Syracuse loses 14-13, season over. Lowrie 2 for 4.


Mets fans know all about tough losses.  I could start the litany but if you come to this site you know them.

This was a tough one (box).  After taking a 5-0 lead in the first, stretching it to 7-1 in the top of the seventh, it sure looked like Syracuse would be on their way to the playoffs and a divisional title. 

Then it started, Ervin Santana, who had been tremendous all day with six innings allowing just one hit, a walk and one run, gave up a home run to start the 7th and three consecutive singles loading the bases.  7-2 now the score, no outs, and Nick Rumbelow now coming in.  

After a single, single, walk, it was 7-5 and Stephan Nogosek was in.

Nogosek has been tremendous for Syracuse all year, with no runs allowed in 30.1 innings and 23 previous games for Syracuse.  On his first pitch, Nogosek secured a huge double play.  One run scored making it 7-6 but he retired the next batter with a fly ball and the threat was extinguished and Syracuse still had the lead. 

The top of the eighth Syracuse responded with six runs to take a 13-6 lead.  Mack’s Met’s own Tom Brennan stated at that point “looks like they are going to win”.  Your lips to God’s ears, Tom. 

Maybe it was the long inning.  Maybe it was the long season.  Maybe it was the long odds of being ten games back on August seventh to play the best ball in the International League and force a one game playoff against the team that had been torturing you all year.  For whatever reason, Stephen Nogosek, perfect all year, was not himself in the eighth for Syracuse.

Homer, hit by pitch, walk, passed ball, walk and Nogosek gave way to Brooks Pounders with Syracuse still up 13-8.

Sacrifice fly, single, wild pitch, walk, single, sacrifice fly, 2 out, Syracuse still up 11-8, Eric Hanhold on to pitch.

Wild pitch, wild pitch, walk, stolen base, double.  Scranton Wilkes/Barre 14 – Syracuse 13

Put a candle in the window

'Cause I feel I've gotta move
Though I'm goin', goin'
I'll be comin' home soon
Long as I can see the light

Pack my bag and let's get moving
'Cause I'm bound to drift awhile
Though I'm gone, gone
You don't have to worry
Long as I can see the light

-Creedence Clearwater Revival

There is a light.  It is coming from Brooklyn.  The Cyclones enter the New York Penn League as the number one seed playing an exciting brand of baseball.  The pain of this Syracuse loss hurts real bad but you don’t have to worry, long as we can see the light. 


Tom Brennan said...

Pen meltdowns in the Syracuse and Mets games yesterday - epic disasters.

Somewhere out there, a curse lurks.

John From Albany said...

There is a light up ahead in Brooklyn.

Tom Brennan said...

A Brooklyn championship would be nice. Great experience for Baty.

Tony said...

Very tough loss for Syracuse.

John From Albany said...

Baty has not played the first two games of the series.

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