Jeurys Familia, Mr. Plan A, will, by all accounts, be suspended for 30 games, more for less.  We'll know soon. (Nice save in WBC yesterday against the US, by the way).

Plan B, Addison Reed, who was magnificent in 2016 for the Mets, is expected to step in.  

Although still early in the spring 2017, it is kinda troubling that Mr. Reed has a 16.20 ERA after 5 innings of work, surrendering 12 hits and 9 runs.  

Early spring rust, or a concern?  Don't just sit there, people, is there a.....

Save that thought, you might say. I say forget that, THINK, MAN, THINK.  I say, let an experienced saves man be considered.

It'd be a trip if Paul Sewald closed until Familia came back. 

The Mets did not even add him to the 40 man this off season (no respect, I tell ya), despite the fact that all he ever does is pitch well (excuse me, REALLY well): 

7 innings of 1 hit ball this spring.  Fluke?  No.

After all, he is 16-8, 2.20 with 66 saves in 72 tries, 307 Ks in 258 innings, and a 1.03 WHIP in his career.   Just 15 homers, too, or 1 every 18 innings, in his career.

I recently read that since being signed, during his lone period of struggle last year, it was suggested to him that he rely on his slider more.

It worked. In his last 24 innings in 2016, he allowed just 5 earned runs and 12 hits in the hitters' paradise known as the PCL, with 3 of the runs in 1 outing - he was what I would describe as "Sewald Dominant".

So PLAN C might sound crazy, but it might be successful.  Because Paul Sewald had been incredibly successful since he turned pro.  And you can't argue with success, can you?


Mack Ade said...

I agree Tom.

Frankly, I would add Lugo or Gazelle Man to the rotation, make it a 6 man rotation for April, and have Lugo as long man in the pen.

I change daily on this, but I was quite impressed with Lugo yesterday

Anonymous said...

Reed has done great as a reliever but not as a closer. That's how we got him to begin with, when he failed as a closer. Lets hope that mental block is still not there and he will be great until Familia comes back.

If Reed fails, my dark horse is Robles, who has in my opinion, the best arm in the BP aside from Familia.


Thomas Brennan said...

Lugosi was great, and just 65 pitches in his 5.1 IP against a tough lineup.

Thomas Brennan said...

Robles would likely be the alternate closer, Viper, I agree.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

and... the only hit Lugo gave up should have been ruled to be an error

Thomas Brennan said...

I love spell correct, changing Lugo into Lugosi

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