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A new feature here at Mack’s Mets.

We’ll be posting up, every Sunday, all the information we can get our hands on regarding the players that are being discusses as possible trade candidates, as part of the so-called ‘Hot Stove League’ that takes place prior to the June 2015 draft… and we’ll be posting it up in this weekly feature

There’s rumblings in LA-LA town less than one day after the Dodgers handed the St. Louis Cardinals their fourth straight conference championship in a row. Both manager Don Mattingly and his young Cuban outfield, Yasiel Puig could be on the block for completely different reasons… Mattingly for general overall lack of success at the high end, and Puig, for a manageable contract that could be moved for decent time tested starting pitcher (s). And lastly, RHSP Josh Beckett, who threw a no-hitter earlier this year, announced after Sunday’s game that he will be retiring. This is a team that has both excess shortstops and outfielders and need young pitching. Hmm.

It looks like the Texas Rangers will decline the $13.5mil option on 33-year old OF Alex Rios (2014: .280/.311/.398, 4-HR). All another club has to do is buy out his 2015 option for $1mil.
Rick Piecoro of azcentral sports is already speculating that Dave Stewart will trade one of his three shortstops, Chris Owings, Didi Gregorius and Nick Ahmed, while keeping Cliff Pennyton as a utility infielder. They will do this to secure their biggest need, starting pitchers. One scout said when asked what they could get for either Gregorius or Ahmed, "You're not getting back Matt Harvey or Jacob deGrom, but maybe you get back Rafael Montero." The point is you are not going to see Stewart stand in the way of a deal here. Only Sandy Alderson has the power to fuck this one up.

 Reports out of New York are that the Yankees will pass on offering Cuban defector Yasmany Tomas an offer. The downside here seems to be two fold… one, the seven years the player is reported to want and the $100mil total that is expected to pull off a deal. Seven year contracts are becoming harder every day to sell to owners, especially for players that haven’t played one inning of professional ball. 

The Orioles Nelson Cruz changed agents this week and had them meet with Orioles General Manager Dan Duquette to discuss the possibility of an extension to his one-year, 2014 contract. I’m sure he’ll give the team a ‘home team discount’ but he would be crazy to not let this matter linger into the Hot Stove season for, at least, a couple of weeks.

Astros have outrighted 1B Jesus Guzman and LHP pitcher Rudy Owens off the club’s 40-man roster. 

Oakland has claimed pitcher Jorge De Leon off waivers from the Houston

LA Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw on catcher A.J. Ellis: "I don't know what I'm going to do if he's not back."

Houston has declined the $3 million club option for Matt Albers, making him a free-agent . – RHRP – 2014: 8-G, 10.0-IP, 0.90, 31-yrs. Old

The speculation in Los Angeles is that the Dodgers will offer free agency 3B Hanley Ramirez a one-year deal at around $15mil. There plans are to turn over shortstop to their super prospect Corey Seager in 2016.

 There is some developing chatter that the Dodgers may make OF Yasiel Puig available in an off-season trade. None of this talk is based on his talent. It simply may be a fact in life that the Bums will not be able to find anyone to deal off one of their bloated outfield contracts (Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford, Andre Eithier) and Puig is continuing to be a prima-donna pain in the ass. Let’s also not forget they have both Scott Van Slyke and Joc Pederson in the wings.

Could the Mets be a trade partner here?

Actually, no. First of all, it would take a package that included BOTH Zack Wheeler and Noah Syndergaard, but the real reason is he becomes arbitration eligible next year and he’s already projected to be paid $6.2mil next season and as high as $16mil by 2018.


Justin M. said...

Puig is definitely intriguing. Would send Wheeler + a not Syndergaard prospect for him. His contract is really reasonable. He is signed - no need to worry about ARB raises. $6.2M for '15, $7.2M for '16, $8.2M for '17, $9.2M for '18.

Steve from Norfolk said...

Let's say we pick up one of Arizona's shortstops. What do we do with Flores? Trade him, teach him some 1B and make him a supersub, use him at 2B and trade Herrera, or make him the new manager (we've done everything else with him). I think Flores has earned a place on this team, it's just a question of getting him enough at bats. I like the idea of going after one of the Dodgers' young OF's. Scott Van Slyke wouldn't disappoint me, although I'd like to try to get Pedersen and see just how bad they want pitching. I'd give them one of Syndegaard or Wheeler, but never both. It would be painful, but I'd do it. Puig is so tempting, but he is just going to be to expensive for us. Please, Lord, don't let the Nats pick him up!

Steve from Norfolk said...

Justin, I was writing when you posted. I didn't realize Puig was signed. All right, he's affordable. Think Freddy Wilpon, the guy that traded Dykstra because of his image, will put up with Puig's antics? How bad does he want to win?

Thomas Brennan said...

Hot stoves can get mighty hot...the need is to not get burned. I'm looking forward to what the Mets do pull off.

Mack Ade said...

Steve -

I never worry about what I would be left with (Flores) if there was an upgrade. My problem is I'm not sure any of the Arizona shortstops ARE an upgrade... I just wish we had a chance to play Flores for an entire year and then see

Anonymous said...

I really believe we should just watch and see what Sandy does? He has done a good job on most trades,i believe except the Pagan trade?
Personally I could see him making no trades! But I could see him signing a Rios for 7 million on a 1 year deal. I don't believe Sandy is willing to give up the players the Cubs or D-Backs or Dodgers would want.
But I do look forward to reading everyones comments.
Western NY Steve

Reese Kaplan said...

Owings is a bit of an upgrade in that he has speed, high batting average and plays an acceptable level of defense. He could slide in at leadoff and solve that problem.

That being said, I would really like to see what Flores could do with 500 steady ABs in the middle of the order (and not just because it would make Terry Collins' head explode).

Mack Ade said...

Reese, everyone -

A little more on my opinion on the Arizona shortstops.

The only one I would go after is Owings. I think potentially he has a higher ceiling than Flores.

Mack Ade said...

Anonymous Steve (is that a double negative?)

I actually agree with you but what would happen if no one had an opinion here?

Seriously, we all need the Hot Stove season to start, don't?

Thomas Brennan said...

Chef Mack has broken out the charcoal, and the hot stove is startin' to cook! I am looking forward to all the courses!

Steve from Norfolk said...


I agree about Flores - I believe he's earned his shot. Just throwing some mesquite on the coals, to steal Thomas' metaphor.

Bill Metsiac said...

The only problem I'd have with Flores at SS and dD in a corner OF spot (preferably RF, with Grandy in LF) with a RH platoon partner is that we'd have to listen to the screams of the"cheap cheap" crowd all year.

Spending money just to make a splash is ridiculous.

For a 1-year deal I'd go after Cuddyer, Rios or Gomes, in that order. And I'd see if we can sign Drew cheap. Low risk, potential high reward.

Mack Ade said...

Bill -

Nothing against any of these players, but I just get sick and tired of trying to field a decent team only with 'pieces'.

I yearn for the old days... sign a killer SS (like Hardy) and RFer, move Grandy over to left, your team salry is still under 100mil and you're ready for a run for the roses...

Reese Kaplan said...

The Mets fans have been clamoring for the team to develop a bat. Finally they have have one in Wilmer Flores and people want to run him out of town. If we had a real manager he would have been given a shot much earlier in the season when it was clear Ruben Tejada was, well, Ruben Tejada. However, as he did get the chance to play regularly his hitting started to improve...imagine that!

If you're going to sink money into an offensive investment, it should be for a corner outfielder.

Bill Metsiac said...

Mack, you misread me. I'm only looking for "decent pieces" short-term, so we can see what the kids we've been anticipating can do.

I've actually come around to agreeing with Reese that Flores deserves a shot, which is why I'd only look for someone like Drew (who a year ago was considered worth a multi-year deal)to add.

And I'd like to see what dD can do, based on his record since his mid-season recall, while giving Nimmforto a year to show us what they can do at the AAA level. This is why I'm only looking for a complementary 1-year RH veteran to share RF.

We talk about trading our prospects for someone else's, but what makes theirs better? Yes, we hear about Pederson, Russell, et al, but they're no better that what we've got.

Yes, if we could get a TOP Tier bat for one or more of our stud pitchers, I'd go for it. But the Stantons and Trouts aren't coming here.Let's give OUR kids the shot instead of someone else's.

Reese Kaplan said...

Your backup to Flores should be Wilfredo Tovar, Matt Reynolds or, if you MUST, Ruben Tejada. Having a high priced FA like Stephen Drew just in case doesn't seem like a prudent use of slim resources.

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