Other organizations speculate in earnest about acquiring the likes of a Stanton or Otani.

While most avid Mets fans wait to see how the team will disappoint them this off season, we need to look within our organization for inspiration.

That said, I read this today:



Alderson said he is not yet sure where the Mets’ superstar minor leaguer, former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL quarterback Tim Tebow will begin his season next year. “I don’t know, it’s early. I do know he’s working hard. He’s in Los Angeles hitting, I want to say, almost daily,” Alderson said. “He’s working at it.”
"Working hard".  That's my Tebow.  

Alderson may just sneak him into the Mets' clean up spot on opening day... especially if the Yanks add Stanton and/or Otani.  Deflection is useful at times.

I really don't like to read minor league players' Twitter posts, figuring they don't need that sort of scrutiny from the likes of us.  I did, however, feel prompted to glance at Peter Alonso's recent tweets...I was truly impressed, he sure seems to have his head on straight. 
Hopefully, he can be as ferocious and impactful for the Mets as this similarly named guy was in his sport and era:

A stray Twitter-related thought having nothing to do with Alonso....my advice to any Mets prospects...stay away from tweeting about anything political...it is a slippery slope. 
Baseball is entertainment, people want to focus on that.

Not only is former Mets infielder (and David Wright's Dancing with the Stars partner) Ike Davis switching to pitching, so is Anthony Gose, who apparently throws high 90s.  Pitchers who can also pinch hit are nice to have.  As the saying Gose.
Pundits' comments that I read about Dominic Smith these days appear to conclude that baseball has a tepid view of him currently.  So hopefully, he comes to spring training looking like this:

And not like this:

Busting chops aside, I still think that 9 HRs in as few major league debut ABs as Smitty had, despite his overall struggles, probably already has him on a par with this guy:

Is my train almost in Penn Station?


Reese Kaplan said...

But does the Dominator abide?

Tom Brennan said...

Could Smith get traded? Dom de Dom Dom.

Bill Metsiac said...

What did Alonso tweet about?

Anonymous said...

he tweeted when he thinks of Otani on the mets , his pants get tight

Tom Brennan said...

Positive, respectful, sports-focused.

Bill Metsiac said...


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