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All of us here at Mack’s Mets attend a lot of sporting events, especially baseball games. It seems almost sacrilegious to attend one of these games without wearing a jersey of the team we are proud to be rooting for.

But it doesn’t stop there when it comes to sports apparel. There are men’s athletic wear, performance apparel, baseball pants for some of the younger members of our family, custom baseball jerseys, personalized baseball jerseys, just plain old blank baseball jerseys, and, of course, the home team baseball cap.

In the ‘old days’ you couldn’t get your hands on most of this stuff unless you want to the ballpark of your favorite team and bought something there; however, the invention of the Internet has changed all that.

Statistica (http://www.statista.com/topics/961/sporting-goods/) estimated in 2014 that there was ‘more than 63 billion US dollars spent in the sporting goods industry. And Capcredit (https://www.capcredit.com/how-much-americans-spend-on-sports-each-year/) estimated that Americans 16-years old or older spent more than $8 billion on sports logo apparel. Statistica also estimates that American parents spend around $300 million every year just to register their kids in sporting programs. Trust me, where there is sports registration, there will always be sports apparel purchasing to follow.

A perfect example of this is Majestic Apparel.  Majestic Apparel is an on-field partner of Major League Baseball, producing official game jerseys and workout gear for major league teams. They are known for producing quality sports apparel for Professional & Collegiate sports teams and their fans. In addition, they also offer a full line of workout apparel for men and boys.

The world, or at least the one around me, is sports crazy. All I see are caps, jerseys, license plate holders, and decals on windshields representing either the schools people have graduated from or teams they root for.

I also find the purchasing of sports related gift items one of the safest roads to travel. My daughter is a graduate of Clemson University and, if I’m not sure what to buy here, there’s always something with the official Tigers’ logo on it that will make her happy.

So, do me a favor. Go visit the web site of Majestic Apparel and check out all the great stuff they have their, especially what is Mets related


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