OF Desmond Lindsay  -  (???)                               


11:20pm - BTW...best player left on the board... catcher Chris Betts

11:19pm - 3 picks to go!

11:14pm -  BTW... after the Mets pick, I will go and gather some info on the Mets pick and post it as a new post

11:13pm 5 more picks to go and a lot of my guys are still on the board...

11:06 - Cubs pick OF Donie Dewees

11:09 - Eshelman goes at 45th pick to Houston

11:04 - There goes Alex Young to Arizona as the 43rd pick

11:00pm - Catcher Chris Betts still on the board... other names  still like...Matuella... LHP Alex Young... OF Demi Orimoloye... LHP Juan Hillman... RHP Thomas Eshelman... LHP Andrew Suarez... RHP Jacob Nix 

10:56pm - going to stop breaking out each pick and now just concentrate on my thoughts about the possible Mets pick coming up

10:56 pm - 41st pick to Atlanta - 3B Austin Riley 

10:54pm - 40th pick to Milwaukee - LHP Nathan Kirby 

10:53pm - 39th pick - St. Louis - RHP Jake Woodford

10:51pm - the 38th pick to Rockies - 3B Tyler Nevin

10:49pm - there goes Daz Cameron to Houston at the 37th pick

10:47 - I'm back

10:28pm -  For what it's worth... there was very little power in this draft and most of it is gone after 34 picks.  It may serve the Mets much better to 'go pitcher' here. 

    Mike Matuella could be an interesting pick after his injury issue... could be very sign-able with a limited bonus

    Also, high school pitchers like RHP Austin Smith, Bryce Denton, Tristan Beck, Cole Sands,and Donny Everett.

10:20pm - 33 picks done

    some names still out there... Daz Cameron... top catcher in draft, Chris Betts... injured RHP Mike Matuella... LHP Nate Kirby... big time starter and Boris client  Kyle Funkhouser... and my guy, OF Demi Orimoloye

10:03pm - I thought I'd check in and bring you up to date on OF Daz Cameron. Word is that he's asking for a $5mil signing bonus, something the Mets simply doesn't have in their bonus poolthis year... sorry guys. Could go next pick (30th) to the Yankees.

9:09pm - Okay, that's the top 20 picks... I'm going to take a break and I'll be back at the 40th pick to continue this process...

9:06pm - 20th pick overall - Oakland picks SS Richie Martin 

9:01pm - 19th overall - the Pirates picked SS Kevin Newman

8:59pm - OF Daz Cameron keeps dropping, not picked in the first 18 picks

8:51pm -  18th pick overall - San Francisco picks RHP Phil Bickford  

8:49pm - 17th pick overall - Cleveland picks LHP Brady Aiken  - wow... 

8:43pm -  16th pick overall - the NY Yankees pick RHP J J Kaprielian 

8:38pm - 15th pick overall to Milwaukee - OF Trent Clark  

8:34pm - 14th pick overall to Atlanta - LHP Kolby Allard

8:34pm - IMO, a very strange draft so far... only 3 pitchers chosen in the first 14 picks

8:26pm - 13th pick overall - Tampa Bay picked OF Garrett Whitley (true center fielder) 

       4 outfielders gone how in the first 13 picks 

8:21pm - 12th pick overall, Miami picks 1B Josh Naylor (???)

    Fangraphs had him 75th overall

    Baseball America ranked him as the 3rd top first baseman

    The Naylor pick means, to me, one more good player that will still be left on the board when the Mets turn comes up

8:15pm - 11th pick overall - Cincinnati picks C Tyler Stephenson 

8:13pm - Fangraphs had 10 for 10 for the first 10 picks in the draft

8:11pm - 10th pick overall - Phillies pick SS Cornelius Randolph (4th SS in 10 picks)

8:07pm - 9th pick overall - Chicago Cubs pick OF Ian Happ 

                         (third outfielder picked... ugh)

8:01pm - 8th pick - Chicago White Sox pick Vanderbilt's RHP Carson Fulmer

7:54pm - 7th pick, Boston picks OF Andrew Benintendi 

7:48pm - Minnesota picks with the 6th overall pick - LHP Tyler Jay 

7:43pm - #5 overall pick - Astros pick OF Kyle Tucker

7:40pm (1B Dominic Smith just hit his 2nd home run of the season)

7:37pm - - #4 overall pick - Texas picks RHP Dillon Tate

7:32pm - This is the first time in the history of the draft that three shortstops were picked 1-2-3 in the draft

7:30pm  - #3 overall pick - Colorado picks SS Brendon Rodgers 

7:24pm - #2 Pick - Houston picks LSU SS Alex Bregman

7:20pm - Arizona  chooses Vanderbilt SS Dansby Swanson

6:00pm  -  A lof of people believe that the Mets will once again 'go outfied' with their first pick later tonight. This could be true and I wanted to give you a quick peak at the top 20 outfielders in this draft. 

1.  Daz Cameron - Eagle's Landing Christian School (GA.)
2.  Garrett Whitley - Niyuska H.S. (NY) - #13 - Tampa Bay 
3.  Kyle Tucker - Plant H.S. (FL) - picks #5 by Houston
4.  Andrew Benintendi - Arkansas - pick #7 - Boston
5.  Trenton Clark - Richland Hills H.S. (TX) - 15th overall to Milwaukee
6.  Nick Plummer - Brother Rice H.S. (MI) - 23rd pick - St. Louis
7.  Ian Happ - Cincinnati - #9 - Cubs
8.  D.J. Stewart - Florida State - 25th pick to Orioles
9.  Demi Orimoloye - St. Mathews H.S. (ONT)
10.  Eric Jenkins - West Columbus H.S. (NC) - 45th pick - Texas
11.  Michael Hansen - Stanford 
12.  Joe McCarthy - Virginia
13.  Donnie Dewees - North Florida - 47th pick 
14.  Jahmai Jones - North Carolina
15.  Christin Stewart - Tennessee  - 34th by Detroit
16.  Harrison Bader - Florida
17.  Rhett Wiseman - Vanderbilt
18.  Kep Brown - Wando H.S. (SC)
19.  Casey Hughston - Alabama
20.  Skye Bolt - UNC

5:49pm  -  Well, here we go. The first two rounds of the 2015 draft are tonight and the Mets first pick will be at #53.

I know a lot of you aren't as excited about the draft this year because the Mets don't have a first round pick, but remember, the last time their first pick was in the 2nd round, it was 2009 and the Mets picked... with the 72nd overall  pick... pitcher Steven Matz.

True, there have been more talented drafts in the past, but there will be plenty of decent players available when the Mets make their pick tonight and we're post some history of the player as soon as the announcement is made.

I'm keeping this thread updated throughout the draft and I will follow it up tomorrow with what I feel are the top 5 players still left on the board when Day 2 begins on Tuesday.

Come join in folks... it's Draft Day 2015!!!


Ernest Dove said...

I say they try to score some more college bats in the draft. Despite all the recent injuries the pitching is still aplenty throughout the system right now.

Mack Ade said...

I'm hoping for OF Dem Orimoloye with the Mets first pick

Mack Ade said...

SS Dansby Swanson will be the first pick tonight

Ernest Dove said...

Hey Mack its not too late (or too early) to jump on the Dom Smith has power train and allow me an 'I told u so' to boot ;)

Thomas Brennan said...

Dah....mi...nic Suh...mith!!!

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

2 home runs is not a power hitter

Ernest Dove said...

Ok I'll wait till he hits his 10th this year before I mess with u again ;)

Michael S. said...

I'm hoping Kep Brown falls.

Mack Ade said...

Michael -

It's interesting that you bring up Brown. He probably will still be around when the Mets pick and, as you know, the Mets have a limited amount of money to bonus guys (last in the league).

He would be the perfect pick.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hey Mack, we'll start a chant for you...don't be a dummy...pick Demi.

Dom Smith hasn't rolled out the over the fence power much yet, but he hits doubles like nobody else. I'm waiting for him to up the trajectory a bit and balance out a lot of homers with a lot of doubles. I can wish at least.

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

I can't wait to be wrong here...

Michael S. said...

We could get lucky with that injury of his. Another power hitting RH in the organization would be great.

Michael S. said...

Keep hitting Dom, you'll make great trade bait once we get Duda extended.

Michael S. said...

He looks like he'll be a beast once he fills out.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

And... my pick for the second Mets pick is OF Skye Bolt

Thomas Brennan said...

Nobody in the draft with a name like Cycle Simpson? We already had den Double Dekker. That one didn't work out too good, hard as I tried :)

Richard Jones said...


Do you think there is any chance Brady Aiken is around when the Mets pick?

Richard Jones said...

The Indians answered that.

Mack Ade said...

Richard -

I had the Nats, who love to draft injured pitchers, take Aiken

Thomas Brennan said...

Back to Smith, who before the age of 20, in his last 26 games, has 20 extra base hits and 27 RBIs. I' m not trading him off any time soon.

Might seem like it, but I'm not obsessing, just that those are eye popping #s, so on draft nite, I think DS is looking like a good first round pick. To me. Possible future slugging star.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

I agree about Smith though I still question the projected power... we just have to wait and see, but he's a great baseball player

Anonymous said...

Glad to see a local kid, Whitely, go 13th overall.

Not a lot of first-rounders come out of the upstate NY area, especially tough for a position player.

Good luck, Garrett.

James Preller

Michael S. said...

Desmond Lindsay? Boo

Stephen Guilbert said...

First time since following the draft that I have absolutely no idea who the Mets #1 pick is.

Thomas Brennan said...

They needed someone to replace Lindsay Nelson? Hamstring issues, he'll fit right in.

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