Tom Brennan - SETH, GIZ, ZACH, OR HARV?

Tom Brennan - SETH, GIZ, ZACH, OR HARV?

You are the office manager of a popular Queens-based business. One fine day, four resumes show up on your desk. You can only hire two to full time positions.  The other 2? Part time, or a delayed job start date.

The 4 are Seth Lugo, Rob Gsellman, Zach Wheeler and Matt Harvey.  Who do you hire?

Credentials, please what DO those resumes say?

Lugo? A brilliant 5-2 down the 2016 stretch and 2 strong starts for Puerto Rico in the pressure-packed WBC this spring after pitching well in spring games prior to the WBC. BEST CURVE BALL SPIN RATE ON THE PLANET.  Can he start effectively for the Mets?  Darned right.

The Giz?  A brilliant 4-2 down the 2016 stretch, and throwing really well this spring and stretching out his innings very nicely.  Can he start effectively for the Mets?  Darned Right.

Zach?  Two years doing hard time, but looking good so far in very limited duty, hitting 97.  But is he back to being the Wheel Deal?  Ready to start in the real season in 2 weeks? Maybe, but likely 5 innings max. And that 125 inning season cap is TINY.  Don't spend it all in one place

Harv?  Velocity much more human in 2017 so far after thoracic outlet surgery.  92-93, with shaky results.  Shaky results pre-surgery in 2016, too.  Once considered perhaps baseball's elite starter before TJS and TOS arm woes.  

Will the dapper Harv be ready to start in 2 weeks when the season opens?  I tend to doubt it, but maybe he finds another 3 MPH and shows the old Dark Knight is back.

My hiring solution?  

Assuming no setbacks with Wheeler over the next two weeks, I start Gsellman at # 4, Wheeler at # 5, and Lugo finishes off Wheeler's many short starts.  Harv?  Well, he goes to Extended Spring training, to ramp up the velocity and command, and see where he fits in, after the season is 2-4 weeks old.

But I'm sorry, I have to leave now...the real hiring manager just showed up for work.  Now, before Security shows up, where is that fire exit, exactly?


Thomas Brennan said...

Hey, did someone give Harvey an advance copy of my article? He was throwing harder yesterday.

Zozo said...

Great write up. That's a great question about Harvey. Would it cause a big controversy if we keep him down for a bit, if velocity isn't there? Would he man up and avoid controversy by saying it himself so it seems like his suggestion?

Mack Ade said...

Just remember...

you 'demote' Harvey... and keeping him back will be a demotion in his mind... you lose him mentally in the short run and you eliminate any chance of signing him long term

Thomas Brennan said...

I think, after yesterday's outing (which occurred after I wrote the article), that Harvey would want no part of Extended Spring, despite the fact that he still gave up 7 hits and 3 runs in 4.1 IP.

Because he did throw harder yesterday. Remember, last spring, we had the saga of Jake not throwing hard....and his velocity eventually increased.

Everyone seems to assume Harvey will never be Harvey again. But he has 2 more spring starts, I believe, and by his 3rd start (the one that would be occurring during the actual season), why couldn't he be up to occasionally hitting 98 again? And maybe reach 100 on the gun by midsummer?

If Harvey progresses, then switch the scenario, and maybe Zach and his low innings limit stay in Extended Spring instead.

Mack Ade said...

hitting 95 or 98 really is hard to translate in the hitter's eye... both are simply fast

it is pinpoint accuracy that he need to work on and, so far, he leaves each game without a lead...

that is nOT what you want from your starter

Hobie said...

I am all for piggy-backing Gse & Lugo on Harvey & Wheeler starts for a month or two. Let them FINISH games in fact. The other 5 in the BP handle 7-8-9 for the other three in some rotation.

Thomas Brennan said...

Hobie, good point.

Mack, I hate to judge a guy like Harvey until the last 2 spring starts. I remember Seaver pitching like crap in spring games and then the last start or two, the hall of Famer showed up. Harvey's next start will be crucial for him, as they need to make plans for who is starting and who is not.

Have we ever had a race for the 4th and 5th spot with 4 such quality guys before?

bill metsiac said...

There's entirely too much emphasis on what Harvey "wants or will accept" here. He is not yet Tom Shaver of '69.He is currently the #4 or 5 SP.

Terry was roundly criticized for leaving him in to finish WS game because of what he "wanted". Now Terry must put what' s best for the team first and foremost.

Suppose for whatever reason Harv a day Zach are not fully ready for OD, and Gse and Seth get their slots "for now". If they start the season as they finished last year, then what? Do you bump one or both because Harv and Boras and Wheeler "want" the slots, or do you stay with what's working?

Once upon a time in the Bronx, a fine 1Bman was injured and a kid "temporarily" replaced him. And the kid never gave up the job until illness cost him both his career and his life.

I care less what Harvard's wants. Let the competition decide the rotation.

bill metsiac said...

And DAMN the auto_correct for the typos above.

Mack Ade said...

Is the auto correct changing your name from Reese to Bill?

Thomas Brennan said...

That's absolutely auto-correct, Mack?

bill metsiac said...

Did President Hillary say that?

Thomas Brennan said...


Reese Kaplan said...

Since when does Terry Collins give a rat's ass about real competition? Did he grow a brain while I wasn't looking?

Mack Ade said...

Great idea for a new weekly column from Reese -

"Kaplan's Who Gives A Rat's Ass Stuff"

bill metsiac said...

Doesn't "everybody" know that Terry doesn't want to win?

Thomas Brennan said...

Just ask Anthony: Terry wouldn't know a winner from a weiner

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