Mack’s Morning Report – 8-3 – Merandy Gonzalez, Cold Stove, Tomas Nido, Addison Reed


Good morning.

Merandy Gonzalez

            I really don’t like this deal.

Normally, I’m the first to tell you that the first role of prospect chips is to produce trades for established major league baseball players that have proven they can be successful at the major league level. But, two top prospects for a 30+ relief pitcher that is going to cost you around $8.5mil next year in his last year before free agency?

And trading Merandy Gonzales? Really? Guys, he was one of the top three SP prospects in your pipeline.

I guarantee this one will come back at us in spades, unless we manage to re-negotiate a couple more years for the services of AJ Ramos.

Cold Stove -

Here’s the Hot Stove tally –

We get A.J. Ramos for around $8.5mil next year. We lose Lucas Duda for more if he stayed.

We get RP Drew Smith and lose SP Merandy Gonzalez and OF Ricardo Cespedes… but first base opens for Dominic Smith.

We get three top 30 prospects from Boston (all relievers: Gerson Bautista, Jamie Callahan, Stephen Nogosek) for the expiring Addison Reed

Tomorrow's 'Talkin' Baseball' question asks the Mack's Mets writers what they think about the results of the Hot Stove season that ended on Monday. 

I'm giving you an advanced look at mine.

First, I take out all the expiring contracts. They really mean nothing to me at this point.

This leaves the Mets acquiring a seasoned, successful closer, a potential 8th inning guy next season, and three more relievers that were ranked in another team's top 30 prospects.

We lose two top 30 prospects who were a top rated starter and a long term projected outfielder.

Based on this, I like what happened. No, we didn't get any blue chip prospect, but we might have firmed up the system's pen pipeline for quite a few years.

If Ramos pitches great next season and signs an extension, and Smith turns out to be what the scouts project him to be, this was a good day even if the three Red Sox pitchers flub out.

I give it a B.

Tomas Nido

            Fangraphs had this scouting report on Nido this week –

CONCLUSIONS - Using a solid and powerful frame, Tomas Nido has appeared in two mid-season All-Star Games this year. He has upside in his hitting tool and may turn his raw power into a genuine skill that improves with age and experience. Solid on defense, Nido may be among the next “home grown” prospects to make the major league Mets club. Nido does not have speed and he won’t steal bases. He does, however, have a good enough defensive skill set with good mechanics to help pitchers on the Mets’ staff. Once his development is complete, Mets fans may expect an acceptable batting average, credible power, and good defensive skills in his overall approach to games. No single tool will be enough for Nido to grasp a starting catching job on a winning team. I do, however, think he will find his way to the Mets’ 25-man roster one day. His future will depend upon catching depth the Mets (don’t) acquire or develop in the next year or two.

SCOUTING PHRASE FOR NIDO: an improving catcher with power, but no one tool that overwhelms

SCOUTING GRADE FOR NIDO: 45 – A backup catcher at the major league level

Addison Reed

           Fangraphs rated Addison Reed vs. the rest of the relievers during the Hot Stove season –

Reed is great because he doesn’t have crazy platoon splits and can get lefties and righties out and strikes everyone out and walks nobody. He’s probably your ‘best’ reliever that was traded at the deadline. Smith has that arm slot that is tough on righties, but also admitted to me earlier this season that he was throwing the four-seam more than ever “because now even righties have the swing to lift the low pitch because of launch angle and homers and getting paid,” and that you “have to be able to pitch in on guys.”


Thomas Brennan said...

Let's hope Merandy Gonzalez does NOT come back to bite us. His 12-3, 1.78 season in A ball mirrors PJ Conlon's of a year ago. We'll see how Merandy does in AA and AAA. Conlon has been good in AA, but not great this year. Gonzalez only fanned 24 in 36 innings since his promo to High A, so nothing is a guarantee.

Nido as a back up catcher - let's hope for more.

Bruce # 29 - on a pace for 45. Nice.

Mack Ade said...

(don't wanna talk about Flexen... :)

Thomas Brennan said...

Flexen - "nice" to have your 2nd start in Coors Field against hitters who are far, far better than those you faced in AA. Growing pains are not surprising. Get them out of the way in 2017.

Reese Kaplan said...

When I heard the Merandy Gonzalez and Ricardo Cespedes trade I flashed on the infamous Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano deal. Ugh.

Viper said...

Merandy Gonzalez trade was stupid and what I have come to expect from Sandy the Genius. 70M is coming off the books next year so why couldn't Sandy simply bring back Reed or some other top reliever?

Thomas Brennan said...

Viper, good point.

Zozo said...

Can we ask for a Mulligan on the Merendy trade?

I would of rather kept Merendy and Cespedes and signed 2 joe smith style relievers for $4 million a piece

Christopher Soto said...

I personally think you guys are too much in love with Merandy....

Has his performance in Columbia been good? Yes....it most certainly has....but its still A ball. Remember the Brooklyn super rotation from 2012 of Cessa, Ynoa, Lara, Mateo, and Robles? How many of those guys are legitimate MLB contributing SPs right now? Answer.....0. We need to remind ourselves just HOW FAR Columbia still is from being an MLB contributor.

The fact still remains that he is essentially a 2 pitch pitcher who has a small frame but has the velocity that can easily moved to the bullpen....Which i still believe is his ultimate landing spot. His prospect profile is actually pretty similar to Hansel Robles except he's 1 inch taller.

In my opinion..if your trying to compete in 2018 (which the Mets are)..if your able to add MLB caliber talent immediately vs waiting another 3 years.....You do it!

Thomas Brennan said...

Chris, nice.

We can hope our rotation in 2018 with the infusion of pen parts can give us a top 10 in baseball pitching staff in 2018

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Tim Tebow is 2 for his last 22 with 5 strikeouts. Hitting .194 in last 10 games.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, I like that Tebow is 2 for 22 with just 5 strikeouts - tells me his batted balls are not finding holes. When a guy like Kirk went 2 for 22, he'd have 14 strikeouts.

Actually, the entire St Lucie team has not been hitting, except for Alonso, over the past several games, so I am guessing they have been facing above average pitching.

If Tebow goes .194 in his next 10 games, however, I'll come up with another theory! I have a boatload of excuses to tap into!

Reese Kaplan said...

Is that excuse tap pilsner, IPA or stout?

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