Niese - Ouch!


I'm not sure what the prognosis is going to be after Niese's ugly injury this afternoon but I have to throw my two cents in...
As I type this, I am two months post-op from reconstructive surgery on my left ACL and Meniscus. As a catcher, I always had weak knees, but watching Jon go down like that was eerily familiar to what happened to me just a few months ago. My knee twisted in the exact same way as Jon's did today, as I fielded a groundball going to my left at third base. Watching him plant his leg during that practice pitch made me queasy....
Not for the squeamish, but watch the slow-mo to see what I'm talking about:
I hate to say it, but Dr. Dziuba thinks Jon may have just torn his ACL...if that's the case, see you in 9 months buddy
Obviously I hope it's much less....best of luck Jon


Mack said...

I'm friggin speechless, and that doesn't happen very often.


Teddy Dziuba said...

Pay close attention to when he makes the stretch at first base...for a moment, his knee locks flat on the ground, but he gets up with no worries

When I tore my acl, I was walking around fine for weeks after the initial injury, but it wasn't until I landed on it funny (like Jon does on that practice pitch) that I was out of commission and couldnt walk without someone helping me.

Again, I could be full of s*** and he could just have a sprained ligament or something, but i would bet dollars to donuts that he tore a ligament making that stretch, and it wasn't until that practice pitch that he destroyed what remained

Shame on the training staff for letting him throw that practice pitch

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