0.03 c) with a high likelihood to swing and miss (25% whiff/swing).

           Against Breaking Pitches (138 seen), he has had a very patient approach at the plate (0.32 c) with a below average likelihood to swing and miss (24% whiff/swing).

           Against Offspeed Pitches (92 seen), he has had a very patient approach at the plate (0.04 c) with an above average likelihood to swing and miss (40% whiff/swing).

Oh No, Call The Cops, Someone Is Having Fun Playing Baseball Again -

  Rays right-fielder Carlos Gomez tracked down a shallow fly in foul territory in the top of the sixth inning today and made a fantastic sliding catch. But that is no excuse at all for what happened next: Gomez gave a visible indication that he was enjoying himself, instead of solemnly trotting to the dugout with the hard eyes and set jaw of a man scraping road kill off a highway. The bastard.

Jim Callis on the best Day 2 of the draft –

      4. Mets - New York took three college right-handers who could become bullpen weapons. Adam Hill (fourth round, No. 139) started at South Carolina but may be better suited for relief, where his 91-95 mph fastball and hard slider should pick up velocity. Clemson's Ryley Gilliam (fifth round, No. 127) should be one of the first 2018 Draftees to reach the big leagues thanks to his 91-96 mph heater and hammer curve. Though Missouri's Bryce Montes de Oca (ninth round, No. 138) has a history of elbow surgeries and wildness, he has a fastball that can reach 100 mph with bowling-ball sink and flashes a wipeout slider. As for position players, South Carolina's Carlos Cortes (third round) has hitting ability but needs a defensive home, while Cal Poly's Nick Meyer (sixth round, No. 167) was the best all-around defensive catcher in this Draft.

The best of the 2019 Draft –

Nick Lodolo             LHP     Texas Christian    
           PG Grade: 9 - Nick Lodolo is a 2016 LHP with a 6-5 175 lb. frame from La Verne, CA who attends Damien HS. Slender well proportioned build, very young look, eminently projectable physically. Silky smooth arm action, long and loose, extended 3/4's to mid 3/4's arm slot, pitches from the third base side of the rubber and is a big cross body on release, low effort and smooth delivery mechanics. Fastball topped out at 84 mph, gets good sink and tail to fastball and spots it to both sides of the plate. Tends to get under curveball with a soft, sweeping shape but spots that pitch as well. Flashed a developing change up. Worked quickly and pitched with maturity while fielding his position well. Just a matter of time before he gets stronger and gets really good, follow carefully. Good student.

         2018:             16-G, 15-Starts, 7-4, 4.32, 77-IP, 93-K, 28-BB (!)

    Now that the Draft is behind us -- check out MLB Pipeline's coverage here -- which of the players selected could make the biggest fantasy impact down the road? Here are four candidates, one for each demographic:

High school hitter: The best pure prep hitter, Mets outfielder Jarred Kelenic (first round, No. 6 overall) also has developing power and the quickness to swipe a few bases.


Thomas Brennan said...

Conforto...all adds up to subpar.

Kelenic...hopefully we will all think he should have been the #1 pick a few years from now.

Mack Ade said...

I'm not giving up on Conforto yet.

Half this game is mental and there is no confidence throughout the Mets clubhouse right now. It is a bad work situation that kids like Conforto have never been part of before in their baseball life.

Given the right situation, right players, and right endings, Conforto would still start in my outfield.

Rustyjr said...

I agree with you on Conforto . I’m wondering if he’s a little afraid to swing as hard as he used to (afraid to reinsure that shoulder) . Btw what’s your opinion on Bleacher Report giving the Meta a C- grade for this draft ?

Mack Ade said...

I just don't agree with the Bleacher Report.

Neither does Jim Callis and other draft gurus.

I think they not only picked quality guys in the 7th-1oth pick range, (de Oca), but also got the best closer in D1, Gilliam.

Lastly, they targets Day 3 for HS ++ chips that are signing due to the money being offered to them. The Mets saves this money early on when they negotiated only a 5mil deal with Kelenic and minimums to the seniors picked.

It is all still a crap shoot and we will have to revist this 4 years down the road, but I was THRILLED with it.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hope we are all thrilled with this draft, Mack

Rustyjr said...

Thank you

Bob Gregory said...

Drafting relievers is not going to do much to make a strong draft grade.

Michael S. said...

Conforto is still young and was an All-Star not that long ago. Do people really think his talent just vanished? He’s coming off a serious injury that might require as much as a full year for him to get back to form from. He’s shown some flashes, but I wouldn’t evaluate or start to worry about him until the middle of next season.

Bob Gregory said...


You could absolutely be correct....
But, remember Harvey after his injury

Conforto can return as a high performer in time.....or not.

Reason to be concerned though

Michael S. said...

there’s no guarantee at all, I just don’t understand the voices that are ready to give up on him. He might never return to form, but I expected it would take some time before we’d have a clear idea.

Thomas Brennan said...

My "subpar" comment about Conforto is just a statement of his play to date in 2018, not a projection of his future. One can only hope he doesn't follow the route of Ike Davis.

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