Picks 1-3: Carlos Correa, Byron Buxton, Mike Zunino

Houston Astros- Pick 1: Carlos Correa- SS- Puerto Rico Baseball Academy. 

I called this one!

What a great pick for the Astros. All of the talk had been about Appel and, if not, Buxton. They get the best player in the draft and a great kid. Follow this name closely--he is going to be something special.

Here is my mock draft: http://macksmets.blogspot.com/2012/06/stephen-guilbert-final-mock-draft-2012.html. I went on a limb taking Correa but the Astros could not deny his talent. What a great pick. Off the map a bit but a true SS and a centerpiece for this improving Astros team.

Minnesota Twins- Pick 2: Buck Buxton- OF- Appling County HS, GA. 

I am quite surprised the Twins did not take a pitcher here but I cannot blame them. The upside, character, and skill set of Buxton is too tough to pass on.

Buxton and Correa could both be top-25 prospects before long. Buxton is down to earth, would have been a potential top-10 selection as a pitcher, and has one of the best skill sets of any high school athlete from the past few years.

I got this one wrong--I thought the Twins would jump all over Appel but I could not be happier for Buxton, his family, and Appling County HS.

Seattle Mariners- Pick 3: Mike Zunino- C- University of Florida Gators. After going off the map a bit and surprising people with Hultzen in the #2 spot last year, they take a great player here with Mike Zunino. While this means a future move to DH or first for Jesus Montero, this is a fantastic player for the Mariners to build around. After Buxton fell off the board, this was my guess here as well. I did not see the Mariners taking a pitcher here and Zunino immediately became the guy once both Correa and Buxton were picked off.

Three hitters picks 1-3.

What this means for the Mets: Little. These guys were supposed to be long gone anyway and I doubt this changes anything that would directly impact pick 12. This is a surprise to most (not seeing Appel 1 or 2) but this has not changed anything for the Mets selection. 


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