Tom Brennan – SIGNS OF LIFE


Tom Brennan – SIGNS OF LIFE 

Coming back home and the cavalry appears to be just over the hill.  
Can the times of struggle be easing up for these Mets? 

An old church tune starts out “Count your blessings, name them one by one.” 
Let’s list down several reasons why good times for the Mets may lay just ahead: 

1. Starters, led by deGrom, Harvey, and Colon, are doing well. 

2. Steve Matz debut hopefully close at hand, should boost rotation. 

3. The pen remains strong, with Black likely soon to be back. 

4. Gee in the pen should further strengthen it. (Parnell? Dunno.) 

5. Lagares has returned to hitting.  Welcome back. 

6. Grandy is banging out a bunch of long balls finally. 

7. d'Arnaud and Herrera back soon.  Bats are welcome. 

8. Signs of life from Mayberry Jr. 

9. Murphy injury could've been worse. Just 2 weeks?  Hope so. 

10. Flores a possible 30 homer guy?  Not so far-fetched. 

11. Duda hungry for home cooking.  He’s due. 

12. Cuddyer has improved offensively.  Why stop now? 

13. Nats ain’t so bad, to quote Rocky Balboa. 

14. Campbell and Ceciliani both reached .200 Sunday – ahh, progress. 

15.  Mets have 52 homers in 58 games – without Wright/d'Arnaud. Not shabby. 

16.  Plawecki bat waking up, hopefully making case to stay when Travis returns. 

17.  Ruben Tejada has had a rebirth.  Hopefully it lasts. 

I could go on, but let’s stop there.  What do you think, folks?


Mack Ade said...

Tom -

It could be a lot worse...

Thomas Brennan said...

Season's in the past, with this much adversity, we'd be 24-34. Harvey and deGrom (and Colon) have been a backbone for this team. Familia too.

Anonymous said...

I know the focus of your post was on the major league club, but if you are looking at the overall organization, you have to be excited that the Farm talent on the come has for the most part exceeded preseason expectations. Cheech has broken out with the bat, Conforto is peeling through the farm, Smith's bat has woken up in a big way, Rosario has stood up to the aggressive assignment, Becerra has flashed in a big way at 20, Nimmo was catching before getting hurt, but should return shortly and there have been a few arm flashes in A ball.

I was hoping that a lot would go right on the big league squad to get where they are now, but just about everything has gone wrong and they from a standings point of view exactly where I had hoped. Combine that with offensive potential on the rise. all things considered with the injuries, I am still pretty hopeful for this team
Anon Joe F

eraff said...

This season will hinge on the willingness of Management.

This team has two Pitchers capable of 7-9 innings of shut down baseball against good playoff lineups--DeGrom and Harvey. They appear to have a late inning Killer in J Familia. That's the starting point for winning a World Series, whether you win your division or squeak in on a WCard.

This demands good decision making and ACTION!....they don;t need to be made quickly, but you can't claim a lack of available players---at some point you pull the trigger and pay the price for WHATEVER you need---these chances are precious and they are not durable over several years.

It's there to get...go get it!!!

ZachBoyer said...


You don't think Colon and Noah (him having a little more experience by season's end) can shut down a playoff team? I do. At least I don't see why not.

And I proposed including Conforto in a trade for Todd Frazier? Would you do that?

Thomas Brennan said...

Great guys in minors. Matz will also be a factor in playoffs. Heard here first. Gotta run!

eraff said...


The "Two Big Pitchers" model for playoff success has been proven over the past several years---I was voicing my opinion that those pieces are in place...along with a Kill Shot Closer.

As for Syndergaard and Colon being on that level...No...I don't see that, although I'm hopeful they could compete---they would need to compete.

As for Colon for Frazier--- Please tell me why Cinci is Trading Frazier. Establishing THAT, then tell me why they would want an OLD Pitcher in the last year of his contract for their non-contending team.

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