Morning Report – October 11 – System Evaluation – 3B


We move on to our look at the talent and depth within the Mets system, by position. In this case, third base.

Queens wise, we’re talking David Wright (535-AB, .269/.324/.374/.698, 8-HR, 63-RBI). Various people, including Eric Campbell, Josh Satin, and Daniel Murphy filled in when Wright was injured, but this is his job and his job only. It’s hard to imagine what the Mets would do here if Wright isn’t ready on opening day. My guess is they would delay any plans of dealing off Murphy, move him over from second, and probably bringing back Dilson Herrera to play between Lucas Duda and Wilmer Flores.

In Las Vegas, there was Zach Lutz (227-AB, .291) and Josh Satin (374-AB, .291). Lutz is long gone to Japan and the assumption is Dustin Lawley (AA: 447-AB, .235, 20-HR) and Brian Burgamy (AA: 450-AB, .276, 23-HR) will both be promoted from Binghamton and split time here. Lawley has the power the Mets need in Queens (and I’m sure he’ll continue to produce home runs in Vegas) but he can’t seem to generate an overall decent offensive game. He also plays both corner outfield postions which just makes all this even more frustrating.

In Binghamton, there were Burgamy and Lawley, who combined for 43 home runs.

In St. Lucie, there was Jairo Perez (249-AB, .353/.383/.550/.933, 10-HR, 50-RBI), Jeff McNeil (207-AB, .246), Aderlin Rodriguez (339-AB, .242), and Cole Frenzel (152-AB, .197). Perez was that pleasant surprise that was originaly cut by the Twins, played Indy ball and joined the Mets last season after a winter league stat line of .342/.407/.591/.998, 7-HR, 35-RBI, 149-AB, 20-K, 13-BB. His only problem is his age (will turn 27 in June). My guess is he will be the Binghamton starter.

In Savannah, there was Nelfi Zapata (140-AB, .236) and Cole Frenzel (69-AB, .304).

In Brooklyn, there was Jhoan Urena (283-AB, .300/.356/.431/.787, 17-errors). Urena has prospect written all over him and many project him as the top choice in the organization to someday replace David Wright at third. For now, there’s no rush. He just turned 20 this month and he most probably will play Savannah in the spring.

In Kingsport, there was Jean Rodriguez (173-AB, .312/.387/.422/.809) and Eudor Garcia (202-AB, .262).

For the GCL-Mets, there was Alvin Maracaro (105-AB, .210).

And for the DSL teams, there was Yeffry De Aza (203-AB, .300), Rigoberto Terrazas (201-AB, .239), and Sterling Award winner Walter Rasquin (165-AB, .321).

Overall Observation – Well, having David Wright on 3B gets you an A- rating for this position alone, right. It’s too early to project people like Rodriguez and Rasquin, but, past them, I only see Urena as a possible starting third baseman in the majors someday. For that reason alone, we’ll leave the rating where it is.

Overall Rating – A-


Thomas Brennan said...

Good analysis. As I've said before, it is a shame Jairo Perez missed almost 2 months with injury last year, to give a better idea of his future viability. .350 is .350.

I guess we'll find out how David's rehab is going in the weeks to come, then we'll see. Hopefully a full non-surgical recovery.

Steve from Norfolk said...

I can't imagine not seeing the Captain on 3rd for a long time to come - IF he learns to take care of his injuries before they impact his play as bad as they did this season. If he doesn't, well - Scott Rolen.

Mack Ade said...

Thanks Thomas

Mack Ade said...

Steve -

I have a feeling that Wright will be fine this season, but I also think the Mets will start sitting him around 15-20 games a year

Steve from Norfolk said...


I hope they do rest him more. I hope that Terry enforces it, and that it doesn't require a locking seat belt on the bench.

Mack Ade said...

My assumption is Eric Campbell would be the first fill in for Wright on his days off regardless of a Murphy trade.

Sometimes I really miss Justin Turner

Thomas Brennan said...

Justin Turner did great (.340, c'mon!) after leaving the Mets. Sometimes, nickel-and-diming can backfire, as they could have kept him if they were not so fixated on minimum wage, and it seems like a lot of guys get a second wind when they leave this team.

Also interesting he hit 7 homers in 288 at bats and previously only 8 with the Mets in 840 at bats. Fences a factor? Just a thought.

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