Nakia Swinton - Yoenis Céspedes Shows VICE Sports His Country Side During Off Season



I wanted to send over the latest VICE Sports video featuring New York Mets player Yoenis Céspedes. Presented by New Balance, this episode from the Work/Life series shows what Céspedes' life is like during his off season.

Despite playing for a New York City team, Yoenis Céspedes is a humble cowboy who values the peace and simplicity that comes with working the land. Growing up in the rural part of Cuba, he always dreamed of having horses, and now that he's professional Yoenis currently has 10 horses and 320 cows. VICE Sports went to visit Yoenis at his ranch in Florida where he enjoys life during off season. The young player loves spending most of his time with his family as he fulfills his surprising off-field dreams of the countryside. Yoenis shows VICE Sports his work after completing his training, which involves helping his cousin create a cow pen as well as a wild pig trap. Being a family man, Céspedes can't rest knowing his family still has work to do on the ranch and believes the country life helps him in his physical training. "To have the chance of owning, not one, but three farms; I thank God every day for giving me that opportunity."

Yoenis Céspedes' Life on the Ranch:

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