Mets Minor League Games - 6-7-15

Two bombs-away displays by Met opponents, and one terrific start in Gnat Land.

Minor League Player of The Night - Taijeron, Conforto, Wieck, all highly deserving.

Honorable Mention - Tomas Nido

AAA - El Paso (27-30)  15  -  Las Vegas (30-28)  8

    RHSP Matt Bowman -  4.0-IP, 10-H, 6-R, 1-K, 2-BB, 7.04 

    RF Travis Taijeron  -  2-5, 2-R, 2-HR (9), 4-RBI, .311

    LF Jayce Boyd  -  2-4, 2-R, double, .250

Bowman and especially Velasquez (with 8 runs in one inning) dished up a whole lot of ugly yesterday while pitching for the 51s.  Taijeron showing his long ball power.

AA - Reading (31-25)  14  -  Binghamton (27-29)  5

    RHSP Seth Lugo -  5.0-IP, 8-H, 9-R, 4-K, 3-BB, 3.62

    LF Michael Conforto  -  3-4, 1-R, 1-HR (1), 1-RBI, .429

    C Albert Cordero  -  2-4, 1-R, 1-RBI, .203

Lugo put up an ugly start, but Conforto generates Met fan enthusiasm with the bat.  Adam Kolarek is back to being awful.
A+ - St. Lucie -    no game scheduled. Sunday off midseason? Nice for them.  

A - Savannah (30-27) 3  -  Greenville (31-26) 1

    LHSP Brad Wieck -  7.0-IP, 8-H, 1-R, 10-K, 1-BB, .321

    C Tomas Nido  -  2-3, triple, 2-RBI, triple

    2B Jonathan Johnson  -  2-4, double, .324

Wieck has them hanging K cards again.  Nido and Johnson continue to pleasntly surprise.

Rookie - DSL 1  -  no game scheduled

Rookie - DSL 2 -   no game scheduled

GOATS: Bowman, Velasquez, Lugo for allowing 23 runs in 10 tough innings.


Thomas Brennan said...

Boy, Conforto has gotten off to a terrific start in AA: 12 for 28, 6 hits for extra bases, 7 Walks. Keep that sort of stuff up and maybe he gets to Vegas before too long.

Adam Kolarek's ERA in 2014 and 2015 is almost 6.50. 69 runs in 85 innings.

Matt Bowman's #'s are really bad (ERA OVER 7, WHIP of 1.73, only 28 Ks in 55 innings). Have to wonder if he is pitching healthy. When he got promoted to AAA last year, he has something like 6 starts and only the last one was bad.

Anonymous said...

Conforto needs to play in the MLB this year. He's the best-hitting outfielder in the Mets system, including Flushing. Yes, that might mean a little extra rest for our 36- and 37-year-old outfielders -- and the strengthening of the team's bench.

I never considered Bowman a real prospect. Saw him a number of years ago.

This players in the system are now almost completely Sandy Alderson's (except for Matz, most notably). So you look around and ask, "Where are the future stars? Where are the difference-makers? Where are the pitchers? Why is every team in a system floundering around at a .500 percentage?

I've never cared much about winning in the minors; it's more important, I think, to produce some top-tier excellence than it is to build overall depth. But I am so and tired of the excepted truth that Sandy Alderson has done some extraordinary job "building" the farm system. He hasn't. It's mediocre. The top guys were inherited, or traded for. Conforto looks like he could be special, and I credit them for making a good pick in the first round last season. But is that really the measure of building a great system?

Look, it's not easy. But the coronation came way too early.

James Preller

greg b said...

If someone can find out but I had read the the player to be named later in the Alex Torres trade will be Brad Wieck. Hope its not true. Looks like he has a great arm

Thomas Brennan said...

Greg, Mack noted Wieck may be the player to be named later. That would be a tough loss.

Thomas Brennan said...

James, you make good points on drafting, but Nimmo, Smith and Cecchini may all turn out to be very solid picks. If you asked me about Cecchini this time last year, I'd say "bust." So he's looking more like a good pick now Too bad Nimmo hurt, so his progress slowed, and Mazzilli for his 50 gamer clouding his ultimate high end. 50 more games this year would have been very revealing in that regard. Meisner may be a great pick. I've learned not to get too hyped on what guys do in A ball, though.

And you may well be right on Conforto in MLB later this year. If he hits, why not.

bob gregory said...

I whole-heartedly agree.

But, Alderson is now here for all of his extended years.

Anonymous said...

I think there are guys in the system who will be good ML players, no doubt. But that's true of every minor league system. Rosario, the SS, is probably the position player I'm most hopeful about. Herrera, too.

It's important for teams to have solid ballplayers, but that can't be all you have. Guys like Plawecki and Cecchini and Nimmo should be good pros. A great team, however, needs great players.

I'm not trashing every player down there by any means. Just that I'm not seeing an exciting explosion of talent in the system. The next wave of pitching does not seem to exist. Who are the guys we can trade away?

James Preller

Thomas Brennan said...

Good points again, James. Mets, for instance, passed on Gallo in 2012 draft. Afraid to risk going for a big power, big K guy? Seems a huge mistake. 113 homers in 1177 minor league at bats, and only 21. Already called up.

IBfromWhitePlains said...

They fast tracked Herrera last year. Maybe Comforto's next. I'm
anxious to see the kid play.

Michael S. said...

Trading for players IS part of building the system. If you rely just on drafting you'll be waiting a long time to even be able to evaluate.

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