DRAFT: - Mike Olt, T.J. Walz, Justin O’Connor, Paul Paez... and Micah Gibbs

Mike Olt:

5-11 from: - link  - 3b, Mike Olt, U Conn, 6'1 210, R/R, talked about a lot in publications and on MLB news, for me, he's got some power in his bat, nice level stroke, a bit tentative at the plate at time and solid breaking stuff gives him fits middle out, doesn't run well, 4.55, arm is solid for 3b, was also listed as a SS, but he doesn't move that well, better to his left than right, not a base clogger and will on occasion steal a base but don't count on his speed to win a game for you. LOL Nice club U Conn has, some solid players to keep an eye on as fill in's for the 2010 draft or in 2011 when some become seniors. Young pitcher Barnes has arm strength and velocity to watch, 6'4 200, was 88-91, a couple 92's, almost sounds like Aviles, LOL, funky delivery but effective and should be seen on the summer circuit for sure.

T.J. Walz:

5-12 from: - http://www.sportingnews.com/blog/MLB_Draft  - Walz, on the other hand, was superb in his seven innings. He allowed three runs on five hits and two walks, and struck out six. It was Walz's seventh quality start of the season. Truth be told, Walz was up and down earlier this year, but entering Friday's game he had won his last three starts, and he took a no-hitter into the ninth inning a week before against Oklahoma State.

Justin O’Connor:

5-12 from: - http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-cubs-wrigley-bound/2010/05/cubs-draft-preview--hitters.html  - Justin O'Conner--IND (H.S.)-- 6'1 190 - This is a prospect who is tough to figure in terms of future position. Currently a SS with plus-plus arm strength who hits the mid 90s off the mound, but his range is limited, leading most to think he's a better fit at 3B. Those aren't the only two positions that are possible for this kid. He's also being projected as a catcher by some scouts. His bat is outstanding, featuring plus raw power and a short stroke that stays inside the ball. He's a good strong athlete who could play almost anywhere but after seeing his throwing from the C postion he's extremely raw in that aspect.

Paul Paez:

5-13 from: - http://baseballbeginnings.com/2010/05/13/paul-paez-video  - LHP Paul Paez. The radar gun doesn’t like him as much as I want to. I have a soft spot in my baseball heart for soft-throwing left-handers with damn near 80 fastball control and the big loopy deceptive breaking ball and change-up. Area scouts can’t like this guy as a buy-out player even if they like him at heart because he doesn’t fit the pro mold. In this video, you can see this guy’s balance, repitition and arm speed. He should go play at USD and show up on the Cape and deal. You put this pitcher anywhere else in the country as a high school kid and he’d get a lot more attention than he does here. Look, I’m not saying this guy is going to show up in the big leagues. But I am saying that left-handers like this, as long as they stay away from where they know they will get hit, have a way of hanging around this game long after the people who told them they were wasting their time are off doing something else with their lives. Some of these types of pitchers wind up in big league bullpens past the age of 40. And some of them are found pitching for dollars somewhere around the globe. I’m not saying this is him. But I’m not saying it’s not, either. Thank you for your attention, now watch what a pitcher, and not a thrower, looks like.

Micah Gibbs:

5-14 from: - http://baseballdraftreport.com/  – top 30 college catchers: - 4. Louisiana State JR C Micah Gibbs - Not much has really changed from Gibbs’ preseason outlook to now. Only the emergence of his in-game power qualifies, and even that’s a stretch when you consider said emergence was predicted by many heading into the year. Gibbs’ defensive skills make him a solid bet to reach the big leagues in some capacity. His power/speed combination makes him a pretty good bet to reach the big leagues ready to start and put up league average or better numbers for the position. In other words, Gibbs is a relatively safe player with a high floor worth betting on having some semblance of a successful big league career.


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