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As you know, there is a lot of chatter out there regarding the reduction of minor league teams so the owners can save some money backing cities that are losing money.

Trust me… this isn’t going to lose us any of our prospect minor leagues. It simply would mean there would be less organizational players that the Mets had to play a salary.

Teams in question here would be Kingsport and/or Brooklyn, though some would argue that baseball would never remove the Wilpon insignia from the uniforms of their owned and operated team in Brooklyn.

But I ask…

What if they did?

And even more so, what if they dumped both teams?

Would this be as bad as it looks on paper?

By my count, here is what most of the starters would look like on the remaining five minor league teams (minus the two DSL teams that also remain):


          AAA – Gonzalez, Kilome
          AA – Szapucki, Peterson McGill, K. Smith, McGeorge
          A+ - Humphreys, Vilera, Holderman, Acosta, Hutchinson
          A – Santos, Allen, Wolf
          GCL – Oliveros, Rincones, Almonte, Ortega


          AAA – Gilliam, Nogosek, Villines, Blackham
          AA – Uceta, Campos, B. Taylor, Mitchell, Ramos, Zabaleta
          A+ - Colon, BIddy
          A – Escalona
          GCL – Villaba, Huizi, Villegas


          AAA – Sanchez
          AA – Mazeika
          A+ - Alvarez
          A – Regnault, E. Rodriguez
          GCL – Villalobos

First Base:

          AAA – open
          AA – J.Vasguez
          A+ - open
          A – Saunders
          GCL – open

Second Base:

          AAA – Haggerty
          AA – Cortes
          A+ - Newton
          A – open
          GCL – Polanco


          AAA – Gimenez
          AA – Mauricio
          A+ - W. Reyes
          A – open
          GCL – L. Castillo

Third Base:

          AAA – D. Thompson
          AA – Vientos
          A+ - Baty
          A – J. Palmer
          GCL – open


          AAA – open
          AA – Brodey, Toffey, Lagrange
          A+ - Granadillo, Magnum
          A – F. Valdez, A, Hernandez, Ashford, Consuegra, Corona
          GCL – C. Dominguez, Campos, A. Ramirez

Other teams play their teenagers as high as the majors. Why can’t we at least play ours on one of our four full season teams?


Reese Kaplan said...

Look at what the Nationals and Braves have done with young players then consider the Mets have someone like Matt Blackham who is a pitcher with a career ERA of 2.38 (!!!) and isn't even on the 40-man roster let alone sniffed the majors. He'll turn 27 in 2020. Are they waiting for him to collect Social Security?

Mack Ade said...

Man, I thought this was going to generate a considerable amount of response.

Dallas said...

I thought that most of the reason short season exists is for those players that were just drafted? If these players all go to a full season team then does that mean there is just a massive number of players they cut to make room for them?

I have the Valley Cats near me (short season Astros) and I have to think they are very profitable. It would be disappointing to see them eliminated.

Mack Ade said...

Yes, lots of cuts.

Frankly, you might consider reducing the domestic draft to 30 rounds if this happens. Remember... we have two DSL teams that supply around 25% of our players eventually anyway.

Kids would have to probably sit the remaining of the year they were drafted and start off the next season in Columbia. GCL would mostly have the DSL grads.

LongTimeFan1 said...

Until or if something happens, it's all conjecture including how leagues and seasons are reconfigured, and who loses how many teams.

I also strongly doubt the Cyclones are contracted. MILB/MLB would be nuts to do that in what is a premier setting on the ocean in the popular tourist Coney Island in a premier city, with beautiful modern ballpark and dedicated fan base.

I wouldn't even assume Kingsport is contracted either. Remember, Mets have a third stateside rookie ball teams, not just these two.

I also think it possible the minor league reconfigure process could end up stalled in court for years. Towns, cities and affiliates may actually fight to retain their investments and community staples. Teams may fight to keep their leases.

LongTimeFan1 said...

Mack Ade,

One of the reported proposals was reducing the number of rounds to 25 or 30. I can't recall the specific number.

Jack Flynn said...

A successful draft is one in which a team selects 10 players who eventually wear a major league uniform. A 20 percent success rate is considered a positive when it comes to drafting. Count me among those fully in favor of reducing the draft to 20 rounds and limiting each club to four affiliates - Triple-A, Double-A, Single-A and Rookie/Single-A short season.

This could be a boon to independent baseball, a side benefit of this restructuring plan.

Tom Brennan said...

Great, thoughtful article, Mack. I got a late start here.

I think you need Brooklyn, because it draws great, and we draft or sign a slew of guys each year.

But you could dump two teams with little concern.

A lot of the players who would lose their jobs would play independent ball, and the rare few who prove they were under-estimated will then be signed.

It is the price, partly, of significant raises to minor leaguers. The decent minor leaguers would prefer that, so they don't end up giving up.

One thing; you keep leaving my dark horse super starter guy, Tylor Megill off your lists. I think he makes a huge impact in 2020. Also, Tommy Wilson deserves snaps for getting to AA in his first full season.

Mack Ade said...

Long Time

But isn't blogging conjecture?

Mack Ade said...


Both Megill and Wilson hve to show me much more.

LongTimeFan1 said...

Mack Ade -

Blogging can be anything you choose, but contraction is a big deal and that hasn't happened. The reports on a minor league revamp, reflect proposals. The finished product could be very different. Are the Mets really going to lose two teams - including the Cyclones?

We also have to consider economics, local impact, and how many minor league affiliates MLB teams will agree to relinquish, and which teams that might be. This is very complicated process that could take years and end up in court for long time. This involves all 30 big league teams and maybe 75, 85 minor league affiliated teams, each of which has a contract with multiple entities including cities, towns, parent clubs, unless owned by their parent clubs like the Mets own Cyclones.

Tom Brennan said...

MLB went thru a considerable minors restructuring back 60 years ago roughly, around when the Mets joined the NL. I wonder how that went?

Mack, I agree that Wilson has to show me. Megill has as high a velocity arm, I believe, as any of their starters, including Szapucki and Kilome. I am therefore high on Tylor, even if others are not. He had a fine season in 2019.

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