Casey Wentworth - General Quick Observations


Observation 1: - The injury bug will most likely resurface with this ball club in 2017. Hard to even figure that it won't.

Observation 2: - Will the Mets have enough starting pitching if even just two of their current seven starters goes down hurt for longer duration in season? Not really certain yet, to be honest. Who at Vegas will be ready should this happen, is the real key question I have here. Not sure on Goeddel, Gilmartin, or Pill.

Observation 3:  - Nimmo .476 BA, Cecchini .500 BA, TJ Rivera .304 BA, Nido .313 BA These are my four guys, plus Tim Tebow.

Observation 4: - Tim Tebow, despite what all the "geniuses" aroubnd baseball think, will start this season at AA Ponysomethings, be on AAA Vegas right after the halfway mark of 2017, and make the NY Mets (absolutely) this time next year. Why? Beautiful and powerful swing. The man simply needs more game time experience. Quote me here, okay. Tim is the new Bo.

Observation 5: - One last time, look at my 25 man again. It has everything, veteran leadership, a 2, 3,4, 5, and 6 batting order power game, a lean but mean bench stacked with veteran know-how ability, and a new lead-off ensemble, which the team desperately needs.

1B Duda 2B Walker SS Cecchini 3B Cabrera LF Cespedes CF Nimmo RF Bruce C d'Arnaud / Bench: OF Granderson (in a cycle of 6 games per week, he starts three games to rest each starting outfielder), INF TJ Rivera (samething as Granderson filling-in three games for starters per week, despite TJ being from the Bronx), PH Taijeron, C R. Rivera PH Wright (if he is not a go, then it's Michael Conforto here)

Batting Lineup:

1. Brandon Nimmo 2. Neil Walker 3. A. Cabrera 4. Yoenis Cespedes 5. Lucas Duda 6. Jay Bruce 7. Gavin Cecchini 8. d'Arnaud

Significant Changes: Nimmo in the leadoff and Cecchini in the eight slot.

Observation 6: - By perhaps trading Juan Lagares and Wilmer Flores (Terry's kids) the Mets could help retool/restock their minor leagues somewhat. Which needs to be done now I think. I think the Mets could cover this type move now.

Observation 7: - As for who will be the next NY Mets manager? I'll go with Captain David Wright. That's who!


Thomas Brennan said...

Mom always told me to accentuate the positive. Hard to read about injuries as Observation #1.

Mack Ade said...

I like observation pieces. They are great to observe.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the article but want to point out that while #3 and maybe #5 are observations, the rest are opinions, questions, hypotheses, proposals, theories. Just saying.

Anyway- where did Jose Reyes go? I would keep his energy in the team.

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