Mack’s Morning News – 3-6-16 – Juan Lagarus, Wilmer Flores, Shannon Forde, Sandy Alderson


 Good morning.

David Thompson joined the major league squad and worked out in the morning at first base.

Mets lineup vs. Houston - Ty Kelly, CF, Ruben Tejada, SS, Michael Conforto, LF, Travis d'Arnaud, DH, Dominic Smith, 1B, Wilmer Flores, 3B, Kevin Plawecki, C, Eric Campbell, RF, Dilson Herrera, 2B, Robert Gsellman, RHP.

I though you'd be interested in a story written by Joel Sherman on the effectiveness of using Juan Lagares and Wilmer Flores off the  bench                          

The Astros are going to hold a moment of silence for Shannon Forde before today’s 1:05 p.m. ET game against Shannon's Mets.

Willie Randolph "heartbroken" by death of Shannon Forde, Yankees to honor Mets staffer with moment of silence… Collin McHugh @Collin_McHugh  - She was always so kind to me. I'll never forget that. Chicago Cubs @Cubs - Our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Shannon Forde and the entire Mets organization. Mark Healey - In the years I covered Mets only 1 person from PR dept ever treated me with kindness, respect and class. RIP Shannon - josh lewin - What a huge loss in the Mets family yesterday. Shannon Forde was truly one of the nicest people you'll ever meet… Stephen Keane - hard write or talk about Shannon Forde's passing without choking up and crying she was so good to myself and my fellow Mets bloggers… Nationals held a moment of silence before today's game in honor of Shannon… Ex-Mets OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis: “She was special. She shared her battle with us. We were grateful"… Moment of silence for Shannon Forde before the Rockies-Padres Cactus game in Scottsdale… 

Mack Ade - to Jay Horwitz… Jay - My deepest condolences and prayers go out to you, the Mets, and Shannon's family on this huge loss. John

Jay Horwitz to me – Thanks

Former Mets prospect Luis Cessa pitched two scoreless innings for the Yankees yesterday with two strikeouts.

P Dub thanks Sandy Alderson for this year’s team –

The Mets’ lineup is not without its flaws. Cespedes, as has been noted, can be streaky (Duda, as well); Granderson, also streaky, still strikes out a lot for a leadoff hitter. Walker is far better as a lefty than from the right side, and d’Arnaud still has to stay healthy enough to continue to explore his upside. Speaking of health, estimates vary regarding how many games Wright will be able to play next season. But the Mets offense has a perceived legitimacy it hasn’t had in a decade, and the Mets will open 2016 with high hopes.

Saturday’s game highlights –

        Ruben Tejada hits deep fly-out to center in first…

        Pronounced shift on Michael Conforto (6-3)… 1-2-3 inning for McHugh…

        Robert Gsellman gives up lead-off double in first to George SpringerCollin Moran RBI single…

        Josh Smoker pitched a perfect fourth inning, striking out two… 1-0 Astros (93-94 fastball)

        Eric Campbell doubles to start the fifth… followed by an RBI triple by Dilson HerreraRuben Tejada walks… sacrifice fly by Michael Conforto… 2-1 Mets

        Zack Thornton is and throws another scoreless spring inning 
         (highlight: Travis d’Arnaud throwing out Alex Bregman)...

        Kevin Plawecki starts the sixth with a double… Campbell walks… innings ends 2-1 Mets.

        Seth Lugo in to pitch… two scoreless innings.

        Jeff Walters pitched the eighth…  Hansel Robles comes in with two outs in the eighth… strikes out batter to end the eighth.

        Mets ninth includes two hits and one sacrifice fly (3-1 Mets). Dominic Smith singles (2-4, walk)… inning ends 3-1 Mets

        Robles returns to the mound for the ninth…

        Mets win 3-1.


Tom Brennan said...

Saw a clip of Dominic Smith. Looks chunky, but playing well so far. Wonder how hard Seth Lugo was tossing it? Nice outing for him.

Let's see Smoker at 97 soon, and see how that goes.

Mets line up has some flaws...if so, I guess all line ups do.

Ernest Dove said...

I'll be heading to the game today !!!!!
Go Mets !!!

Mack Ade said...

Tom - Reports from people at the games is that all that 'chunk' you see on Smith is new muscle.

Ernest Dove said...

I still say Dom looks 'slimmer' this year than last ;)

Brian Joura said...

It was so telling to read all of the glowing tributes you posted to Shannon and then the messages between you and Jay H.

I realize he's an old man probably typing his reply on a cell phone. It just seems that recognition of a valued and beloved employee deserved something more from the PR director than a one word response.

Metsiac said...

Interesting outing by Robles. Faced 6 batters--- 2 walks, 4 K. If he can improve his control, he'll meet my lofty expectations.

bgreg98180 said...

No mention of Smith's lack of hustle on the single he thought was a homerun?

Other players would have been roasted.

Tom Brennan said...

Bob, hopefully Smith learns. I'd rather have a young guy rope a blast and forget to hustle than hustle to make up for lack of strong hitting skills.

Mack, Smith may be beefed up muscle-wise, but his mid section looks mighty thick. But if he adds HR pop, and has a sweet swing and stellar D, I'll take porky. Just concerned that as he gets older, he does not have difficulty keeping weight in a proper range.

bgreg98180 said...


Just to clarify:
I don't mean to beat up the kid.
Just pointing out how some players actions are treated differently.

Case in point: all of the negative comments by those "in the know" about Cespedes as a team mate this off season.

All the while his Met coaches and team mates unanimously sung praises as him as a team mate.

Robb said...

Prince fielder is awfully good. chunky can be fine.

Tom Brennan said...

Bob and Robb, great points.

eraff said...

If Smith Hits, he won't be FAT!

Regarding the "Single"... htis is not a leson to be learned, it's an attitude to be UNLEARNED. He obviously has some laxness to his approach all around, physically...and it's not new.

His talent won't outlast laziness... he needs to embrace a higher work rate.

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