Milwaukee was tied with the Mets on August 31, and then went 19-4 to clinch the Wild Card.


If the Mets did that, true fans would be talking about it for decades.  

Just like they continue to talk about two prior late season surges, 1969 and 1973 (OK, 3 when you consider 2015).

So a tip of the hat to the Brew Crew.

That said, I hope the Brewskies lose their Wild Card game because they denied the Mets the playoffs.  

They have to be brought to justice.  

Jack Bauer agreed to do whatever it takes to make that happen.   Thank you for your service, Jack.

The Mets got this close in 2019 on some great performances:


Who could seriously talk about Jake as a repeat Cy Young winner after his start on July 5, where his ERA sat at 3.27 and a 4-7 record.

Jake continued to get crappy support from the offense and pen, hence the 4 wins after 18 starts, but he had also had a bad 7 game stretch from where he went 1-5 and gave up a very un-Jake-like 23 earned runs in 39 innings.

But his last 14 starts have been incredible:

7-1, 94 IP, 59 H, 15 earned runs (1.44 ERA), 19 BB, 117 Ks.  Certainly Cy Young worthy in a season where the best starters (e.g., Cole, Verlander) are in the AL this year.  The 7-1 boosted his record to 11-8.

Even in his last 14 starts, of course, since his name is Jake deGrom, his bad luck continued...in 5 of his 6 no-decisions, he gave up a total of 2 earned runs.

He clearly should have won 18-20.


Four games left, 51 HRs and 118 RBIs....we all need to pinch ourselves.  A Met is doing this....a Met ROOKIE is doing this.

From his head to his patriotic, bold cleats, WE LUV PETE.


The Mets' curse resurfaced with his broken wrist on a HBP last night.  Here's hopes for a quick recovery.  a season of .318/.384/.532?   Wow.  Start pinching yourself again.  38 doubles, 23 homers, and 162 hits in just 133 games?  Wow. Pinch.


30 plus homers, 90 plus RBIs?  He's had his droughts along the way, but MC's Hammer has almost equaled that of uber-expensive Bryce Harper.  May Conforto park 40 in the other side of fences in 2020.


A man who many expected to fail and end up in Syracuse most of the year has hit 20 HRs in 396 at bats and, despite a slow 3 for 20 start, is hitting .308.  Wow.  Pinch.


He was roundly criticized in April, May and June for his mediocre fielding, while showing a slowly growing bat.  In July, August, and September?  Hitting .322.  Wow. Pinch.  Hititng .287 for the full season with 71 RBIs, 75 runs, 15 HRs and 19 RBIs.


The beefy "Buffalo" has 14 HRs, 73 RBIs and a .287 average in 473 ABs.   Maybe not quite WOW, PINCH, but a big upgrade over the catcher non-hitting that Mets' fans had adapted to since Mike Piazza retired.


A light in the bullpen darkness. 7-4, 2.77 and 5 recent saves.  He had a very bad 3 game stretch in late March and early April where he allowed 9 runs in 2.2 innings...a bad 3 game stretch in late June where he allowed 7 runs in 3.2 IP....and that one stinker in mid-August against the Braves, where he allowed 5 runs in 1/3 inning.  Otherwise, he was almost perfect in his other 53 outings.  Great work, wow, pinch.


Lastly, JW missed a ton of time early in the season due to a repeatedly barking elbow, giving many a Mets fan the feeling that he would pull a Lowrie on us and miss almost the entire season.  Nope.  He has gotten into 45 games and went 4-2, 2.54.  So, if anyone asks tou who had the better ERA, Wilson or the wonderful Seth Lugo, you now know the answer.  He missed too much vital time for a wow, pinch.

Honorable mention goes to 10) Zach Wheeler, who was very uneven in the first half and quite good in the second half, just like last year.  

And to 11) Todd Frazier, a man I beat up a lot this season.  After a spring injury, he was only 7 for 49 with 2 HRs and 7 RBIs in mid-May.  I assumed after 2018's and 2017's .213, he was washed up.  But the rest of the way this year, a very solid .256 with 19 HRs and 60 RBIs in 387 ABs.  My guess is this is the last week for both of these guys as Mets unless they are willing to take less money to stay with the Mets.  

And, briefly, 12) Robbie Cano had an encouraging, strong second half despite his hamstring injury, and 13) Dom Smith played very well, except in July when he went 9 for 54, partly because of his foot injury that caused his last game to be July 26.  Maybe he will get a few ABs before season's end.

Thanks and appreciation to them all.


Mack Ade said...

I said earlier this week that I was going to write a similar post.

Now I don't have to,


Going back to bed.

Tom Brennan said...

One guy I left out due to his missing most of the year due to injury is Brandon Nimmo. His superb .442 OBP and .589 slug % in Sept shows he could be invaluable to the Mets next season.

John From Albany said...

Tom, you mentioned Conforto in the same sentence as Bryce Harper. That is music to Boras' ears.

Mack Ade said...

Worth pointing out...

there are only 5 Mets baseball players in the history of the game that had at least:

30 HR

90 RBI

80 RBI

Howard Johnson, Darrly Strawberry, Carlos Beltran, David Wright, and...

Michael Conforto

John From Albany said...

Plus Pete Alonso.

Mack Ade said...


I meant 80 BB

John From Albany said...

Ahh. Todd Hundley just missed it. 112 RBI and 79 walks in 96 and 83 walks but just 86 RBI in 97.

Tom Brennan said...

Nimmo is if healthy in 2020 an incredible 1-2 punch with McNeil. Could be as dangerous as the combo of Wright and Reyes in their prime. How I see it. I can see Nimmo and McNeil hitting 50 homers combined next year with a .400 OBP.

Tom Brennan said...

John, Todd's big numbers were allegedly pharmacological:

(from a NYT article)

Before the 1996 season, Radomski told Hundley that if he used steroids, he would hit 40 home runs, according to the Mitchell report. Radomski told Mitchell that he sold Deca-Durabolin to Hundley, who went on to hit 41 home runs in 1996. Hundley had not hit more than 16 in any season. Hundley was also represented by the Levinsons, who did not answer messages.

I think Pete Alonso got Babe Ruth platelets or something - every HR is Ruthian. He is an all-natural Beast.

John From Albany said...

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright;
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light,
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout;
But there is no joy in Metville...

Tom Brennan said...

...because the Brewers put on a rout

Mike Freire said...

Nice work, Tom......highlights an impressive young core that the team can build around.

I would love to see Nimmo stay healthy for an entire year......he could be a real weapon at the top of the order.

Tom Brennan said...

Mike: Nimmo, McNeil, Alonso, Conforto, Ramos, Rosario, Lowrie and (you add here...Smith...Rendon...etc.) - quite a line up.

Tom Brennan said...

John a good follow up article in a few weeks might be who is currently on the 40 man - who should come off - how many slots that leaves - who should go on, leaving perhaps a few slots open for Rule 5 draft additions.

John From Albany said...

Good thinking Tom.

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