Tom Brennan – Mets Minors – WHO’S HOT, WHO’S NOT


Tom Brennan – Mets Minors – WHO’S HOT, WHO’S NOT 

Draft has just happened, now followed by a frenzy of activity to sign, and assign, newbies to rookie leagues, which start shortly. 

Pretty soon, there will be whole new batch of guys to evaluate as to who's hot, who's not.  WHOO-HOO! 

For now, we still have our gents in AAA, AA, HI A, and A ball to rate. 


From a team perspective, W-L records of the 4 teams hover near .500.   

Las Vegas was a house on fire early, but has sputtered mightily due to numerous call ups contributing to a huge lapse in offense, and 3 really struggling starters (Bowman, Gorski, and Pill). 

At the other extreme, Savannah sputtered to a 7-16 start. Followed by a 25-11 storm surge, as hitting and starting and relief pitching all clicked. 
Another factor in the relatively high number of losses for the 4 teams has been the losses aided and abetted by rehabbers Vic Black and Bobby Parnell.  Both thankfully have been shaping up finally.  

The overall win-loss records to me understate the quality and quantity of very good players percolating upward. 
Individually, who's hot remains pretty consistent.  Lots of guys in fact have done very well. 

Here are my thoughts right now: 


Starters Steve Matz, Casey Meisner, Robert Gsellman, and Brad Wieck have been terrific.   

Relievers Akeel Morris, Dave Roseboom, and Paul Sewald have been superb. 


Hitters who have excelled have been Michael Conforto, Jeff McNeil, Gavin Cecchini, Dominic Smith, Travis Taijeron, Wuilmer Becerra, Eudor Garcia, Johnny Monell, and Matt Reynolds.  A few have had prolonged slumps along the way, but been brilliant at other times. 

Up-and-comers doing almost as well include Amed Rosario and Luis Guillorme, Rob Whelan, and Rainy Lara. 

That gets me to 20. I could easily add some more (like Kelly Secrest and injured Brandon Nimmo, and Jonathan Johnson is ready to bump into the top 20), but I will stop there. 

Highlights, season to date: 

·       Homers: Alex Castellanos 11 (Travis Taijeron, Josh Rodriguez 10)

·       Extra Baggers: Castellanos 29 (Michael Conforto, Wuilmer Becerra 26)

·       Doubles: Matt Reynolds 21 (Dominic Smith 20)

·       Triples: John Mora 5

·       RBIs: Castellanos 38 (50 games); Reynolds 37 (58 games)

·       BA: Dilson Herrera .376 (Johnny Monell .370)

·       K's (offense): Champ Stuart 79 (47 games)

·       Steals: Wilfredo Tovar: 14 of 19 (46 games)  Yep. Tovar, speedster. (Champ Stuart is 14 of 15, to go with the gazillion strikeouts – an enigma). 

·       ERA - starter: Casey Meisner 1.82 (Steve Matz 1.94)

·       ERA - reliever: Akeel Morris 1.50 (Paul Sewald 1.73)

·       K's: Matz 75 in 74 IP; Brad Wieck 74 in 56 IP

·       K's reliever: Morris 43 (30 IP)

·       Saves: Morris 12, Sewald 9 

I dunno, is it just me, or does Akeel Morris’ name seem to pop up a lot?

Thoughts?  Have a great day.


Reese Kaplan said...

Hmmn...there's a catcher in AAA suitable for a backup role hitting .370 and one in the majors hitting around .170. The one in AAA is a lefty which would allow you to start against particularly tough righties to give the starting catcher a break.

Oh, who are we kidding? He got a shot to get splinters from sitting on the bench once before and was declared a failure after a whopping 16 ABs. Meanwhile, Anthony Recker collects a paycheck for inexplicable reasons.

Richard Jones said...

Campbell has a .440 average in Vegas
Ceciliani has a .336
Lets have some common sense when adding Vegas stats to a conversation. Campbell proved it's easier to hit .440 when playing everyday in Vegas than it is to hit .230 coming off the bench in Citi.
Now a stat to talk about in Vegas is a sub 2 ERA for Matz.

Thomas Brennan said...

Richard, assume your "AAA averages" point may be DIRECTED AT Reese's Monell point. It does seem AAA stats really overinflate the appearance of a guys ability.

However,Monell also really tore it up this spring, so he may have had a case of nerves. Happens - when Duda first came up, wasn't he something like 1-32? And Monell only K'd 4 times in his stint here - bad luck?

Doubt Recker hits .270, much less .370, in AAA.

Recker had his 2 homer game...and an Awful 1 RBI and about .125 in all others.

If Mets carry 3 catchers, I'd try Monell for lefty versatility. If just 2, I'd try Monell again. Recker can go.

Thomas Brennan said...

Dominic Smith practices his unearthly double production by going out on double dates on rain out nites like last night. And I see double every time I look at his stats.

Richard Jones said...

We ought to trade Monell for Trout or Harper. Make the trade to whatever team icludes the best secondary pieces. .370 hitting catcher don't come cheap.

Richard Jones said...

I would choose the backup catcher based off of things that don't show up in the box scores. How does he call a game. Are the starters comfortable pitching to him.
I think Plawecki goes back to AAA or to the DL tonight. I don't think they're going with 3 catchers.
I'm not against Monell but just his bat isn't a case that is going to convince me. If he can't call a game and pitchers don't like him behind the plate then he needs to develop that part of his game also. The amount of offense lost between a .250 hitting catcher vs. a .200 hitting catcher isn't very much when they're only getting 6 ABs a week. They're calling a game per week. That's about 200 pitches. Much more important than the 6 abs.

Mack Ade said...

Good morning all -

The Monell trade scenario was a joke, right.

I'm having a hard time concentrating on a position (backup catcher) that was made for someone to sit on the bench. As Chris Soto has pointed out, whoever is the chosen #2 catcher for the night is not coming off the bench to pinch hit. He must remain on the bench in case there is an injury to the catcher in the game.

It amazes me how much time is spent on this subject. My guess is most of you want Travis d'Arnaud in the game for the majority of the season. That means SOMEBODY else will be on the bench spitting out seed shells.

I think that Kevin Plawecki has hurt his immediate trade value because of the lack of BA and dizziness. A return to AAA where he can, first, pile on, and secondly, deal with his health problems, is probably the best decision here.

Regarding Monell and Recker, hitting .370 in the PCL doesn't translate to anything in the major leagues. I

My vote is for Recker because the pitchers love him.

Richard Jones said...

Yes Mack the Monell trade was a joke.
I agree with your post 100%. Pitchers loving Recker is much more important than the offense that will be gained with Monell. The offense would amount to 1 hit per month at best because of the lack of at bats.

Thomas Brennan said...

Where's Brandon Brosher when you need him?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know about a "mystery man" who seemingly has no background named Casey Delgado? He's pitched two excellent starts for Savannah, but when I looked up his history on MILB.com, all it says is that he's 25 (old for Savannah) and has no other MnL experience.Did he suddenly parachute from a Flying Saucer?

Mack Ade said...

Anonymous -

Delgado was signed recently by the Mets and set to Savannah. He came out of Indy ball and yes, he is too old for that level and probably has no future.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, funny that one our DSL teams had Luis Mateo pitch yesterday...a different one. Wonder if we'll ever see the other one again. Probably working out with Puello somewhere.

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