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P  Dustin Emmons

 10-4-11 Interview: 

Mack: Hey everybody, we're talking this morning with UC Riverside's own Dustin Emmons, who pitched K-Port this past season. Hey Dustin (is it Dusty?). Home resting?

Emmons: Dusty is fine with me. I have a bunch of nicknames and yes I am at home, but have rested up enough and started to work out a little because we start with the famous "nitro" workout plan!! I am excited to get it gouge again on Monday!! Nitro being our strength coach!! 

Mack: Yeah, I've heard a lot about Nitro and the plan. You've been a real breath of fresh air this past season. 17-G, 3.78-ERA. Tell us a little about the grind of your first professional season. 

 Emmons: Well, it was a grind for sure; however, you just have to take it a day at a time and remember it's a marathon not a sprint. It is always fun to compete ever day and that is the challenge we face ever day, and I love it! 

Mack: I noticed you slipped in a start on the last game you pitched. Did we get a sneak peek at things to come? 

Emmons: In matter of fact u did!! I am comfortable in any role they see me in and I will be sure to contribute the best way I know how and that is to compete every time my name is called!! 

Mack: I love when I'm right... it happens every once in awhile. Am I correct to say that your sinker is your go-to pitch? What else you throwing these days? 

Emmons: Yes, that is my go-to pitch and try to force contact!! I started throwing a curve ball this year and also the change up!! 

Mack: Okay, this is a tough question. You're a right hander, yet your ERA vs. righties was 5.09. At the same time, you went 0.87 vs. lefties. Have you been able to identify how to improve these numbers? 

Emmons: That is funny you ask. Well, I believe I have given up less than 5 extra base hits on the year. Don't quote me on it, but with the righties a lot this year my sinker was just sinking in to where they pulled it threw the 5-6 hole and with the lefties it was a rollover!! So, my improvement is to really dial in my sinker to where it does not hang over the plate to righties and also I noticed I threw way more change ups to lefties than righties , throw my change up more to the righties!! 

Mack: See... I knew you had an answer. I'm going to make sure I keep an eye on you in camp and see where they slot you. Is there anything you want to say to the folks reading this on Mack's Mets?

 Emmons: I just want to say to the Mets organization for giving me a shot at my dream and to all the fans out there just thank you for supporting us as players. When you come to watch just know that I am working my tail off this offseason to make it where i wanna go, To see ya'll at Citi field!! Thanks again!!


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