Mets Bullpen Highlights

The 2019 Mets pen is awfully reminiscent of the 2018 pen - lots not to like, performance-wise.

But there have been highlights.

3 guys in 2019 have been stellar:

SETH LUGO - 5-3, 2.87, 53 games, 69 innings, 87 Ks.  Vital workhorse.  Season would have been a complete disaster without him.

JUSTIN WILSON - July, August, Sept., 26 outings, 22 innings, 2 runs, 3-0.  Wow.

LUIS AVILAN - July, August, September, 25 outings, 18 innings, 2 runs, 3-0.  Wow.

Sadly, the last two were largely hurt until July.  Had they been healthy all year, we'd be leading in the Wild Card, most likely.

But.....Three pitchers does not a successful pen make.  

But...let's not overlook the superb performance of those three.

Of course, two key pieces, Jeurys Familia and Edwin Diaz have had bad seasons.

Of the two, the fact that Familia has 2 years left is disturbing.  His 41 walks in 55 innings is downright awful - and frightening looking ahead.  Maybe he needs shoulder surgery and will be back to improved next year.  Let's hope.

Diaz?  I may be in the minority, but I keep him and hope he can rediscover the magic.  He sure has the laser arm.  They don't grow on trees.  But he has to adapt.

Lastly - a message to Mets ownership:

In 2020, do whatever it takes to OVERSTOCK THE BULLPEN:

Just off the top of my head, I wrote last year about there being something like 15 relievers (mostly AAAA type guys) used that combined allowed more than 7 runs per 9 innings.  A big, big reason why the Mets won just 77 games last year.

This year, how are the AAAA types doing?  The same.

Mostly relievers, Rhame, Peterson, Sewald, Font, Pounders, Flexen, Santiago, Zamora, Mazza, Lockett, Bashlor, Gagnon, Nogosek, and Oswalt - 14 guys - have thrown 177 innings and given up 142 runs - 7.22 per 9 innings.  The rest of the staff, by comparison, has given up 512 runs in 1,075 innings, or 4.28 runs per 9 innings - not great, but decent.

That AAA bullpen collective meltdown is a formula for missing the playoffs.  No team can be successful with that.


Two more Wilson/Avilan types are needed in 2020, at a minimum.  

Probably 3.  

Sure, spending the extra money hurts.  

But - Spend the money.  

Then make the playoffs.  

Then make the money back.  

That simple.  

Happy fans?  


Jed Lowrie Watch - ol' Jed hit a homer in a 1-0 Brooklyn playoff game yesterday.  If I were the opponent, Hudson Valley, I'd be pissed that a MLB star decided what was otherwise a scoreless playoff game - had HV won, they'd have won the series.  

Lowrie has now had 35 plate appearances since he resumed his rehab games on August 20.  With the most important (hopefully) 1/7 of the season ahead, I'd be shocked if he isn't in Queens tonight with the Mets.  All hands on deck.


Mack Ade said...

Old school pundits will tell you that failed starters make for great relievers. Let's look at this for a minute.

Starters are stretched out to pitch at least 100 pitches an outing and we all know the stats on the batting averages of the other teams when they face our starters in the third time around in a game.

It's the same for all teams.

Time and again we see pitchers mow down batters with hyper speed pitchers in the first and second inning, only to fade later on in their outing.

Wilson, Avilan, and Lugo were all once starters, They were converted to relievers because it seemed like their stuff worked better in small spurts.

Tom Brennan said...

Good point, Mack.

Cubs won last night over Brew Bums, but Kimbrel is now out, which could help the Mets. I did notice the Cubs have former Met farmhand lefty Brad Wieck, who has given up 8 homers in 28 innings. May he face Pete Alonso in this series.

Tom Brennan said...

Slow day at the OK Corral

John From Albany said...

Are we getting the Mets and Brooklyn game in tonight?

Mack Ade said...


I think the storm will shut both games off.

John From Albany said...

Here's hoping they either get tge game in or call it before it starts. Hope all is well down South for you Mack.

Tom Brennan said...

Weather not too bad, and the further west and north, the better. I think the Mets will get it in.

Tom Brennan said...

Edwin Diaz homer to Realmuto was on a terrible pitch. Can not rely on him...so call up Nogosek.

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