2nd Round - Pick #53 - OF Desmond Lindsay - UPDATED

OF Desmond Lindsay
Out-of-Door Academy (FL)
6'0/200, 1/15/97

Baseball America - 

Lindsay played well last summer, earning MVP honors at the Perfect Game 17U WWBA, and then helped the EvoShield Canes win the WWBA World Championship last fall. His spring wasn’t as productive, however, as he was limited to just seven games by a hamstring injury. When he’s healthy, Lindsay, a North Carolina commit, offers an enticing combination of power, speed and athleticism. He has fast hands and produces good bat speed, enabling him to drive the ball with ease. His approach is geared toward hitting the ball up the middle or going the other way, sometimes to the detriment of his power, which works best when he turns on the ball. Listed at 6-foot, 200 pounds, Lindsay is well built and is a plus runner. That gives him a chance to play center field, though he doesn’t have much outfield experience and would need time to learn the position. He primarily played third base in high school, but his arm strength is average at best and left him without a clear defensive home. Lindsay has enough offensive potential to play left field or first base, but it would greatly help his profile if he can develop into a capable center fielder.

@Mike_Vorkunov: Tanous says Lindsay missed a month because he pulled a hamstring then came back and hurt it again.

‏@Mike_Vorkunov: DePodesta says Lindsay may have as much upside as any 2nd round pick Alderson regime has made. (Mazzoni, Matt Reynolds headline that group)

Lindsay, who bats and throws righty, has been listed as an infielder in some places. Tanuos said Lindsay played multiple positions to accommodate travel teams, but is a center fielder.

Tanous said the Mets scouted Lindsay "extensively over the last couple of years." That included Lindsay playing in a showcase hosted by the Mets at Citi Field.

"This is an athlete that probably has a 'plus, plus' run tool for us. He's one of the faster kids in the draft," Tanous said. "Although he's a fairly strong kid, this is a kid that can run, has a lot of versatility."

Said DePodesta: "The last few drafts we kind of looked for offensive players who we thought were hitters first, who had power potential. We think he certainly fits that mold. But then he also has the speed on top of it. Of the players we've taken with our first pick in each of the last four drafts, he is certainly a more dynamic runner than any of those guys that we've taken. But we really like the hitter first."


Michael S. said...

Whatever...I'm guessing out scouts know what they're doing but this seems like an attempt to "outsmart" the pick.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick thing after looking around about stuff about the kid, but honestly seems like he's well received by most other than the draft day crew today and the MLB list, Law apparently had the kid 72nd on his last, BA had him at 102 I believe I saw. So does seem like the kid does have some fans around the bigger names in the business. Also just finished watching a video on him, maybe it's just me and it being so late at night but the kid seems to have amazing bat speed, maybe Mack or one of the guys can give a better opinion on that than me in their writeups tomorrow. Also from what I read from what Mack posted and other reports the kid has the potential to fit offensively as a LF or 1B, yet with some development might be able to stay in CF. Getting LF/1B offensive numbers from a guy who can be capable of plating CF sounds like a really interesting prospect to keep your eyes on to me.

Michi L. said...

Think its time to respect the Mets scouts. They did an amazing job the last few drafts and maybe Limdsay is a real steal

Charles said...

I think this is a classic high upside pick that they can easily sign under slot and save a few hundred grand. Thus, allowing them to spread some more money around in a draft where they had the smallest allotment of money to spend.

Signing Cuddyer might've been a mistake, but it's still too early to tell. Without the first rounder, and the money that came with it, this was a smart play. It allows them to pick a few more high upside guys and sway them into pro ball.

I like the pick. In 3 years this guy could very well be a first rounder if he went to college. Hopefully, there's a few high ceiling pitchers on the way too.

Lord knows we'll need to keep the system filled with talent as long as the team struggles to maintain a respectable payroll. Cheap talent will be needed, so the Mets must keep the lines moving in their system, constantly feeding the ml club with good ml minimum players.

Ernest Dove said...

The MLB draft will always be the strangest most unpredictable draft in all of professional sports.
Too many additional factors to consider when choosing the right player, including the fact that EVERY high school and college junior can simply say 'no thanks' and thus pick is officially wasted for the year.
Maybe Lindsay has power/speed combo. But whats more importAnt is his talent/signability combo.

Thomas Brennan said...

I like the pick. We'll see how it pans out. I took a look back thru Mets first round picks after Doc Gooden thru the Harvey pick. A lot of busts.

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