Interleague Results, Including the Mets


I was curious about interleague results, which to some degree is a proxy for which league is stronger in 2019.

Amazingly, through this past weekend, the National League was 153-114 (.573) in 2019 interleague play.


When you have 6 teams like Detroit, Baltimore, Kansas City, Toronto, Seattle and the White Sox being a combined 229 games below .500, an average record of 52-90, you have a weak league.

The Mets, surprisingly, have the best interleague record of all at 15-5.  

Of course, they are 2-2 against the Yanks, an incredible 13-3 against everyone else from the AL.  My preference for not playing the Yankees in interleague play for more than 2 games per season remains.  My real preference?  Don't play them at all.

The AL weakness makes me wonder what the Mets record would be if they were in the AL this year.  

My guess is they would be more like 83-59 and perceived a whole lot differently by Mets fans.

It also, to me, indicates that the Yanks' strong record in 2019 is greatly inflated, by playing such weak teams.

That's it.  


John From Albany said...

Mets have a number of DH's on the roster. They are made for the AL.

Mike Freire said...

Interesting angle.......there are some pretty poor teams in the NL, too.

I think the Dodgers, Yankees and Astros are still the elite squads in baseball this year. Sure, the Braves and Twins are no easy out, but if I had to bet, my money would be on one of the three elite squads to win the WS.

As a Mets' fan, that is the level that they need to achieve in order to contend......so, BVW has some work to do!

Mack Ade said...

On another subject...

This season we be judged by the three consecutive losses to the Cubs.

John From Albany said...

Agreed Mack. It was all over but the crying after that.

Tom Brennan said...

Ain’t over til it’s over. Rajai Davis 7 RBI in 20 season at bats. Makin’ em count.

bill metsiac said...

But not the sweeps of the Indians and Snakes? Why look only at the negatives?

When we pass the Cubs and go to the post-season, will the 3 losses to the Cubs still be the judge of the season?

Tom Brennan said...

Win today, and a light 10 game stretch could allow them to overtake the Cubs.

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