Free Agents - Left Fielders


Melky Cabrera (30) – 568-AB,  .301/.352/.458/.809 - $8mil/2014

Endy Chavez (37) – 232-AB, .276/.320/.371/691 - $1mil/2014

Nelson Cruz (34) – 613-AB, .271/.332/.525/857 - $8mil

Chris Denorfia (34) – 82-AB, .195/.258/.317/576 - $2.25mil

Cole Gillespie (30) – 71-AB, .254/.312/.324/.636 - $1mil

Jonny Gomes (34) – 64-AB, .234/.316/.250/.566 - $5mil

Scott Hairston (35) – 77-AB, /.208/.265/.299/.564 - $2.5mil

Reed Johnson (38) – 187-AB, .235/.270/.348/618 - $1mil

Nyjer Morgan (34) – 41-AB, .341/.437/.439/877 - $???

Mike Morse (33) – 438-AB, .279/.339/..475/814 - $6mil

Alfonso Soriano (39) – 226-AB, .221/.247/.367/614 - $???

Josh Willingham (36) – 73-AB, .233/.349/.384/732 - $7mil

Delmon Young (29) – 242-AB, .302/.337/.442/779 - $1mil


Thomas Brennan said...

Considering age, Melky is the only one I'd really consider. While it is hard to get behind Dekker instead, given the brevity of his success, his total game as it appeared in late 2014 compares favorably to most of those listed, in my opinion.

Cruz had a great year, but age (34) creeps onward. Big bucks for an aging guy. Been there, done that. High risk. Cruz past him.

thunder12k said...

Melky & Cruz are going to get 3/4 year deals which I would avoid for this team.

Cuddyer on a 2 year deal while sliding Grandy over to LF makes more sense for this team logistically and financially.

Reese Kaplan said...

I know he's considered a clubhouse cancer and has defensive liabilities, but the production and price tag of Delmon Young have to be worth considering. After all, didn't Baltimore win a division with him in the lineup? He's more of a 15-20 HR guy with high average than a Nelson Cruz type bopper, but he could likely be gotten on, say, a 2 year, $5 million total deal which would be a steal for what he delivers offensively.

thunder12k said...


I stopped reading at clubhouse cancer. You can't have a guy with that reputation on a young team like this.

Plus, someone will offer him more than a 2/5 contract. Maybe a 2 year deal at $5M per year.

Either way, I don't think he's a fit for the Mets.

Bill Metsiac said...

So you want to go from EY and CY to DY, Reese? You can't be SERIOUS!

No D, Clubhouse Cancer, and have you forgotten his anti-Semitic rants a year or two ago? That'll get him the support of the fans, especially with his total non-hustle attitude )not to mention our Jewish owners).

I wouldn't have him on our team if he paid US $5 mil for 2 years.

A platoon is in order while we see how ready Nimmo and Conforto are in a year. dD/Kirk teamed with Sour or (preferably) Melky or Cuddyer or Gomes on a 1 or 2 year deal will give us a lot more than we got from LF this season.

Michael S. said...

Melky would be my choice but he's going to sign a contract that we'll be regretting in a couple if years. Also, he's going to want to start so if we're talking about a platoon he's out.

Morse is an interesting option to pair with MDD, but I have a feeling someone will overpay him.

Mack Ade said...

Reese -

I have a feature post on Young coming up this week.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hey Bill Metsiac
You said Sour. Guessing that is Soup and not Eddie Murray!

Thomas Brennan said...

Young is delmon-possessed, so I agree I'd pass on him

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

You would pass on Young... you're the same guy that said earlier today about Nelson Cruz... 'been there, done that'...

Are you serious?

Forget the money for a second... do you actually think that Nelson Cruz is too old to play in 2015?

And Delmon Young... he has tremendous talent and would come very cheap... BECAUSE... of his checkered past... isn't that the same kind of reasons Alderson didn't consider Cruz in 2014?

I may be wrong here, but didn't Cruz just finish leading the league in home runs?

And aren't the two of them still playing baseball this month?

Steve from Norfolk said...

We don't have a very good track record with players named Young - pass!

Thomas Brennan said...

You got a point, Mack. I'm just afraid of multi-years that a guy like Cruz would get. I'd give him 2 years, $40MM or $45MM in a heartbeat, but he'd want 5 years, don't you think?

Delmon, I see your point. Might be worth it. If it were short and cheap, we'd just have to have Sandy keep him in line. Easy. Just tell Delmon he'll start everyday and then let Ruben start and bench Delmon...that will break him in no time!

Rene Riquelme said...

I would be more interested in moving Grandy to left and getting a rightfielder with an arm so it doesn't hurt our defense.

Mack Ade said...

Thomas -

I know that Cruz is now out of the Mets league... but Young isn't... and, hopefully, we can continue this discussion after tomorrow's post.

He's a very talented ballplayer with a checkered past but he's not a serial killer that used to play TE for New England.

I want the Mets to get to the World Series once more in my lifetime and, if that takes adding a couple of players that smoked some week or yelled out a word all of us said once in our lives, than so be it if that person can get the team to the promise land.

What if the Mets offerred Cruz $8.5mil in 2014?

What did he hit, 32 more home runs than Chris Young... you telling me this wouldn't have got this team closer to the playoffs (or in it)?

Mack Ade said...

Rene -

The last thing I heard was that was the plan, but we'll have to wait and see.

Mack Ade said...

I'm going to stop commenting on Delmon Young.

I have another post on one of the left fielders coming up, plus the one on Young that I mentioned.

Then I will move on to right fielders and then center fielders.

Thomas Brennan said...

I'm all ears on your Delmon post tomorrow, and hope you can convince me that he will, like Moses, lead us to the promised land.

I was jumping on the Bad Delmon bandwagon, but really am not against guys who are less than choir boys. Unless the inmates overrun the asylum.

Case #1 in that regard is when, as I recall it, Zeile and Ventura were pretty darned vocal about the Mets avoiding Sheffield, who went to Yanks instead and raised hell in the Bronx - with his lethal bat.

If Delmon is cheap, I am open to considering him...and he can soften his image by calling himself Delmo, to remind kids who are Met fans everywhere of Elmo. I'll stop there!

eraff said...

ALL player considerations should be made apart from "landing dates" for Nimmo Conforto, Puello, etc.

You don't have a crowded position unril you do, and "too much talent: is ALWAYS a good and easily resolved problem.

Assume that none of the young guys will arrive On Time, Ready for a full output..... it'll be a good thing if they need to push a door open---and NOT arrive as Saviors.

Trout arrived and got sent back down....Travis d'Arnaud...Colton Wong.... this is the norm/

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