Richard Jones- My 1st Time in Port St. Lucie, Including an Interview with Terry Collins.


O.K., an interview with Terry Collins is a stretch. He came over to a group of fans, which I was one of them. I asked him of Matz was pitching tomorrow and he anwered "yes, he is." I was hoping for some follow up questions but that never happened. I'm counting it as my 1st interview.
I was very impressed with the time Collins spent with the fans. I can't imagin many Major League Managers doing that. A good manager but a great man.


 After Collins left. I started over to another field. I was behind the right field fence. Someone yelled, heads up. I dunked behind the fence. The ball was well over my head. It hit high up a tree that was about 30 feet from the fence. I asked who hit that. It was Noah Syndargaard. Some serious power. The 17 pounds he added was very visable.

The highlight a great day for me was being this close to Harvey warming up. He looked strong and sharp. I don't know what his velocity was. They weren't posting any.

I don't have too much to say about the game. I did manage to catch Cepedes' home run swing with my Camera. Tebow made good contact once. I got to witness his first catch. He looked awkward. Granderson ran over to him and gave him a high five.

I hope to have more photos tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed them.


Mack Ade said...

Great pics!

Keep em' coming.

Thomas Brennan said...

Nice photos, Richard. Next time, if Thor is taking BP, wear catcher's gear. We want to keep you safe!

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