Mack’s Morning Report – 8-8-15 – Gavin Cecchini, YC, LOOGY, September Roster


Good morning.

OF John Mayberry Jr. was signed by the White Sox and assigned to Triple-A Charlotte.

Some questions from Gary –

Hi Mack, I was just wondering about what you think of Gavin Cecchini. He really gets very little press for a former first round pick and few mention him in future lineups.

Mack – We’ve talked a lot about Cecchini recently, even quoting his stupendous July stats yesterday that won him Player of the Month. What you aren’t going to read about is him winning any defensive awards during the same season.

It’s hard to hate Cecchini’s bat which is obviously why he was drafted by the Mets in the first round of the 2012 draft (12th pick overall) over the likes of… don’t get me started here again.

Gary, I don’t see him getting a proper chance for similar reasons Matt Reynolds hasn’t gotten his shot this year. A nice bat, but not projected as having enough ‘clubs in the bag’ to get the whole job done at the major league level.

Couple this with Wilmer Flores and Ruben Tejada ahead of him, and top prospect Amed Rosario biting on his ass an affiliate down, my guess is Cecchini will be one of the major trade chips used in the off season to plug some new holes that develop at other positions.

Also knowing our WOO [window of opportunity] is probably 3 or 4 years with the fab five how far would you go to try and sign YC and if not ,who would your replacement be? 

Mack – the addition of Cespedes has changed the amount of talent on this team, the way the talent on this team approach their game, and the way other teams have chosen to pitch to this team. Players that hit before him are in the opposing pitcher’s mind because they know who’s up next. Players that bat immediately after him are enjoying the benefit of the results of having him in the lineup.

There are only so many ballplayers in this game this talented and they are all paid in the same range. It will take a package in the range of 6-years, $120mil to take Cespedes into his 35th year which, on paper, could easily be two more than productive, but it could insure Mets success for the next four years while you have control of this young pitching staff before they begin to hit free agency.

I would do it, but remember… it’s not my money.

Last question is about getting a solid LOOGY now that Blevins is gone and how scary  O'Flaherty was last night, short sample size or not, he has not pitched well this year. Thanks.

          Mack – Well, first of all I have no problem with using O’Flaherty as the LOOGY. He was brought in with 7.2 innings done n order to face a left handed batter and get out of the either inning… which he did. Thus, he performed the LOOGY role. The problem here was TC trying to expand the role he was signed to perform and bring him back in for the beginning of the eight.

Others are already calling for the return of Dario Alvarez, but, if  O’Flaherty is a true LOOGY than the Mets must play by the rules and use him that way.

David Wright is the 4th best hitter vs LHP since 1960 (167 wRC+)... Only Barry Bonds, Ryan Braun, and Paul Goldschmidt are ahead of him

It’s getting closer every day to the day that rosters can expand. The only restriction is that the player has to be a member of the 40-man squad. In fact, every player that’s a member of the 40-man squad can come up if you chose to pack the dugout like a sardine.

My thoughts on who will return…

        Pitching wise, RHRP Vic Black and RHP Logan Verrett should join the club. It also may not be until September 1st for LHSP Steven Matz to return. LHRP Dario Alvarez may wind up already being on the 25-man if LHRP Eric O’Flaherty stumbles a few more time, but I don’t expect to see RHSP Rafael Montero, RHS Gabriel Ynoa, or RHP Akeel Morris. I could easily be wrong here about Montero but I expect another setback in August.

        Bat wise, 3B David Wright and LF Michael Cuddyer should already be back, IF/OF Eric Campbell, who probably was sent down between this week and the end of August, will most probably return and the Mets have to once again pick between Johnny Monell and Anthony Recker as their third catcher (my choice would be the potential power Recker would bring to pinch hitting). Past that is only a guess and mine would be yes to OF Darrell Cecilliani, and 2B Danny Muno and pass on 2B Dario Alvarez, the injured OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis, and SS Wilfredo Tovar.


Thomas Brennan said...

I like sardines...load that bench up in September and let's win this thing.

If I am Rafael Montero, this may be his chance to be in a World Series, so he should push to get up here if it won't do him long lasting harm. Those chances don't come very often...and he has no innings limit.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

TC's comments on Montero, after seeing him yesterday, were very troubling.

Ernest Dove said...

In other news, Dom Smith hit a homer last night ;)

Thomas Brennan said...

I missed those TC comments, Mack.

I assume you meant you'd leave 2B Dilson Herrera off the Sept call ups. I disagree. He may well be the starting Mets 2B IN 2016, so it would seem that the more time in the bigs for him, the more he'd feel he belongs here. He also could be a good PH and PR.

Zozo said...

I totally agree that's what we have been missing the past few years, someone that makes the whole lineup look and feel stronger.
Sign him up 6 years 120mill....

Cody Pomeray said...


If I understand correctly, why would you yes Muno and no Tovar?

Tovar is a SB pinch-runner threat and is an actual middle IF backup for Tejada. What exactly does Muno bring to the roster that is unique?

Speaking of which, anyone have a problem with Tejada not being used as a def. replacement last night? Under normal circumstances, I can understand him wanting to leave pinch-hitting options on the bench for the potential of a blown save and an extra inning game. But we're playing by AL rules and thus no need to bat for the pitcher. And I understand Lagares is a better defender at his position than Tejada is at his, but Flores is more of a liability at his position than Cespedes is in CF. Agree? No?



bob gregory said...

Flores made the play and got a difficult out on the play due to a strong throw and quick recovery on the bad hop.
Don't make it seem like he played bad defense last night.

Mack Ade said...

Ernest -

Still not enough home runs to be considered a 'slugger' though he has had a wonderful season

Mack Ade said...

Cody -

I picked Muno over Tovar to make Tom happy.

Cody Pomeray said...


I am not. But I thought it could have been a DP and it was almost first and 2nd nobody out. And it's not like you don't have an entire season off of which to base your decision, as opposed to basing it off of the previous 8 innings (during which I believe he had a total of three chances?).

Cody Pomeray said...


Oh. I wasn't aware Tom was partial to Muno. I respectfully wonder why.

Michael S. said...

Cuddyer is scheduled to come of the DL with Conforto looking at demotion. I think it's a mistake, I think it'll change the dynamic of the team.

I wouldn't assume Cecchini is traded at this point. There's a logjam, but we know Herrera has already been asked for. If Sandy has to make a deal, he'll trade whomever will get the trade done. Gavin might improve at SS or could shift to 2B. Too many unknowns right now.

Lew Rhodes said...

I noted the Herrera skip - the way he has been hitting is fantastic - I totally see him up in Sept

Lew Rhodes said...

LOL - only Tom would pick Muno over Tovar - I think Muno gets DFAed when the injured players return - Tovar brings two things this team doesn't have - fantastic middle infield defense and speed

Frankly of all the 40 man position players in the minors - Tovar has the most to offer the big club as an extra bench player

Lew Rhodes said...

With the way he is hitting, part of me wonders if Cecchini isn't a potential replacement for Wright - it seems he may have outgrown SS - who knows, but I don't see te FO trading him just yet - not unless he gets national attention on prospect lists and drives up his value

Mack Ade said...

Michael -

I expect Cuddyer to return, especially if Wright comes back. They are big clubhouse leaders and BFF

Mack Ade said...

Lew -

The only reason I left Herrera off was the lack of on the field time that the Mets would have to offer him.

The last thing he (or any of these guys) needs is more bench time spitting sunflower seed shells.

Michael S. said...

Mack -

It's not that Cuddyer won't be back, I'd just stick him on the bench. I'd send down Campbell too.

Michael S. said...

I've wondered about him at 3B...depends on how he develops as a hitter and whether he has the arm.

Herb G said...

Michael -
Cuddy won't be stuck on the bench upon his return. He'll get regular playing time, perhaps in a platoon with Grandy. I see an OF of Cespedes - Lagares - Cuddyer vs. LHP, and Conforto - Cespedes - Granderson vs. RHP.

Herb G said...

I agree. I'd sign Cespedes in a heartbeat. We need to strike while the iron is hot. 5 or 6 yrs. $120 MM or whatever it takes. The other elite FA hitters this winter will all cost a draft pick at no less money.

Michael S. said...

As long as Cespedes can hold down CF, I say sign him. Go into next year with:

LF - Conforto
CF - Cespedes
RF - Granderson

With Cuddyer as a super sub and an eye on Nimmo replacing Granderson at some point.

Michael S. said...

Platooning is fine, as long as he's not completely displacing anyone and disrupting the chemistry. To me, that's sticking him on the bench - not an everyday player.

Ernest Dove said...

Can't talk 2016 OF without mentioning the mystery man known as Lagares.
Why the heck did Mets choose lagares as the one young player to extend so soon???
I ASSUME they knew about his elbow issues. You know, the kinda stuff that kept them from trading wheeler a long time ago.
And it can't be because of any kind of media/fan pressure following the gold glove. Obviously not the same money, but I seem to recall a certain shortstop winning a batting title and being let go as a free agent.
All the while knowing Conforto is being drafted and Nimmo is at higher levels of farm and basically played entire 2015 season in CF.

Michael S. said...

Many will disagree with me but I've already written Lagares off. I've never been enamored with his offense and would prefer more well-rounded players. I'd like to see the team find a way to get out from under that contract. I'm hoping Nimmo can take over at some point to relieve the last year of Granderson's money. With what we have coming off the books plus Cuddyer, Lagares, and Granderson we need to start trying to extend these pitchers.

Mack Ade said...

Michael -

I listen to the scouts when it comes to the potential of a player.

Nimmo projects in just about every scout's book as a 4th outfielder.

As for Lagares, we'll never know his true hitting potential unless he plays an entire season injury free. I would hope, with Cuddyer returning, he would consider being shut down early (it's his decision). Cespedes can play CF this season with Grandy backing him up.

Michael S. said...

Mack, I'm not going to dispute what you've heard from scouts and I'm not going to go into his skillset. What I don't understand is how a "4th OF" can be publicly rated so highly by nationally recognized services and scouting experts?

Charles said...

In today's game, I think Cespedes makes off with a whole lot more then 120 million over 6.

The years may be on target, but I think he's a 150 million dollar everyday player, that plays all three outfield positions. He's a legit star. I don't see the Mets ever paying that random. Especially bidding against themselves during a 5 day window.

Cody Pomeray said...

"As for Lagares, we'll never know his true hitting potential unless he plays an entire season injury free"—I agree with this statement.

"What I don't understand is how a '4th OF' can be publicly rated so highly by nationally recognized services and scouting experts"—and that's also the first question that popped up in my head too.

I feel like 4th OF is Nimmo's basement. But I think it's possible both of them, Nimmo and Lagares, are better than 4th OFs.

Cody Pomeray said...

*I think it's likely both of them

Anonymous said...

Any chance you think Gavin is starting to get over his early issues this year with the errors, since mid July, basically spanning back the last 20 games, he's only committed two. Also found this site that has all of Gavin's errors, http://www.astrometsmind.com/2015/06/on-gavin-cecchinis-errors.html

A good majority in my opinion seem him just airmailing throws and in my opinion seem to be mechanical mistakes he could fix with experience. Also a few with a better 1st baseman over there would be able to easily scoop. Not like i'm a scout or anything but just from these few videos he looks to have pretty decent range and a good enough arm that it can play as average out there. Just my opinion, would be a shame if the glove holds the kid back from staying at short.

Herb G said...

I have no idea whether SA would go as high as $150+. It's a new day. Did anyone expect him to acquire pricey rentals like Cespedes, Uribe or Clippard? And Cespedes may not know what his true market value is until after the 5 day window. Sandy needs to figure out what will make his offer attractive enough to forego the FA market. Maybe an opt-out clause after 2 years would do it.

Herb G said...

I agree that we don't know Lagares offensive ceiling. I have been of the opinion that he could develop into a Carlos Gomez type player. His contact through age 30 is very reasonable for a gold glove CF. He should be easily tradeable if Nimmo proves superior. Nimmo is quite young too so it is hard to know how good he can be.

bob gregory said...

8 pitches into the game.
3 runs.
1 home run.
4 hits.
Man on 2nd.
Still no outs??!!
Such a difference.
Alderson /Wilpons...... do whatever you have to do to keep this offense se together.

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