Aren't Pinch Hitters Suppose To... Hit?

My buddy, Jack Flynn, brough this subject up on a post here yesterday.

First, the good news.

The Mets added four key players to the 25-man roster that have helped this team play, at least, .500 ball so far this season. Pitchers Jenrry Mejia, Ryota Igarashi, and Hisanori Takahashi all have pitched excellently so far this season, while first baseman Ike Davis has been an instant success. Heck, even relief pitcher Raul Valdez has contributed positively. Yes, the Mets have improved their roster with new acquisitions.

On the other hand, there’s the four bench players that are supposed to add a little puch and pop when inserted into the lineup. So far this season (as of 5-3), here’s the results:

Alex Cora                   2B/SS                  .162/.262/.243

Fernando Tatis          1B/3B                 .212/.257/.364

Gary Matthews         OF                      .139/.244/.194

Frank Catalanotto   OF/1B                .143/.182/.190

At the same time, here are four guys down on the farm, all with MLB experience, and what they have contributed so far this season:

Chris Carter             OF/1B              .348/.408/.607/1.015

Andy Green:            3B/2B/SS          .370/.452/.519/.970

Mike Hessman        3B/1B/OF         .297/.353/.637/.990

Nick Evans            OF/1B               .314/.388/.571/.959

Okay, I know one set of stats are in the majors and the other set isn’t, but these are subs, right? Am I missing something here? Same positions, but double the batting average and slugging percentage.

Look, I know the Mets are committed to putting a better team on the field in Buffalo, but isn’t this team suppose to put the best team on the field in Queens first?

So... four moves at once a little radical?

Okay... let's just consider one.

Everybody talks about Fernando Tatis' versatility and te fact that someone has to play third base in David Wright needs a breather.

Let's compare Tatis and Hessman.

Both play first base.

Both play third base.

Tatis has done nothing so far this season.

Hessman leads the AAA in home runs, runs batted in, and has more home runs than any active minor leaguer.



I know you’re reading this.

As my grandchildren would say… come on, dude…


derekshowerman said...

Was wondering the same thing the other day. Murph should replace Cat. Matthews Jr I would hang onto till Beltran is back.

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