Buffalo vs. God of Thunder


it seems, Noah Syndergaard, our god of Thunder, is unhappy.

Unhappy with "Buffalo" Wilson Ramos catching his games.

Understandably, management wants to play the bat of Ramos as often as possible.

The 32 year old chunk of granite is hitting .414 with 25 RBIs over his last 33 games since the start of August.  He is clearly the best hitting Mets catcher since HOF Mike Piazza was in his prime.  

After all, as of a few days ago, Ramos was hitting .301 with 14 HRs and 71 RBIs in 429 at bats. Pete Alonso had 526 at bats, so if Ramos had the same rate of production over that many at bats, he'd have 17 HRs and 87 RBIs.  Terrific.

But perhaps the calculus is still in favor of someone else catching Syndergaard's outings.  If Noah is giving up significantly more runs in games Ramos starts (which I understand to be the case), then the benefit of the Buffalo's scorching bat may not be enough to offset Noah's struggles.

Perhaps he should have Rene Rivera and/or Tomas Nido designated unofficially as his catcher, and switch Ramos into the game for his bat once Syndergaard comes out of the game.

It is all about winning, isn't it?

It is easy for us to say that Thor should suck it up and make it work - hey, what he said should not have been leaked and stayed behind closed doors - but one would imagine that is exactly what he is trying to do, suck it up and make it work, and try as he might, perhaps it is not working.

Maybe Thor needs a better pitch framer and stolen base preventer in a catcher.

What do you think?

Looking forward, I do not want the Mets to trade Syndergaard this off season if we can't get equal or better value.  Why? 

I want the best possible team in 2020, that's why.  The team's pitching has been shaky in 2019, so let's take great care to not make it even worse in 2020.

Making this work optimally is paramount.

I'm sure Ramos and Noah would agree.

Both are winners.


Reese Kaplan said...

Noah needs to learn he doesn't make the personnel decisions. Maybe if he pitched like an ace then he wouldn't come off looking like an ass.

Anonymous said...

This is a true dilemma. On the one hand you can’t let a player dictate who should play or not play, on the other hand the stats clearly show Thors ERA is clearly much lower with Nido. catching....
If I’m mgmt, I make the decision for what’s best to win and that would be to let Nido catch him

Gary Seagren said...

It NEVER should have come to this it should have been addressed internally. One more thing about last night and Alsonso buying those 9/11 responder shoes ....could there be anything else he could do to make fans love him more it's just crazy because who does that? Well done young man.

Tom Brennan said...

It should have remained behind closed doors with Thor - how it got out, if I were Brodie, I'd investigate it. Unwanted leaks suck.

Tom Brennan said...

Funny that Todd Frazier, in runs scored, average, homers per at bat, and RBIs per at bat, is almost exactly on his career pace this year. I think we'd all have been happy with that.

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