Richard Jones-My 2017 Mets Projections


In most years I seem to be pessimistic about the Mets. I've been a die hard Mets fan for almost 50 years. I think it comes with age. In 2015 I hated the Cespedes trade. I wanted the Mets to go into sell mode. I was wrong. That happens to me more often than not.

This year I'm very optimistic about the Mets up coming season. In late Janurary I posted my projections for the Mets pitching staff. I think the consensus was my projections were very generious to the Mets staff. My first projection here is that the Mets out pitch my projections as a group. This will be the season the Mets staff stays healthy and lives up the our expectations of them. One of the will win the Cy Young Award. Six starters will have 20+ starts and none of the will have an earned run average over 3.20.

First base will be a sore spot for the Mets again with very little offense relative to that position.

Michael Conforto will find his way into the Mets lineup and have a breakout year.

Travis d'Arnaud will be the Travis d'Arnaud we have come to know. He will play about 50 games with little defense. I see his bat improving just a bit.

Amed Rosario and Dominic Smith will be Mets regulars before the season ends.

Curtis Granderson will not hit a home run with runners on base until after the all-star break.

The Mets win the east with 94 wins.

During the football season the NLF Network with Kurt Warner and Michael Irvin have there weekly "bold predictions".  Irvin would normally predict something very safe. Not bold. Others would predict the impossible. I think a bold prediction has to hit the right spot.

My bold prediction for the 2017 Mets is that we don't just get our second no-hitter we also get our 3rd. Two no-hitters in 2017.

Comment your "bold prediction" for the 2017 Mets.


Reese Kaplan said...

Bold prediction -- Jay Bruce will win over the fans in his walk year with terrific production, so the Mets will naturally trade him around the All-Star break.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hopefully the seemingly new, improved Travis D plays in at least 100 games, effectively.

those 2 no hitters - so hard to do in this era of teams being lucky to have 5 complete games for the whole year. I hope you're right...and that the health of the guys in those 2 fares better than Johan Santana's did.

Eddie Corona said...

Honestly if TDA hits and gives us 100 games I would consider that a PLUS... What is a usually amount of games for a C anyway? 120 games?

Mack Ade said...

very few Mets starters are going to be allowed to even pitch into the 9th inning, no less end it... still, loved your optimism

Hobie said...

My Trusty C.Ball (the same one that said Johnson would carry Nevada denying an EV majority to either Hillary or the other guy) says:

Grandy, Bruce & Duda traded by August because Conforto, Nimmo & D.Smith in LV is just not fair to the rest of the PCL. Farm stocked AA on down.

Wilmer becomes regular 3B. Wright returns in August to become an effective RH platoon at 1B with D.Smith. He retires with a WS ring.

Familia fails to show at the White House WC reception with President Pence.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hobie, Familia better show up at everything and behave like a refined gentleman.

Reese Kaplan said...

There's a first time for everything, Tom.

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