DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor League Results - 8-10-15


DOWN UNDER: Mets Minor League Results - 8-10-15

STAR OF THE DAY: Gaby Almonte brilliant, David Wright on base twice after 4 months off

HONORABLE MENTION: Kaczmarski, Carpio, and Mazelka stay hot.


Las Vegas  - OFF!

Binghamton  - ALSO OFF!

St Lucie (58-55) 4 - Ft Myers 8

Savannah  - OFF, TOO!

Brooklyn (25-24) 7 - Staten Island 0

Kingsport (23-23) 3 - Burlington 5

GCL Mets  (24-19)  2 - Marlins  6

Now Here's the Scoop: 

Las Vegas - OFF

Binghamton - OFF

St Lucie hoped to score a few runs for Miller Diaz so Miller could make it right. Miller did not, taking the loss.  DAVID WRIGHT had a hit and walk in 4 plate appearances.

Savannah - OFF

Brooklyn's Gaby Almonte was superb, 2 hit shutout ball over 8 innings to move to 6-3,3.22. In a rare display of offense, 4 hitters had 2 hits apiece.

Kingsport went with Eric Manoah today. He was good until a 4 run inning. Kaczmarski (.320), Carpio (.320), and Mazelka (.350) each had 2 hits in the loss.

GCL Mets suffered a 6-2 setback today.  It was not Adonis Uceta's day (4 runs in 4 IP), and two hits from Desmond Lindsay, 2 hits and 2 RBIs from Jose Medina, and a single by Ali Sanchez were not enough when the rest of the line up could only produce 2 hits. Keep trying, fellers.

 GOAT: Adonis Uceta, Miller Diaz


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