The Morning Report 6.8.2015 | Mets STILL in 1st...How?, Reinforcements Coming this Week, D'Aloia Scouts Twins v. Brewers...Trade Rumors.


Mike Vorkunov | NJ Advance Media As of June 6, only the Rangers have lost more games to players on the disabled list than the Mets. The Mets have had 13 players go on the disabled list this season and just one player come off. That's Dillon Gee and he's now a reliever after the six-man rotation has been scrapped. Their offense has scored the fourth-fewest runs in the National League. Of course, it's tough when Wright, d'Arnaud and now Daniel Murphy are all on the disabled list.

And yet, the Mets wake up Monday in first place.

(Chris Soto: Let that sink in for a moment. The Mets have been rolling with a skeleton crew for almost 2 months now....and they are STILL in 1st place. Does a trade need to be made? Absolutely...but should the Mets be frantically making a move just for the sake of making a move? Heck no... They are still able to afford to wait out the market, see what's available while waiting for reinforcements to arrive. They've made it this far....and guys start coming back beginning this week.)

Barry Bloom | Mets.com- Help seems to be on the way. Rehabbing reliever Bobby Parnell and catcher Travis d'Arnaud could both be back by the end of the [home] stand, manager Terry Collins acknowledged. "I think we're pretty close with Bobby," Collins said. "I think he'll have one more rehab outing [AA] before he gets here." About d'Arnaud, Collins said he expected the catcher to join infielder Dilson Herrera at Triple-A Las Vegas on Monday. "I want them to get some consistent playing time so I think they're headed to Vegas today to get some at-bats there," Collins said. "I hope [d'Arnaud] will be back by the end of next week as well."

(Chris Soto: Like I said above....this is just the beginning. This week d'Arnaud and Parnell will be back, next week Vic Black and Dilson Herrera will be back, the week after you can expect Daniel Murphy and Jerry Blevins to also be ready as well. Fresh players reinforcing the team as we enter the middle of the summer months is going to have a massive positive impact on the team.)

Joe D. | Metsmerized Online- The Mets director of pro scouting, Jim D’Aloia, was in Minnesota on Friday night presumably to scout the Milwaukee Brewers. Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports says that the Mets and Brewers have not talked in several weeks, but that Milwaukee could have two possible fits for the Mets; third baseman Aramis Ramirez and shortstop Jean Segura. Ramirez is the more practical fit says Rosenthal, and not only would he be the easiest to acquire, but he no longer has any trade protection because he plans to retire at the end of the season.

Chris Soto: Ok....I have a ton to say about this....

     I don't think Aramis Ramirez would actually be a very good fit for the team. While he does has a nice low K rate, defensively he is not the same player he used to be. Over the past 5 seasons, On average he has been worth -9 Defensive Runs Scored. That combined with his declining Line Drive Rate and Hard Hit Contact Rates tell me that he's pretty much done. 

     Segura on the other hand would be a decent, albeit not perfect, fit. He makes all the routine plays and has much needed speed, but his low OBP would only fit at the back of the line-up. However it allows Flores to slide over to 3B where he is much better defensively and still provides strong offensive value in comparison to the rest of the league. 

   In my opinion, do not be surprised if D'Aloia was also scouting Twins 3B Trevor Plouffe. Yes...they are in 1st place...but every talent evaluator will tell you that they don't know how. The Twins cannot hold off the vastly superior Royals, Tigers, or Indians for much longer. In addition their 2nd top prospect Miguel Sano is absolutely crushing AA pitching to the tune of a .850 OPS. With so many top prospects being called up this year, we may already have passed the Super 2 deadline so the Twins could call up Sano to replace Plouffe in the line-up and add more firepower.


Thomas Brennan said...

I hope Parnell is recalled only when/if he is deemed better than someone else in pen. His rehab work has been awful, mostly. We're fine in the pen without him right now.

It was interesting Alderson was very rough on Mejia. No guarantees.

Michael S. said...

Milwaukee can keep Ramirez and Segura.

Ernest Dove said...

Yeah regarding the trade rumors. ...........
Why obtain a .200 hitting guy on his personal farewell your? And then what happens when murph and Herrera are both healthy at same time? Do they demote Herrera and go back to Murph and his below average D at second?

Christopher Soto said...


Unfortunately the Mets will have no choice in the matter regarding Parnell.

MLB rules state that a rehab assignment cannot last more than 30 days....Parnell's 30th day is June 14th. Black's date is the 17th i think.

Mack Ade said...

Morning all -

On my way to the Charleston VA hospital to see some doctors on pain management.

I've got 2 posts coming up... my thoughts at 10am and this week's wild card match-ups at noon.

I'l be back in time to tract the first round of the draft and will post up tomorrow some of the guys that might be available when the Mets pick with their first pick.

Mack Ade said...

Chris -

I was surprised that Parnell is being considered t come back this week. I don't fully understand the rehab rule. Can't he start a whole new DL time period? He did stick out there.

Mack Ade said...

To all -

I agree about not trading for old men you may not need in two weeks and I write about it at 10am.

This team has the players on the current team that can pull them out of this period... Duda... Cuddyer... Flores... Granderson... Lagares... all they have to do is step up (like last night) and string together some hits (or hit 4 HRs in one game) and there will be more victories with this pitching staff.

Add d'Arnaud Herrera and Murphy in 2 or less week and you have 8 viable bats

Thomas Brennan said...

I agree with Mack on the bats, with Herrera and d'Arnaud returning, and most likely Murphy in 10 days. I'd wait it out and see what they do offensively. May be enough there.

Chris if Parnell is still pitching like this come June 14, and it looks like he won't be himself indefinitely, release or trade him if he cannot be put back on DL?

eraff said...

Famiglia has 26 appearances in 58 Games--- 27.2 innings. Some "laughers" would help...this is too much usage for a Closer. Good starting pitching saves Bullpens--a little more offense would protect the closer from over-use.

Anthony Carnacchio said...

Idc, should be looking at Gomez and Braun

Reese Kaplan said...

Trevor Plouffe is an under-the-radar type of player who would not necessarily be a bad fit but I wonder a bit about his game. A few years ago he hit 24 HRs unexpectedly and it appeared there was another low average slugger being developed (in the mold of Curtis Granderson). Unfortunately as his plate discipline increased, his power decreased and he's posted back to back 14 HR years. This year he's showing a little more power.

If it didn't cost much -- say Dillon Gee straight up -- I'd do it. The salaries are about a wash. Even if you get Wright and Murphy back, he's a much better bench player than Eric Campbell or Ruben Tejada.

Christopher Soto said...


The rehab rule is pretty simple....A rehab Assignment must be completed 30 days after its initial start date at which time the player must be activated from the Disabled List. I doubt the MLB would allow the mets to put him back on the 15 Day DL with no new injury to speak of and any changes to the rehab timeline. In addition, any move involving the rehab requires player consent so Parnell may just say screw it I want back on the team.


The simple solution would be to use 1 or Parnell's remaining 2 options to re-assign him to AA Binghamton....However....since Parnell has 5+ years of service time he can refuse that option assignment if he wants.

What I think is going to have to happen is....

While he has been pitching well, The club has been using Erik Goeddel solely in low leverage situations. His average Leverage Index is a measly .523 (1.000 means average pressure situations). I think the club will option Goeddel down to AAA and slot Parnell into that low leverage, limited usage roll until he gets his footing underneath him.

Christopher Soto said...

For what it's worth...I think the club needs to stop dicking around in regards to Dillon Gee. He has all 3 options remaining and cannot refuse an optional assignment. If your so concerned about SP depth....send his ass to AAA Las Vegas and let him steam himself out down there.

ZachBoyer said...

My respect for Gee has fallen as precipitously as his "trade value" apparently has. I was surprised by his comments. I didn't think he was like that.

Thomas Brennan said...

I missed Gee's comments, so I can't comment there, but he should count his blessings. I've written this before, he had a 4.96 ERA in his last full season in AAA in Buffalo, not hitting paradise Vegas. The Mets were weak in pitching at the right time for him, he got a shot and made the most of it.

Steve Matz is stuck right now in the minors, but appears right now to be a better pitcher than Gee will ever be. If Gee were still in the minors now, maybe he gets a bullpen slot, or maybe he gets stuck for a long time in AAA. Count your blessings, Dillon.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree on Plouffe.
But here are my choices
Frazier CINN
Lawrie OAK
Plouffe MINN
then OF
Braun or Gomez MILW

Christopher Soto said...


I would love to get my hands on Frazier...but that's a tree you only bark up if it is determined that Wright is out long term, aka multi year. That said...I don't think the Reds are going to trade him since he is team under team cost control for another 2 years.

Mack Ade said...

I have to continue to ask all of you...

who are the Mets going to trade to get players like this and where are you going to play them?

Remember, it does take two to tango and the Mets just can't force a team to trade a blue chip for someone that can't even make the 'A Team' here.

Mack Ade said...

The only hope for the Mets when it comes to adding players are when teams are ready to dump salary.

No one is really ready yet.

ZachBoyer said...


I commented this a couple days ago: Rosario, Montero, and Conforto for Frazier.

Start with that package. Don't give up Matz & Noah.

Also I hear they're moving Devin Mesoraco to LF. That would make Plawecki a good chip as well. But even without Plawecki, that's 3 top-100 prospects. The Reds have 2 top-100 prospects TOTAL.

If they're not ready to sell, wait until they are. But why would that be out of the realm of possibility?

Mack Ade said...

Zach -

Why would you draft someone like Conforto with the 10th pick overall, and then trade him, what 1 1/2 years later?

What kind of statement are you making to the other players in your system?

I guess this is the kind of trade a team with no stars ready to come back from the DL and currently sitting in 4th place... err... wait...

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