Mets Pick # 35 - RHP – Ian Mejia – Sahuarta HS (AZ)

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         RHP Ian Mejia - R/R, 1/31/00 - Sahuarita HS - 6'4", 175 lbs

Mejia is ranked as the 19th best prospect in the state of Arizona. There are not a lot of moving parts to his motion and can get it up to 93 MPH. The Mets will have to get him to forgo his commitment to the University of Arizona but they definitely like the upside here.

4.30- ERA, 18-BB 28-SO in 29.1-IP


News Tucson –

           Ian Mejia - RHP Sahuarita HS, Sahuarita, Ariz.

Member of 2017 Area Code Reds team
2016 Perfect Game Preseason Underclassmen All American Honorable Mention
2017 Perfect Game Preseason Underclassmen All American Honorable Mention
15-1 with 115 Ks and 2.17 ERA In 116.1 IP across 3 varsity seasons
2017 USA Baseball 17U National Team Development Program

Johnson on Mejia: "Ian has an electric arm, creates down angle on the ball and has limitless potential. He is a great competitor and first class person, we have high hopes for Ian, and believe that his time at Arizona will greatly impact our program as a great pitcher and great teammate. He is the kind of guy that you want to build your program and pitching staff around."


Thomas Brennan said...

Sign Ian Mejia, please

Anonymous said...

Great outing yesterday by Seth Lugo. It wasn't just how well he threw all his pitches, but also how technically perfect he was the entire game brushing back (not hitting) NY Yankee batters, even the two big guns they have. And boy were they surprised!

I have not seen this sort of thing implemented as well here at Citi Field in a long, long time. Was sensational to see because those in tight pitches brushing back Yankee batters helped to set-up the next one or two pitches to perfection. Seth got strikeouts.

I hope other NY Mets pitchers who have not already employed this same technique, will soon do so.

Great game yesterday for the NY Mets and their near suicidal fans!

Anonymous said...

Adrienne Gonzales gone. Was disappointing. I was expecting more from him. Dominic Smith up. Hopefully he does well and brings some spark and excitement with him. Team needs more. I would like to see him get some games at first base and corner outfield.

We have two outfielders currently that might just benefit from some MiLB batting instruction and training, in order to get straightened out. Two guys sort of floundering who need a reboot wherever the best batting instructor may be within the organization. And to sort of regroup their confidence as well.

They are both really decent batters just stuck in a bad slump, a painful one to watch. They need encouragement and some video work possibly to work through it quickly.

I really like our rotation now Mr. MackAde. Noah, Jake, Steven, Seth, and Zach. Best rotation we have had here in sometime and all healthy at once. Unbelievable!

I don't really see a whole lot else pitching wise immediate to here. Oswalt, Conlon, and a couple of others really don't impress me with their fastballs yet. Need one here at this MLB level, unless of course your last name is Glavine. Ditto on a few relievers up here right now too, they just don't have the mph on their fast ball.

Mr. MackAde, see this Yankee series long, what I was trying to indicate lately about acquiring a really good left-handed set-up man more? It's a bigger issue than perhaps most realize right now, but plain as day to the rest. But it shouldn't be overlooked going forward. A really strong left-handed set-up with a dominant fastball.

Asdrubal Cabrera's hammy pull was painful to see happen. Looked crippled there for a few seconds around the batter's box. Hammy's do not get better usually by playing on them. Have to rest the little buggers. Maybe my boy Binghamton's 2B Jeff McNeil can get a call up if Cabrera were to go down? Would be great to see what he has to offer. Other possible call ups (if this were to happen with Asdrubal) we have seen these guys here a multiple of times before and they do not seem to be able to stick once here. The Mets have a lot of AAAA players really. So yes, McNeil makes some sense from this viewpoint.

A left handed set-up who can share the close, Dominic Smith, Jeff McNeil, and Peter Alonso goes up to AAA Vegas. How's that for a Monday?

Anonymous said...

Mr. MackAde...

Jose Alvarado, 23 years old, that lefty set-up man more.

Anonymous said...


NY Mets third oldest team now in all of MLB.

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