Mike Freire - So, How Did That Work Out?


OK, so maybe it would be wise for me to preface this article by saying that it is intended to be full of "snark" and sarcasm.  I am also well aware that the statistics that I am about to present are a small sample size, so sweeping conclusions are probably a bit foolhardy.  But, it's not like I haven't been foolhardy before, right?

I would also like to admit that I am growing a bit tired at all of the "diva" routines that are becoming common place in professional sports.  The recent Antonio Brown saga with the Oakland Raiders is just the most recent example of what I am referring to.  Heck, you would have trouble finding a Mets' fan who does not remember the Matt Harvey saga and how that turned out.

The most recent example of such behavior, at least in Mets' lore, is the behavior and demands that our very own Noah Syndegaard has made regarding who serves as catcher during his starts.  Other writers on this blog have weighed in on this topic, some even going so far as to remind anyone reading this blog that teams have a manager for a reason and it is usually that person's job to set the lineup.....NOT the players on the roster.  That would be akin to a Private in the military telling his Staff Sergeant what he will and will not do.  It simply isn't done with any sort of chain of command and it reflects poorly on the organization, in my opinion.

So, with that said, let's take a look at how Noah Kardashian Syndergaard has fared of late with the catcher that he "cannot" pitch to (Ramos) compared with the catcher that he "can" pitch to (Rivera).

***I am aware that the Ramos start was at home (pitcher's park) and that the Rivera start was on the road, in one of the most hostile pitching environments in the National League.  However, it didn't seem to slow down the previous night's starter a whole lot, so it is possible to get outs in Coors Field.

Friday (09-13-19) against the Dodgers in New York with Ramos catching;

5 IP - 102 Pitches (20.4 per inning) - 5 Hits - 4 ER - 2 BB - 4 K - 1 HR Allowed
                                        7.20 ERA - 1.40 WHIP
                                    9-4 Mets' Loss (Loss for Noah)

Wednesday (09-18-19) against the Rockies in Colorado with Rivera catching;

5 2/3 IP - 108 Pitches (19.1 per inning) - 10 Hits - 4 ER - 2 BB - 6 K - 2 HR Allowed
                                        6.35 ERA - 2.12 WHIP
                                7-4 Mets' Win (No Decision for Noah)

Not a huge difference between the two starts with a ninth inning rally keeping Noah from taking a loss in the second start.  Perhaps (if you squint really hard) a slightly better start with Rivera if you also take into account the Coors Field phenomenon, but certainly nothing to justify a change behind the plate.  Oh and that doesn't even take into consideration that Ramos is a much better offensive player then Rivera and if you are truly still in the Wild Card chase, EVERY game counts.

The whole situation was overblown a bit by the media (crazy, I know) and it was likely not intended for public consumption.  However, it also sounds like a player who is being selfish by putting his own needs in front of those of his team.  I have to think that attitudes like this are not overly popular in the locker room, but maybe it is just Noah being Noah?

Lastly, I wonder if this sort of episode will play into the decision to keep or trade Noah this offseason?  Especially if the team manages to keep Zack Wheeler, thus keeping the strength of the team mostly intact.



Tom Brennan said...

What I read about the god of blunder is that he said he had a terrific slider in the pen but lost it when he took the mound and had a little bit of a mental block.

No time for mental blocks, Noah, we need two wins out of you down the stretch if we have ANY chance of sneaking into Wild Card Heaven.

John From Albany said...


Welcome to the site.

I am sure Thor is frustrated over a tough season and sometimes things don't always come out the right way. The media loves to jump on those things and run with them.

Mike Freire said...

Thanks........I would prefer that he figure things out, sign a long term deal and anchor the top half of our rotation for an extended period. But, he is trending more Matt Harvey then Jacob DeGrom to this point (ugly words, I know).

Reese Kaplan said...

Agreed. Once you take the road to Pariahville it's hard to change direction.

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