FLASH: Kevin Plawecki Optioned to AAA- Las Vegas, Rene Rivera wins Back-Up Catcher Job


     The New York Mets announced that C Kevin Plawecki has been optioned to AAA- Las Vegas. Although it was going to be a long shot, Plawecki did have an outside shot to win the back-up catcher's job if he was able to display better hitting and receiving abilities this Spring. Unfortunately for him, Plawecki suffered a hyperextended knee injury early in camp that limited him to only 26 ABs this spring. In 13 games, Plawecki hit .269 AVG with 1 HR, 1 RBI, 1 double, and 8 K's vs only 1 BB. 

     As a result, Rene Rivera will be the club's back-up catcher once again for the 2017 season. Although he only received 16 ABs himself this spring, Rivera posted a .375 AVG with more BBs (3) than Ks (2). The fact that he has such a good rapport with ace Noah Syndergaard, and is the club's best asset against opposing team's running game, gave Rivera a huge edge in this position battle.

(Nothing to see here folks....Plawecki would've needed to hit .400 with 5 HR or some crazy stat line in order to unseat Rivera. Although, at that point....he could've just as likely unseated d'Arnaud too.)


Mack Ade said...

I have been offline all day and away from the television.

Has anyone have an update on Juan Lagares?

TP said...

Rene could well be the starting catcher

bill metsiac said...

The MRI showed only a "mild strain". He MAY be on the OD roster.

eraff said...

I still believe KP will be a long term MLB Rotational Catcher---he'll have a good career

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, the only thing I saw the other day was Lagares saying he felt much better...for what that is worth.

Plawecki has to hit like he can - if he does, he is as good as TDA, perhaps better.

Thomas Brennan said...

One more thought: Lagares with an Oblique injury, early in the season? Please be cautious.

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