Not a long message - just to say:

Darryl Strawberry's Met rookie HR record WAS 26.

It no longer is….it WAS…it got obliterated.

Pete Alonso has doubled that record, with 52.

Doubled that.

After 36 years.  

Doubled that.

Imagine that, huh?

Darryl had 335 career homers.

Maybe Pete can double that, too.

As a Met.

670 HRs.

Imagine that, huh?


Mike Freire said...

The Pounder has been a pleasant surprise, both with the glove and especially with his absolute HAMMER of a bat.

I hope he sneaks #53 onto the ledger before the weekend is over.

Lots to look forward to with him, as well. I can see him developing his "eye" and cutting down on his K's without
sacrificing his power stroke.

We have a nice core developing, believe it or not.

Tom Brennan said...

Mike, he IS the core. Add in an angry squirrel, a discarded Astro, a smiling Wyomian, and an MC Hammer, and a few other key parts - a nice core overall.

Tom Brennan said...

And then there was # 53, a sky high ball that would not have carried out if it had been hit by a mere mortal.

Pete Power took it beyond the fence, easily.

Pete is superhuman.

Gary Seagren said...

Seems he's a super person too and lets face it without Pete and Jeff who where not thought of nearly as well in the spring as who they turned out to be BVW would be getting killed by this point. He SO lucked out here as neither McNeil or Alonso were his choices and when you factor in his disaster moves last off season they really saved his ass(can I say that?). This of course is the ownership who hired a player agent as a first time GM and a pitching coach as a first time manager to of course save $$$ so I hope the new FO with those hot shot analytics guys can kick butt and find more J.D.'s because our dream of a Rendon or Cole is just that a dream.

Reese Kaplan said...

He's going to pupp out his chest and say, "The Mariners wanted McNeil and I was smart enough to say, 'No!' to that demand."

He'll point the JD Davis deal.

He'll point to Justin Wilson and Luis Avilan.

He'll point to the ending starts of Marcus Stroman.

He'll point to the 2nd half stats of Robinson Cano.

He'll point to the offensive accomplishments of Wilson Ramos.

He'll point to the standings and having been in it until the last 4 games.

No, GVW was not a disaster and will position this season as a very successfuo one, and fluffing up both Jeurys Familia and Edwin Diaz for next year comebacks.

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