Christopher Soto - Spring Training Cuts


    The Mets have announced a round of cuts from Major League camp this morning.

Re-assigned to minor league camp
RHP Ben Rowen
OF Travis Taijeron

IF Matt Reynolds to AAA-Las Vegas (2nd option year used)
SS Gavin Cecchini to AAA-Las Vegas (1st option year used)
RHP Erik Goeddel to AAA-Las Vegas (final option year used)


Hobie said...

So with Cecch, reynolds & Taijeron out, if we/you/they want Nimmo & Conforto to get regular PT in April/May (LV) do we/you/they keep put Ty Kelly in Queens as #25 while DW is on the 60-day DL?

That's my guess.

Christopher Soto said...

I've been told that at this point in time....there is no plans to put Wright on the 60 day DL......yet.

Just a note though...any Familia suspension would remove him from the 40 man roster thus opening a spot. However, based on reading the tea leaves.....that spot may go to Paul Sewald who is having a GREAT camp

Christopher Soto said...

What I can see happening is Smoker pushing Edgin out of a job.....Edgin being traded to San Francisco (who lost LHP Will Smith to a UCL injury) and freeing up a 40 man spot for Ty Kelly to be placed back on it and carried on the 25 man roster.

Thomas Brennan said...

No surprises. Good points, Chris. Kelly out, TJ stays here, if it comes down to those two.

Mack Ade said...

(can you think a better way to showcase Lugo to the rest of the teams in baseball than him starting in the WBC final tonight against the USA team?)

Gary Seagren said...

I would LOVE for Lugo to pitch well tonight but for us not for trade value. I find it hard to believe we won't need him badly before the year is out. We have a lot of thoroughbred's but cross our fingers they can make it thru a full season.

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