The Morning Report 6.11.2015 | Matt Harvey Struggling, Mets/Brewers Trade Talks For Ramirez, Alex Guerrero Available?


Associated Press | CBS New YorkMatt Harvey has hit a major snag in his return from Tommy John surgery. Brandon Belt launched one of San Francisco’s three homers off a struggling Harvey, who gave up seven runs for the second time in four starts during the New York Mets’ 8-5 loss Wednesday night. “Everything was all over the place,” Harvey said. “I’m not putting people away when I need to. I’m not keeping people off base when I need to and obviously I’m not keeping the ball in the yard when I need to.”

(Chris Soto: Boy...Harvey is giving us plenty of reason to be seriously concerned. Over the past 18 IP he has given up a total of 18 ER. Harvey has always been know for being incredibly hard to hit a HR against and yet he's given up more jacks in his last 4 starts then anyone else in baseball. We know he likes to work up with his fastball but right that fastball doesn't seem to have the same explosion that he had earlier in the year. Perhaps he is still dealing with that dead arm phase that Terry Collins referenced 2 weeks ago. Either way, the club needs him to turn it around quickly.)

Joe D. | Metsmerized Online- Here’s the latest on the Mets and Brewers trade buzz and my thoughts on some of the players being discussed. To begin, just when we thought we were out on Aramis Ramirez, based on what Adam Rubin heard from team sources, Marc Carig and Matt Ehalt dragged us back in. Both of them say the Mets have got their sights set on Ramirez, although for the life of me I don’t know why. Besides the fact that 37-year old Ramirez is mired in the worst season of his career, batting .217/.257/.390 with seven homers and 18 RBI in 175 plate appearances, he’s one-dimensional defensively and can only play third base. What happens when David Wright comes back? Is there something about Wright that they’re not telling us?

(Chris Soto: While I agree with Joe, I understand why the Mets are going after him. We know the club really wants Ben Zobrist but there are a lot of suitors after him and it is very likely that someone is going to overpay for him. The Mets do not want to be that team. While Ramirez is having a rough season, the sabermetric analysis has him pegged for upside. He has a pretty good K rate of only 15.7% and his Isolated Power rate of .174 is only behind Duda and d'Arnaud. His .216 AVG is also on a .218 BABIP so one could assume that it will normalize towards his career BABIP rate of .281. If it does it will drag his AVG up as much as 60 points.)

Bryan Zarpentine | Rant Sports- It’s no secret that the New York Mets are in desperate need of some offense. Unfortunately, in the second week of June, there are not a lot of players available on the trade market, and the Mets can’t afford to wait for a market to develop. One player the Mets may be able to get is Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Alex Guerrero, who may be available and could be New York’s best option at this point. 

(Chris Soto: Oy vey....how many times do I have to point this out. Alex Guerrero is SHOULD NOT be a trade candidate nor should fans even believe that he is available. The Dodgers just traded a guy who hit .311 for them last season in order to find playing time for him due to his power potential. Why would they now trade him? If that doesn't convince you....then how about the fact that while he is signed for a reasonable $5m per year for the next 3 years, he also has clauses in his contract that state, A) may not be optioned to minors without permission after 2014, B) may become Article XX(B) free agent after 2017 season (so no arbitration eligibility), and C) if traded, may become a free agent at season’s end. So fans are suggesting the Mets pony up 1 of the key pitching chips for a 3 month rental player? Thanks but no thanks....Oh by the way....since the Juan Uribe trade, Guerrero is hitting .188 AVG with a 35% K rate. (drops mic....)


Thomas Brennan said...

As Harvey goes, so go the Mets. We are in trouble.

ZachBoyer said...


Ernest Dove said...

I think we may need to accept that David Wright is not playing this year.
Now if the Mets want another old overpaid underperforming guy on the roster like Ramirez, I assume Mets give up nothing for him unless they wanna take Gee straight up or something.

Richard Jones said...

Trading wise the Mets are in a difficult situation.
I think their set at 4 positions.
d'Arnaud at catcher Plawecki if injuries keep happening.
Duda at 1st base
Herrera at 2nd base
Lagares in centerfield

They can improve at the corner outfield positions but they have their hands tied with bad contracts. At least Granderson's and they also have Conforto and Nimmo on the way. So how much can they really do there.

SS and 3rd. Flores is looking like he is going to develop into a good hitter. He could fill one of those positions. 3rd would be the best if we can get a strong SS. However with Wright contract do they concede and make him a very high paid bat off the bench if he ever returns?

The next biggest issue is do you trade a Matz or Syndergaard and trash the 5 aces plan. Neise, Gee, and Montero's value is at an all-time low.
I would be offering Colon. We can get something for him now and he isn't in the plans pass this year.

Maybe Sandy can pull something off. I would like to see him trade Granderson but I don't see how he can do it. Granderson is a nice guy but his bat isn't making up for his weak defense and his defense isn't making up for his weak bat.

bob gregory said...

I find it really hard to believe that there is really anything at all to these rumors of the Mets looking to trade for Ramirez.

We have all seen this occur time and time again. When the fan-base starts to get anxious and the press turns up the heat that the Mets "Just Have To" make a move, rumors like these start to fly.

It would not surprise me if people in the front office purposely float out some of these rumors at these times in order to distract the press and make it seem like they are seriously trying to do something.

Each time these type of rumors begin to pop-up, the end result has always been the same.........Nothing.

As Mack has mentioned a few times this year....
Like it or not, odds are, the players currently in the Mets organization will continue to be the 2015 Mets.

does the "wait till 2016!!" rallying cry start before or after the All-Star break?
or will it skip right to "wait till 2017"?

IBfromWhitePlains said...

Harvey said. “I’m not putting people away when I need to. I’m not keeping people off base when I need to and obviously I’m not keeping the ball in the yard when I need to.”

But, I am devouring all my own press and playing Broadway Joe.

Look, I love this kid, but I don't like what I'm seeing right now and I'm worried all the attention has f-cked with his head.

Zozo said...

Some People want to trade one of our young studs, I think they should trade Colon ASAP instead of a Matz Or Synndy. Get whatever prospects you can for him and then turn those guys over with Lagares, Plawecki and Nimmo and get me Braun and Gomez.
Our owners need to finally step up to the plate and make a seriious run at this thing this year.
I would keep Niese and Gee for now and play the hot hand and limit the innings of all the young guys.

Zozo said...

Also did they announce who the PTBNL was for San Diego/Torres trade?

Zozo said...

Actually it's probably the day they signed not the day they were drafted?

Charles said...

The issue is that the Mets failed when laying out money to free agents. They don't have the financial clout to get the big guys and need to look at the second tier players.

Grandy and Cuddyer have been so horrible it's frightening. The only free agent that Sandy has hit on is Colon, at least from a big money standpoint. Worse, is that Grandy is here for two more years.

I think by next season, we will see a Grandy/Cuddyer platoon in right field, with Conforto taking over full time in left. Where that leaves Ninmo is another story, but he needs to get back on the field.

After this season, the Mets will have burned through half of hold on Harvey. Two years of Wheeler. Two years of deGrom. Eventually, they'll run of of time and these guys will be far too expensive to keep together and possibly not as good either.

You can't waste their youth waiting for the positional prospects to fill out their roster and have a offense. The Wilpons should have spent what was necessary to score more runs for this team.

Anthony Carnacchio said...

I want Gomez! Electric, leadoff hitter, lots of swag, let Cuddyer play rover and get this guy

Mack Ade said...

I'm writing about Harvey tomorrow.

I'm also quite worried about the rest of the season.

Something should come down today (tomorrow latest) about Dilson Herrera. People coming off of injuries that are involved in a trade usually are held back to be cleared for a physical. I'm just saying.

A for Milwaukee, my guess is Ramirez for mostly the rest of the contract and maybe a throw in middle prospect by the Mets. Nothing more. This would be a salary clearing move for Milwaukee for someone that is retiring at the end of the season.

I like it becase, even if Wright comes back, he would be a quality PH late in a game.

Ernest Dove said...

Well if Mets have a master plan in the works I hope we learn about it soon.
I assume Herrera is going nowhere but into the Mets lineup tonight and into the rest of the decade and beyond.
Maybe Gee is finally put out of his misery and traded today.
Then Plawecki heads back to vegas and there's your two spots for Parnell and Herrera.

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

I don't think SA has a master plan now due the implosion of his rotation that's going on. This was NOT expected.

The 2015 Mets will never come close to the playoffs without a return of their key pitchers to producing decent 1-7 inning results.

Dilson Herrera is being activated for tonight's game and no corresponding move has been anounced yet.

Mack Ade said...

Ruben Tejada has been placed on the Paternity Leave List.

Anthony Carnacchio said...

Maybe they take on aramis ramirez's contract and give up less for Gomez

Stubby said...

Here we go again with the unrealistic trade crowd. Colon has no serious trade value. Doesn't much matter how well he pitches for us. The reasons you want to trade him are the reasons nobody would give you anything more than a failed prospect. He's more valuable in our rotation than he is on the trading block. Ramirez can be had without giving up one of our top tier pitchers. But, if you want a substantive upgrade of the offense, its going to cost you Thor or Matz. Minimum. Braun? Matz. One of the Cubs shortstops? Thor. Addison Russell, specifically? Thor AND Matz. You are not going to get a quality player in return for your spare junk. Be realistic.

eraff said...

Colon does have some trade value...but ONLY to a contender...that means that he's not bringing back something you need now----with the possible exception of Texas. They may have an extra bat and they may feel they can make a run with a couple of new arms---- I'd like Moreland.

ZachBoyer said...

It's depressing to watch all of the Giants with batting averages above .280. Man, that must be nice. I don't know the exact numbers, but it definitely FEELS like we always lose to these guys. Meanwhile they're one of the teams we're supposed to be competing against for a possible WC. In fact. our record against the Pirates, Cubs, and Giants (0-9! thus far) is alarming and—hopefully not but possibly—indicative of how good we really are.

It's difficult to convince me that we're even buyers right now? We're not sniffing the playoffs unless Harvey is in fact Harvey. So what do you people want a bat for?

Thomas Brennan said...

Zach, hopefully the hot version of Murphy is back in a week or so, Herrera comes in and hits, and d'Arnaud hits too. That should be a major offensive upgrade, even without a trade,

ZachBoyer said...

"Hopefully" is the operative word. They don't look ready for serious contention: neither the players on the field nor the GM who put them there. They have to know games against the Pirates and Cubs and Giants are crucial games and yet are 0-9! against them. At this rate, they're more on pace to sell than to buy. …

They've SQUANDERED their 13-3 start. It's sad and infuriating and a whole bunch of other adjectives.

ZachBoyer said...


Stubby said...

Mets fans....finding the cloud in every silver lining.

bob gregory said...

Have you watched this team over the past 5 years?

It has been optimistic if you could find a cloud in the mountain of poop.

Stubby said...


The Mets are in first place. Quit whining.

I have listened to the so-called fans of my team hurl nothing but bile and feces at Alderson and Wilpon and Collins and very nearly every person to wear our major league uniform since October 2010. They hated Sandy before he'd spent a day on the job. He said he had a plan. I saw a plan. But the so-called Mets fans? "I don't see no plan." Well, if you don't see the plan by now, you're being deliberately obtuse. And the plan is working.

Are the Mets the 1927 Yankees? No. And no team ever will be again. Are the Mets today a better team than what Omar put on the field? You bet your ***. Or would you rather trot out Jason Bay and Luis Castillo some more? Does it matter, today, what they looked like over the past 5 years? Not in the least. Today, the Mets are in first place. Why can't you just enjoy that? If the Mets were to win the World Series this year, you'd still find plenty to complain about and you wouldn't give Sandy an ounce of credit.

Heading into last off-season, I heard plenty of Mets fans and scribes say the Mets needed to target Cuddyer. As soon as they signed him, those very same people were saying "Why'd they sign this turd?" Nothing the Mets do will ever make you happy, it seems.

The Padres spent a ton in the off season. They're in third playing .500 ball. The Marlins opened up their wallets and are 11 games below .500. The Cubs have all those offensive kids and they're five games out and no closer to a wildcard than we are.

I read above that we "squandered" a 13-3 start. That's not the way you look at something like that IF you're a fan. We HAD a 13-3 start. That's how you look at that. Because what has always been true of baseball is that a win in April counts exactly as much as a win in September.

Omar's Mets--you could count on the late season fold. This Mets team will struggle at times to be sure. But they'll fight and claw and battle until the last game of the season.

Coming into the season, had someone told you we'd lose all of the players we've lost to the DL for extended stretches and quite possibly David Wright forever, you'd never have believed they'd be in first place in mid-June. But they are. Why can't you find joy in that? A true fan would be taking that information with them everywhere....throwing back a few brewskis while telling their drinking buds who root for other teams, "We're in first and we haven't even had our best hitters on the field since the first week." You don't sit at the bar with your head down, crying in your beer because Sandy can't get Ryan Braun or Tulo for Dillon Gee and a bucket of balls.

The Mets are in first place and they have either been in first or within striking distance for the entire season. That's to be celebrated and enjoyed. Period. I root for the Mets. You all seem to be rooting for failure. God forbid Sandy deliver a winning team. That would mean you'd been wrong all along.

Mack Ade said...

Stubby -

You should write here.

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