Who's it gonna be?

The latest on the New York Mets manager search is that Brodie Van Wegenen said that the team already has a list of candidates. They will be interested in candidates that have experience at both the major league or minor league level and are looking for someone that has strong leadership.

Being a manager in New York is one of the most challenging high-pressure, stressful positions in sports and it is more difficult than in any other market. To be successful in this city you have be able to tolerate and handle the large media. You cannot let anything that is said or written about you bother you or take it personal.

There can be unfortunate incidents where tempers flare among a team after a tough loss and they can lose their composure when questioned by a reporter. In sports sometimes things like this happen. 

The media has to do their job and at the same time the team has to maintain their composure. Also, it would help to build a strong relationship with the media or it would help to have a previous working relationship with the media.

Three of the possible managerial candidates are Dusty Baker, whom the Mets had internal discussions as the team’s next potential manager, Joe Girardi, who has stated that he would like to manage again and would be interested in the job and Buck Showalter, who also said that he would be interested in the job.  

David Cone even said he would be interested, but he does not have managerial experience, however he is a good communicator. There was also talk of Carlos Beltran, but he isn’t really interested, because he has turned down the chance to interview with the San Diego Padres to be their next manager.

Baker recently managed the Washington Nationals in 2016-17 and has 22 years of managerial experience. He has a career record of 1,863-1,636. As New York sports fans know both Girardi and Showalter managed in New York plus Girardi won the World Series with the New York Yankees in 2009. Also, both he and Showalter have been able to handle the pressure of managing in New York and have been able to work with the media in the past. 

There have been many managers that have come and left throughout the years. The Mets hope that they can choose a manager that will be around for a long time.


Tom Brennan said...

A great team normally makes a manager look good

Mack Ade said...

I wrote on a previous post the steps needed to turn a good Mets team (2019) into a great one (2020),

I forgot one.

Find a manager than can cut in half the amount of blown saves.

We have to do better here.

Tony said...

I think they will hire a manager with plenty of experience.