Talking Baseball – Question 2 - First Player Recalled


Question - Who will be the first AAA player to be recalled to the big leagues this season. 

Reese Kaplan

I suspect that the first one recalled will be due to injury.  With the most frequently injured offensive players being Lucas Duda, Travis d'Arnaud and Juan Lagares, I would think whichever of the Nimmo or Conforto doesn't start the year in AAA will get the nod.  They're not going to promote Dom Smith until he's had more time under his belt.  Ditto Amed Rosario.  The AAA catching corps is nothing to write home about.  On the pitching side of the ledger, the 40-man roster considerations trumps most other considerations.  That makes guys like Gilmartin, Edgin (both of whom are in danger of losing their spot there), Montero and Molina all possibilities.  Gilmartin has done significant time in both the pen and as a starter, so his versatility and left handedness may have him getting the first call. 

Eddie Corona

     Well unfortunately for someone to be called up mean someone has to go down... If we had to bet on that it would be Travis D'arnaud. So Kevin Plawecki would be the first to come up... But he's hoping I am wrong.   

Thomas Brennan

    First one called up?  Hard to say still at this point. Many are capable and could be, and it partially depends on who the Mets decide to bring north in the 25.  If we need a pen guy, Paul Sewald or Corey Taylor - or Rafael Montero.  An infielder besides TJ RiveraPhil Evans, or maybe Matt Reynolds.  An outfielder? Brandon Nimmo.  A catcher? Plawecki or Nido.  We truly have many good options this year.

Richard Herr – 

    First Recalled – The whole Las Vegas team will be the first to come up. They decide that they've had enough seasoning, so they slip into Washington disguised as protesters (there are so many going into the town, they get overlooked) and take over the Mets as they're trying to play the Nats. If you're being technical about it, the first guy called up from AAA will be T.J. Rivera who is taking over for David who's still getting ready for the season. The first guy after the season starts will probably be Conforto to replace either Granderson or Bruce who is 1) traded to another team, 2) injured 3) showing the signs of age.

Mack –  

    Will Jeurys Familia be considered a AAA player while he’s on suspension? My guess past that would be either a utility infielder or outfielder that will be called up due to an injury to an existing member of the 25-man squad. This would rule out Michael Conforto, if it is determined that the Mets want him to play every day this season. I’m going to say it will be Ty Kelly.



Reese Kaplan said...

Ty Kelly? He's hitting .167. Yup, that sounds like Mets logic. Let's promote the flavor of the week who infatuates Terry Collins instead of someone who could help the team win.

Thomas Brennan said...

Reese, you can't pick on a fella named Kelly on St Patty's Day, the one day the Irish can do no wrong. You are hereby fined one shamrock.

As I mentioned in the article, a lot could happen during spring training to change early guesswork, the latest being Nimmo pulling his hammy and Wheeler surprisingly pitching better than Harvey.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, a day, I believe, after Tebow's sweet diving catch in leaft, he made this fine leaping catch on the track in right: http://m.mlb.com/nym/video/topic/26668334/v1239243883/nymmia-tebow-makes-leaping-grab-near-wall-in-right/?c_id=nym

Those two plays tell me he's worked hard on his outfield play, not just his hitting.

Also, am I the only one who noticed that Tebow was sent down and the very first game afterwards, the Mets get 1 hit. Bring back the Tebow Magic!

Reese Kaplan said...

The same Ty Kelly who just played for Israel? That old Shamrock himself? (I shouldn't joke -- my name is Kaplan and I'm 1/4 Irish, too!)

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

No Tom.

The diving catch and the catch at the wall meant that he was too slow to get there before he had to do the acrobatics

Gary Seagren said...

First player recalled....doesn't it have to be Eric Campbell...he's playing in Japan I believe so say 24 to 48 hour's to get here and he's hitting clean up...right Terry.

bill metsiac said...

I don't see Kelly ahead of Ceccini, Evans, or whoever gets sent down when David returns. I suspect the callup will be a pitcher. If Gorzelanny pitches well at Vegas he could be the one, but he's not on the 40. Gilmartin looks like the first on the 40 to go.

I read that Edgin is out of options. If so, he'd have to clear waivers to be sent down, as was the case with Kelly. Speaking of Kelly, his status won't be based on his few ST ABs, but he's nowhere near the top of the depth chart. I don't expect to see him in a Mets unit again.

Unlike past years, the likes of him, Satin, Campbell, Reynolds, Muno and other AAAA players won't be needed. We've got a surplus of bench players instead of a deficit.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, considering that he won the Heisman as a scrambling, running QB, I hope he at least has plus BB speed!

Montero was not good his last outing, walking 4, so he remains a puzzle to me.

Wainright hammered by Mets today - what a difference 11 years makes.

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