FLASH - SP Noah Syndergaard.


The Mets have announced that the MRI that Noah Syndergaard originally refused to have taken shows a partial tear of the right lat muscle.

Sandy Alderson will address the media at 4pm.


Thomas Brennan said...

Hopefully, this will lead to more maturity and caution in terms of physical limitations from Thor. And an end to players calling the shots on when to get a medical exam.

Jack Flynn said...

I don't want to pile on, because I love Thor and I am sure that he feels terrible and embarrassed right now.

But I am going to, at least a little bit.

*hot take*

If Matt Harvey refused to have an MRI for one injury and then had another injury in his very next start - even if that injury couldn't have been detected by the original MRI! - he would be hanged in effigy in this town. The Twitter meltdown would be epic. The double standard for Thor and Harvey should be obvious now.

*end hot take*

Reese Kaplan said...

Sorry, if my employer insists I do something and I'm under contract and it's not illegal or morally reprehensible, then I'm obligated to do it. In this case I blame the team for not holding its employees accountable to the success of the operation.

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