John From Albany - Cespedes, Cano, Lowrie, and Familia

There are currently four mega-bust contracts on the Mets roster and unless they are moved in a salary dump where other assets are included, no other team is going to take them.  I am talking about Robinson Cano, Jeurys Familia, Jed Lowrie, and Yoenis Cespedes.

In total they represent almost $74 million worth of contracts in 2020 alone!

That’s a lot of money for very little production in return.

Come November, when the World Series finishes, these four players will take up 4 valuable places on the 40-man roster.  Places that could be used to protect potential rule 5 players, get other team’s non-protected rule 5 draft players or sign free agents.

Keeping these players could also mean that other players would need to be placed on waivers when players are added.  Players that could end up being good players later (for example, Hansol Robles or Chasen Bradford).

I am also not suggesting simply releasing the players and eating the money, though that is an option.

I think I have a better idea.

Why not place these players on waivers for the purpose of assigning them to Syracuse?This will take some salesmanship by Brodie but I think it could work.  Otherwise, instead of accepting assignment to the Syracuse roster, the players could opt for free agency and the Mets would be on the hook for the $ anyway without the benefit of a potential rebound.

First, Brodie would need to talk to each of the players.  He would need to tell them that despite their recent performance which does not fit their fine career and the reason why the Mets gave them the contract in the first place (or traded away top prospects for them), the Mets are happy to have them on the team.  

They are counting on them to have big seasons in 2020.

Then he would explain how the Mets plan on once again being aggressive in the upcoming off season.  However, in order to do that, they need to maximize the 40-man roster.  Moving them to the Syracuse roster is only a paper transaction.  They will still be a part of the big-league camp with every intention of coming North with the team at the end of March.

What if someone claims one of these players, you ask?  Given the state of baseball today, not likely.   If it does happen, then great.  You just freed up millions of payroll dollars.

What happens come the end of Spring training?  Well, usually by then, some players are hurt and are put on the Injured List, and some players selected as rule 5 draft picks from other teams don’t make it (see Kyle Dowdy).  That will free up room to put the four mentioned players back on the roster or the Injured List as needed.

What’s your opinion?  Do you think this would work?  Do you think the Mets would be willing to give it a try?


Anonymous said...

Don't agree at all with this thesis.

Cano is a good player and I believe will perform better next season.

Hopefully Familia rebounds from an off year.

Lowrie was hurt all year, after being All-Star in 2018. If healthy, he should be an asset.

I don't know if Cespedes ever plays baseball again.


Reese Kaplan said...

Players Union would have a cow.

Mack Ade said...

I'm happy with Cano, especially after what he showed he can still do after he came back. Those around him say that he plays like a 22 year old.

I would go the route of David Wright with Cespedes. Call the insurance man.

I would release Familia.

I would hound Rendon until he signs with us.

Gary Seagren said...

O.K. what do you all think Rendon signs for as I can't believe the Nats let him go. I wonder in this new "no one over 30 gets a long term contract" if 5 for $100-120 gets it done.

Tom Brennan said...

Cano largely redeemed himself - he stays.

Lowrie - only the folks who run the team know if he is damaged goods, but let's assume he is not, hopefully, he will give us at least Todd Frazier production, since in 2017 and 2018, he was better than Todd.

Cespedes? Who knows? His heels ought to be as ready as they can be for spring. If his compound fracture heals without impairment, we may get La Potencia Light next year - which would be a lot better than Lageres.

Familia? Maybe he needs some relatively minor shoulder surgery and can come back as a 4.00 ERA guy. If not, release him in spring 2020.

But your thinking was interesting nonetheless - I love out of the box thinking.

Tom Brennan said...

None of these mega-busts come anywhere close to Chris Davis' contract. Worst ever?

Anonymous said...

Release Familia?

Come on, that's insane. It's not even a consideration.

He's 30 years old and has a career 3.19 ERA.

Yes, he was miserable in 2019, probably injured. Never looked like the pitcher we've seen with our own eyes for 6-7 years.

All of MLB has a bullpen problem. There are not enough arms to go around -- and you want to throw one away?

At minimum, he comes to Spring Training and you see how it looks.

Mets top priority should be to improve and deepen the bullpen. That means bringing in more talent, not discarding potential pieces. We know relievers are up and down. See if he can rebound. Mets gain nothing by releasing him.


Anonymous said...

One Person's Take. Not in Granite.

Steven Matz - contract ends after 2019. Has not improved enough to offer a new contract to. Questionable thought process.

Zachary Wheeler - re-sign him. Has best won/lost record among all the 2019 Mets' starters. Often outstanding, sometimes mesmerizing.

Todd Frazier - lost too much power and BA. Eli says "hi".

Tomas Nido - hard to stay on the 25-man, without being able to hit. Maybe A. Sanchez gets look in 2020.

Brad Brach - may have something we need here with him. Looking really good lately.

Paul Sewald - will always be a 'tweener here. Ditto Mazza and others.

Luis Gullorme - good glove but have Haggerty now.

Luis Avilan - ERA and WHIP too high.

Justin Wilson - Hang onto this guy.

Dominic Smith - He'd be better off starting somewhere else than backing up here. Good guy. Owe him.

Marcus Stroman - good fifth starter, but lacks the killer out pitch rest of starting staff has.

Wilson Ramos - still has it. Protect the knees with a good backup catcher to rest. Start 2020 as if actually going to the WS. Just may be. He's the el Captain.

Jeff McNeil - simmer on down now. Watch first half footage of yourself, contrast to now. Innately smart batter. Outstanding instincts. Trust him.

Peter Alonso - reminds me of David Wright in that he too crushes the ball every single at bat, and can hit singles that no human can even see. Just a remarkable player really, moustache or not. A true joy to watch play. Thank you Mets for drafting him.

Amed Rosario - told you that he'd show his critics were wrong. And he sure did too. All Star in 2020, not a surprise to me. Has the whole enchilada of skills.

Robinson Cano - very nice second half. Excellent to see.

The Noah, Jake, and Zach Attack. Maybe add in two from the Kevin Smith/Tom Szapucki/David Peterson/Harol Gonzales MiLB Mets, and there you go Bubba.

3B, RF, and lefty closer.

(Heaven Awaits)

Anonymous said...

Predictions from the Foolish

With Daniel Jones, I may start watching the NY Giants again. Outstanding athlete, runner, and passer. 8-8.

Without NYY German, probably Houston. With German, close. Oakland and TBay surprise horses in AL. Momentum always takes from here.

NL all Braves and Dodgers. Even.

Mickey C. back in 2020? I like the guy and I like his Regan/JZman/ChillD crew an absolute ton. Comparing first half to second, no comparison. Improved drastically. I go with this group in 2020 and just add in the few pieces this needs player wise.

Anonymous said...

Biggest Question Heading Into 2020

Maybe Familia and Cespedes. Amazing athletes should never be doubted.

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