The 2020 third base sort of seems open.

Todd Frazier is now gone and the natural pick here would be former All-Star Jed Lowrie.

But budding superstar Jeff McNeil and our fantastic surprise J.D. Davis could put up a pitch here for the gig.

What do you think the Mets will do?


bill metsiac said...

As much as I LOVE what JDD has done, I have a feeling he'll be a sell-high candidate.

I expect the Mets to go for a top-level CFer, and with Nimmo, 4to, Yo and Smith already here, not to mention Squirrel, the OF is jammed.

I also expect Squirrel or Lowrie to be our 3Bman, or even Cano shifting over and one of the above at 2B.

Smith could be traded, but not until he shows in ST and beyond that he's both healthy and productive.

I don't track AL teams, but JDD could be very attractive to one of them as a DH. If Wheeler leaves (I hope NOT), we will need a SP as well as a CFer and pen help, and JDD may be the best way to fill those needs.

Mack Ade said...

I too think JDD could get us a decent trade.

Maybe 2 relievers

LongTimeFan1 said...

I would trade Noah and pursue Grandal.

If we sign him, we can trade Ramos and sign an experienced catcher as back up.

Keep JD. He's terrific hitter with room to get even better, huge part of the offense, team chemistry, and very needed infield/outfield power hitting versatility.

Anonymous said...

McNeil at 3B.

There, done.


Anonymous said...

Side topic:

Extend Conforto?

What would that contract look like?


Mack Ade said...


Aroubd 3 more years at 20mil each

Anonymous said...

Mack, 3/$60 makes little sense from a Mets perspective.

He earned $4 million in 2019 and is team controlled for two more seasons. Even with arbitration, he's not going to earn close to $20 per next two seasons. Why extend him for just one more year -- and overpay in the process?

They could just keep him for two more years at arb numbers. Call it $30 million. Then they can just see what they want to do. Maybe let him walk. Maybe Michael would like the certainty of staying a NY Mets for next 4-5 years. If he wants that security, he needs to give a little.

It has to be a 4-5 year deal for there to be any point to it at all. Do we want to make that level of commitment to him? And if so, there's should be some benefit to the team for making it.

I think it will be a hard deal to make, since he's represented by Boras and has already reached the point where he'll be bringing in real money next season. If he really wants to stay a Met, however, maybe there's hope.

I've personally waffled on this issue for a while. Forget the numbers. Just if the Mets need to make that commitment, and if this is the guy. Right now, today, I'd say yes. Let's see if we can lock him up.


Mack Ade said...


I am just estimating his value on the open market

Mack Ade said...


My guess is this year in arbitation he will get around 9 mil

Dallas said...

Bill, why would we sign a center fielder when we have Nimmo as well as plenty of players that can play the OF (McNeil, Conforto, Ces?, JDD, Smith). I also think that some combination of Lowrie, McNeil, Davis would be able to cover 3rd base and let the Mets focus their resources on SP (there is ZERO depth even if they bring back Wheeler...I mean Walter Lockett??) and RP. Its nice to think the Mets could sign a Rendon or Donaldson but frankly its unlikely they have the money to do that and bring back Wheeler plus some bullpen help without trading some of our young productive cost controlled players that I think you should 100% hold on to. I think its difficult to trade away guys like Smith or JDD and expect to get something as productive in return for RP. As we saw this year relief pitchers seem to be a crap shoot from year to year. The best teams seem to know what they are doing with them (except maybe the Nats). I think even if JDD doesnt start you keep him and Smith as really good depth for injuries, pinch hitting and spot starts.

bill metsiac said...

He's worth more than 2 RPs. If that's all we cpuld get, I'd keep him.

bill metsiac said...

I'd seriously consider moving Cano to 3rd and putting Squirrel at 2B.

Mack Ade said...

I agree with Dallas

bill metsiac said...

Personally, I would be happy if we kept the entire roster that finished the season, except for adding to the pen and maybe a better backup catcher.

But I'm sure Brodie will be aggressive.

Longtimefan1 said...


Not a bad idea Cano at third. McNeil has better range at second and Cano has better arm for third.

But it requires Cano to learn new position and also agree to it. Now we're dealing with all sorts of growing pains and their consequences.

He'd also require giving up his dream of breaking Jeff Kent's all time second base homer record. Maybe that's the difference between Hall of Fame or not. Not saying he wouldn't move to third, but there are issues.

Longtimefan1 said...

JD should be integral part of the core. This guy rakes, is mid-line up bat, 2-6, and .300 hitter.

We should also be very careful about screwing with team chemistry, roster depth and versatility, especially with proven young players hungry for the postseason and determined to get there.

JD also has plans in the offseason to improve defensive agility and quickness in outfield.

From what I read, Mets also think he can improve at third through additional work and could be part of the group who play there.

Tom Brennan said...

3B? Jeff McNeil and JD Davis need to play almost every game, and however many of those have to be at 3B, so be it.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't trade JDD and just give McNeil who also an All Star the 3B permanently. But lets not forget that Cano and Nimmo missed a lot of time so lets keep our options open.

Robb said...

What do i think they'll do, probably something stupid. what do i think they should do. Keep Mcneil in that Ben zobrist role, of playing 2nd, 3rd and lf for a 150 games next year. I think 1 of jdd or Dom smith could be moved. If there is a buy high deal from an american league team for JDD you have to look at. Given alonso at 1b and Cano at second, you really have no place for both jdd and smith. That being said, you cant count on anything from Cespedes and this is the last year of his contract so unless your plan going forward is nimmo/conforto/mcneil/jdd/smith in the outfield you should probably use the quantity of quality assets to refurbish the mid farm and bullpen. Id put mcneil at 3rd to start tho. And i would look at making a trade with the A's or Indians for relief help using jdd who fits their rosters better then most.

Dallas said...

Robb, you say they have no place for JDD and Smith. I have to disagree. If we've learned anything its that baseball players get hurt and often. Rosario, McNeil, Alonso, Conforto, Cano, Nimmo, Ramos will be starting. Yes that leaves one open spot for Lowrie, Smith, Ces, JDD. That doesnt sound like much but Ces is a complete Wild Card, Lowrie barely made an appearance this year, Nimmo missed most the year, Cano got hurt several times and will be a year older and even McNeil missed about 25 games.

Having productive young hitters ready to step in to PH or get spot starts and be ready in case an injury happens is how teams like the Yankees won over 100 games despite a massive rash of injuries to their stars. You say sell high on JDDavis and Smith, they are young cost controlled players at the age where they should only improve. They are exactly the kind of players you want to acquire. Not to mention they have also done it on the big stage in NY, gel well with their teammates and excelled despite limited playing time during parts of the year.

BVW either has to spend money or he has to get clever on how he rebuilds the BP. I just think trading young cost controlled hitters for RP has a massive chance to blow up in their face. The Diaz trade accentuates that.

I'm reading the Mets want to acquire a CF...I hope its just in a bench role capacity. It would be massively short-sighted to not keep Nimmo in that role. I think the last month of the year showed that 2018 was no fluke. .995 OPS and .430 OBP, clearly his injury affected his play earlier in the year.

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