FLASH: Terry Collins to Carry 3 Lefties in Bullpen, Josh Edgin Makes Team, Montero's Spot at Risk


     The Mets have announced that the team will carry 3 left handed relievers in the bullpen to start the both LHP Josh Edgin AND LHP Josh Smoker on the Opening Day Roster in addition to LHP Jerry Blevins. The reason for this decision is the fact the team views Smoker as a dual handed weapon because he did not have wide split difference between facing lefties or righties in the minor leagues. This leaves Edgin to be the true 2nd left handed specialist.

     This leaves only 1 spot remaining in the bullpen that the team has not decided on. After seemingly winning a spot after Sewald's re-assignment, RHP Rafael Montero is now competing with RHP Seth Lugo for that spot. Both guys will head up north with the team but only 1 of them will be added to the roster to be the swingman in the bullpen.

(There was talk about carrying 3 lefties in the pen early in the year....but after Lugo's impressive WBC performance and Montero's resurgence as a RP in camp...I figured that idea would be squashed in favor of carrying both guys. Instead now 1 of them will face a seemingly unfair demotion to AAA Las Vegas to be the club's first arm called up in case of injury to anyone in the rotation.)


bill metsiac said...

After 15 games, one RP will go. And spots will open for Matz, Lag and Nimmo when ready. Then David?

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